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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Smart Way To Throw A Graduation Party

You knew this day would come: Graduation. It’s what you and your kid have been focused on for the last eighteen years. Now after all that hard work, it is time to celebrate with family and friends. Here are some smart ways to throw a terrific graduation party.


Pick a Date Without Conflict

No doubt there will be a lot of families hosting graduation parties. Some will be just for the family. You can go that route but if you’re opening it up to classmates, then you want to make sure you’re picking a date that isn’t going to conflict with other parties. Your graduate will be in the best position to pick that date. Remember, it doesn’t just have to be on a Friday or Saturday. It could also be a Sunday. There isn’t any more “school nights” for the summer!

Consider Valet and Porta Potties

Depending on the parking situation in your neighborhood, you might want to opt for a valet service. That only becomes practical if your party guest list starts going beyond 40 people and more. The same approach can be taken for your plumbing. If the party is going to be in the backyard (and it should!), then renting a portable toilet for the driveway will cut down on all those trips to your bathrooms.

Plan Out the Menu

Before you commit to a lot of food, consider the timing of the party. If this party is going to be at night, then you might not have to provide a “dinner” for everyone. You could get away with snacks and other finger foods. There might even be a restaurant that can provide trays of tacos or sliders. That would definitely be worth the investment.

Tell the Neighbors

Forty high school teens showing up at night is going to be a bit of traffic jam in the neighborhood. It is a nice courtesy to tell your surrounding neighbors what is going on. It is also fair that you have a cut off time for the party. Unless your home is isolated, you should think about winding things down around midnight. All the parents of the guests will appreciate that.

Remove the Rubbish

Before you can set up tables and chairs and hang decorations, you need to get all the unwanted rubbish out of your yard. One call to Junk King Sarasota can get that handled. They’ll send over a moving crew and truck capable of loading up anything from an old hot tub to a swing set. Your graduation party is the perfect excuse to have Junk King Sarasota come in to remove all your unwanted rubbish and clutter.

Count On Junk King For Storm Clean Up In Bradenton

The first major storm of the new hurricane season is churning in the Gulf and Bradenton residents are bracing for a potential impact. To prepare, the city is already handing out sandbags to residents but many of us have already been through this drill more times than we care to county. The more precautions you can take to protect your property, the better off you’ll be. That includes bringing in patio furniture and planters and boarding up windows. It’s also a good idea to have an evacuation kit ready to go just in case.


Storms roll in and roll out in a matter of days but the destruction that leave in their wake can last for a long time afterwards. As late as January of this year, they are still large swatches of canals in the Florida Keys that remain overrun with garbage and debris. By some estimates, as many as 16 RVs were swept into the canal and many remain there.

What is the worst storm damage that you ever had to contend with at your home? Was it a fast cleanup or did circumstances prevent you from getting the debris cleared quickly? Thankfully, this summer there is reliable help standing by from Junk King Sarasota. This is the company you’ll want to call the moment the storm has passed to help you with any debris cleanup. Junk King knows how important it is to get your property back in good shape and that is why they provide a repaid cleanup response after a storm.

It might help as part of your storm prep this season to bring in Junk King to clear away any rubbish you already have in your yard. Think of all the things that you’re no longer using or want around. Could any of them become a hazard in the storm? The crew from Junk King can clear it all away in a single session. All you have to do is show the team from Junk King what you want taken away and they’ll do the rest. Keep your Bradenton home junk free before and after the storm with help from Junk King Sarasota.

What are Dumpster Rental Costs in Sarasota?

According to HomeAdvisor.com, the national average cost for a dumpster rental falls at $396. However, if you are in the process of looking for a dumpster rental company in Sarasota, you may find that the price quotes you receive vary – some will be lower; some higher. Some will seem lower but may end up costing more once you’ve paid all the associated fees. The fact is that dumpster rental costs fluctuate based on several factors, from the length of your rental to whether you need a home waste bin or a yard waste dumpster rental.

The bottom line is that looking at average costs when planning your dumpster rental can be misleading. Yes, averages always exist. This point is a fact of simple mathematics. However, when it comes to renting a dumpster, there are so many variables at play—and such a wide range between the lowest and highest prices—that the average doesn’t mean anything. Rather than budgeting $400 because of what you read on HomeAdvisor, you should consider how your plans for a dumpster rental might impact your overall cost.

Below, we have outlined few of the factors you need to consider when planning your rental.

