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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Signs That It’s Time to Call a Sarasota Junk Removal Specialist

When you think of hoarding you probably have visions of the popular reality show the takes you into the home of these types of people. Inside are mountains of clothes, garbage and useless junk just rotting away. While that kind of hoarding can be a health hazard to the occupant there is another type of hoarding that endangers helpless creatures. That would be animal hoarding. Recently, Sarasota animal control authorities were called to a home and discover 263 dogs in an extreme state of neglect.

If you’ve ever owned a single dog then you know how much attention and care they need. They don’t ask for much: food, water, a walk and lots of love. That’s easy to give. But could you ever imagine devoting that much care to 263 dogs all at once? This is a serious violation of the law. Among the breeds found in this one location were Chihuahuas, Maltese, Bichon Frise, Poodles, Bouviers and Schnauzers. Authorities suspect that the owner was original a breeder but clearly things got out of hand. The good news is that all of these dogs have been rescued. Thanks to some hardworking veterinarians and volunteers, the pups have all been cleaned up, checked out and are not being put up for adoption. The community is responding in kind by bringing these dogs into loving homes.

All of this points out the need to keep your “collecting”  tendencies in check. That goes for pets and for junk. There is nothing wrong with being a collector of memorabilia or keepsakes but when you are holding onto items that serve no purpose then you’re just wasting valuable space in your home. When you’re ready to take the plunge and get rid of that stuff then you should call on Sarasota’s leading junk removal specialist: Junk King Sarasota.

Junk King Sarasota is a business of professional junk haulers. Their fleet of crews and trucks can be dispatched to any home, apartment or business in the Sarasota or Bradenton area. Once on the scene, the Junk King crew will be able to take away whatever you want removed no matter how big or heavy. Yes, we’re talking piano heavy! With Junk King on your side you won’t have to strain your back lifting an oversized item. They’ll carry up and down whatever stairs there are. A Junk King crew also works fast and efficiently. There will be many people they’ll have to help on any given day so you can bet they won’t be wasting your time. Find out what your friends and neighbors have already discovered: When it comes to junk removal, Junk King Sarasota is truly the king!

Sarasota Junk Removal Prices

When it comes to keeping the beaches around Sarasota clean, Mother Nature can only do so much. The natural ebb and flow of the tides do a lot of work in terms of smoothing out the shores and keeping the water circulating and thereby breaking up the flotsam. However, when humans are added into the mix it’s a safe bet that garbage won’t be far behind. Along a shoreline a single aluminum can actually take up to 200 years to decompose. That’s too long to wait for garbage to disappear. That’s why a group of dedicated volunteers recently took to the shores to do a little beach clean-up.

If last year’s efforts are any indication, the volunteers can expect to collect upwards of 300 bags of garbage and that’s just along the Sarasota County beaches. While there might be a lot of disgust aimed at the careless folks who drop their garbage along these pristine shores, at the end of the day the volunteers are happy to have brought the beach back to life. Maybe some “slob” will think twice about dumping garbage along the beach.

Heading inland from the shore will find that there is another helpful group standing by to lend you hand with getting rid of all your junk. That would be Junk King Sarasota. If you haven’t heard of Junk King Sarasota you’re in the minority. Hundreds of your Sarasota neighbors have already turned to Junk King for their professional junk removal services. Thanks to Junk King, homeowners have reclaimed their garages and can actually park a car in there again! They’ve taken back their spare rooms and made them habitable. As for closet space, it’s amazing what a little junk removal will do for opening up those storage areas.

What’s your junk situation like these days? Are you tripping over boxes? Grimacing every time you have to pass by a piece of furniture that should be tossed out? Can’t find any place to put anything because every available corner is stuffed with junk? Then give Junk King Sarasota a call. They’ll send out a supervisor who will size up the amount of junk you want to get rid of. You merely have to show them your stuff and they’ll figure out the rest. They’ll then come up with an estimate based on how much space your stuff would take up on the back of one of their trucks. That will be the price you’ll pay. No other surprises like dumping fees or travel time. And no labor costs. So if it takes the Junk King crew an hour or ten minutes to load up your stuff, you’ll only be paying that one rate. With prices like these there is no excuse not to get junk free today!

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