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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Sarasota Landscaping Cleanup

On many levels, Sarasota is a divided community. We’re not talking about “red” versus “blue” but permanent residents versus seasonal residents. Many folks enjoy making Sarasota their winter home away from home and why not? There is an abundance of wonderful weather and activities to keep everyone happy. However, when a storm like the recent Hurricane Sandy ripped through the northeast some of these seasonal residents worried about their homes caught up in the storm damage. All they can do is wait and hope for good news. Ironically, these same folks spend their summers up north watching storms roll through Florida.

Whether you are a seasonal or permanent resident, you can still benefit from the reliable services provided by a company like Junk King. These are the folks who make junk removal their specialty. One of the areas where they really shine is helping residents with landscaping cleanup. This is often back breaking work that can put a real strain on the muscles.

With Junk King on your side, you won’t have to lift a finger… literally! They will do all the work of hauling, carting and removing any item you want taken from your yard. Suppose you once had gravel pathways but now want to make the switch to grass? Junk King can gather up all those rocks and load them up. The reserve is also true; if you want to replace your grass with a more manageable landscape option like gravel or wood chips let Junk King take away the sod!

Junk King can also help you remove those big items like patio furniture that has seen better days or a hot tub in need of replacement. In both of those instances, it’s clear that removing that junk is a two man operation (at least!). Even if you require extra help, Junk King isn’t going to charge you will labor costs or travel time. They’ll be charging you based on the amount of space your junk will take up on their truck. No surprises!

After Junk King has cleared out your yards they can help you do the same in your home. Having a Junk King removal appointment is the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of all that useless stuff you’ve been hanging onto. Isn’t it time you take back your closets and your garage? Surely, you can find much better uses for those spaces than storage of junk you want to throw out. When you’re ready, just call Junk King to set the ball in motion. And if you are heading back north, call Junk King when you get home. Chances are their will be a branch office of Junk King right where you need them!

Sarasota Debris Removal

There was a recent pile up on I-75 involving 47 vehicles. Fortunately, there were no fatalities reported but this crack-up resulted in 52 people being sent to local hospitals. It was in the middle of the afternoon with a light rain falling when apparently one fender bender at the bottom of an incline set off a chain reaction of smashes. Eighteen units from the Sarasota Fire Department responded to the scene which resulted in backups and road closures which lasted for hours. Now imagine if you were charged with the task of cleaning up that mess. All that scrap metal, broken glass and wrecked cars needing a tow. That’s a major clean-up effort. Clearly, you’ve never had to deal with that kind of debris pick up… or have you?

We all have a bad habit of holding onto stuff way past its prime. Most organizing experts will tell you that if you have something in your house that you haven’t used in six months or don’t plan to use it in another six months then get rid of it. Right off the bat, that would clear out a lot of clutter in your home. We’re not talking about keepsakes or things like books or DVDs. But there’s probably a lot of junk you never intend on using. Think of the seasonal stuff.

If you’re one of the fortunate who have moved to Sarasota from up north then you might have brought some winter items which you’ll surely never use again. Things like an old sled or snow shovel could have gotten pack with all you belongings in the big move and simply carted off. Now you’re stuck with them. Maybe you tried taking up surfing or kayaking but it just wasn’t you thing. Now you’re stuck with the board and boat taking up valuable space in your garage. Then there is a whole list of other potential items like pieces of furniture, mattresses, old TV sets, kitchen appliances and books of garbage that have been piling up for years. Do you really need to keep hanging onto those things? Of course not! Get rid of them once and for all with a call to Junk King Sarasota.

Junk King is the local Sarsota & Bradenton company who makes it their business to help folks get the junk out of their lives. With Junk King on your side you’ll have a capable team of movers and huge truck to fill up. This is the kind of back-breaking work that you shouldn’t have to take on by yourself and with Junk King you won’t. They’ll do all the work. They’ll even handle all the proper disposal. What would take up your whole weekend will now only last an hour thanks to Junk King Sarasota. Call them today and find out how they can help you with your major cleanup project.

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