  • The size of your dumpster

dumpster rental costsPerhaps the most significant cost-deciding variable in the dumpster rental business is the size of bin you choose. Standard dumpster bin sizes include 10, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yards. You can also find sizes in between those, such as 12 cubic meters or 15 cubic meters. As you would expect, you typically pay more for larger sizes. And while you won’t pay three times as much for a 30-yard dumpster as you would for a 10-yard bin, the cost variance can still be upwards of $200.

If you are on a tight budget, you will probably be drawn toward the smaller bins because they are less expensive by definition. However, you might also be concerned about not having enough space for all the junk or debris you need to throw away. This dilemma forces a classic “hedging of bets” among dumpster renters: they get a bin slightly larger than what they think they need, “just in case.” Unfortunately, this move often results in wasted money, because most dumpster rental companies charge a flat rate for each bin size. If you rent a 20-yard bin but only use ten cubic yards of space, you aren’t going to be charged the $200 rate for a 10-yard dumpster. Instead, you will still be expected to pay the $300 fee for the 20-yard container.

To avoid this situation, look for a dumpster rental company that bills based on the amount of dumpster space you use. This way, you will only pay for junk you have on hand. You won’t end up wasting $100 on capacity space you don’t need.

  • The type of trash or debris

What type of project do you have in mind for your dumpster rental? Are you cleaning out a business office to prepare for a relocation? Are you renovating the first floor of your house? Are you doing a landscaping project? Some companies bill differently for a yard waste dumpster rental than they do for a renovation/construction debris dumpster rental. Some companies also restrict specific items that you might be planning to put in your dumpster, for example, mattresses or air conditioning units. These items might be banned outright, or they might cost extra. You need to be aware of these factors because they could affect both the cost and convenience of your dumpster rental.

Your best bet here is to look for the dumpster rental company with the fewest restrictions. A company that lets you put almost anything in their dumpsters is going to be the most convenient and cost-effective overall. Of course, there are also some environmental concerns to consider here, since there are good reasons that dumpster rental companies don’t want to take mattresses or appliances to landfills. Keep an eye out for a dumpster rental provider that offers a sustainable service. With a green dumpster rental, you typically get a company that sorts your junk for you after pickup, extracting items suitable for recycling, repurpose, or donation, or otherwise disposed of in an alternate fashion.

  • Delivery distance

When considering a dumpster rental in Sarasota, it’s certainly important to think about location. Just as you pay more for a longer Uber ride, you will also pay more for a dumpster delivery that requires more driving. Since dumpster rentals require a driver to come to your location, drop off your container, and then return a few days later to collect the dumpster, the delivery distance can indeed impact the cost of your rental significantly. When you are getting price quotes, make sure driving distance is factored into the estimates that companies give you.

  • The length of your rental

Figure out how long you need your dumpster. If you are doing a cleanout, ask friends and family to help you so you can minimize the time. If you are doing a renovation, clear out a few days to work exclusively on the project, or ask your contractor how long the work is expected to run. Longer rentals cost more, so it is in your best interest to keep the project brief. Your neighbors will appreciate a quick job, too, since they probably won’t appreciate having to look at a dumpster in your driveway all the time.

  • Other Fees

The best dumpster companies are forthright with their pricing. In other words, they won’t hit you with unexpected fees at the last minute. Once you are seriously considering a dumpster rental company, it’s essential to get someone on the phone to talk you through the service they provide. Ask this person point blank about pricing and fees. If they tell you that there are no hidden fees, get their name and document the information. You want to be able to point to some evidence if the company goes back on its word later. It’s also not a bad idea to read a few online reviews. If a company charges excessive (and not-so-transparent fees) for dumping, trash processing, junk weight, or “convenience,” an angry customer has probably raised the issue on Yelp.

  • The other costs of your project

As you budget for your project, don’t forget that there may be costs associated with the work that goes beyond the dumpster rental. The best part of renting a dumpster is that it allows you to work on a DIY basis. However, there may be other places where you need to spend money, from the obvious (buying building materials for your renovation) to the less obvious (tipping your buddies for helping you with some heavy lifting). Considering every aspect of your project and budget will save you from surprises down the road.

Book Your Renovation, Cleanout, or Yard Waste Dumpster Rental Today!

Considering all the factors above will make it easier for you to price out your dumpster rental and choose the best deal in Sarasota. Remember: the best deal isn’t always the cheapest deal. Aspects such as green dumpster sorting and unrestricted trash removal are worth paying a few dollars extra for in many situations. However, now you should be armed with all the information you need to book a renovation, cleanout, or yard waste dumpster rental in Sarasota. Good luck with your project!

Junk King is committed to increasing sustainability wherever we can. The top-rated customer service offered by Junk King is something we pride ourselves on. Please consider using Junk King for your dumpster rental and junk removal.  1-888-888-JUNK


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