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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Remove An Old Swing Set With Help From Junk King

As any parent will tell you, it is amazing how fast kids grow up. What kids played with last summer would be totally forgotten this summer. That is especially true with a backyard swing set. This is something that has probably gone up many backyards when kids were little to provide them with a safe place to swing. And it is hard to get kids off the swing! But as soon as they become too big for the swing set, it becomes obsolete. At that point, it is just taking up valuable space backyard. If you have something like this in your backyard, then you will want to set up a session with Junk King Sarasota. These are the junk hauling pros that can make quick work out of getting rid of your backyard swing set in a single session.

Taking It Apart Piece By Piece

In order to remove your backyard swing set, the Junk King crew will need to take it apart piece by piece. This is work that they will be happy to do on your behalf. You do not have to disassemble the swing set even if you were the one who built it in the first place. The Junk King team who will be assigned your apartment will have the skills and the tools to complete the task at hand.

Before they begin taking the swing set apart, the Junk King team will present you with a written estimate. That estimate is always based on how everything fits onto the back of the truck. The Junk King crew can look over any object and know how it will fit on the truck even before it is taken apart.

The fastest and most affordable way to get rid of your old swing set is to give the job to the team from Junk King Sarasota.

Responsible Air Conditioner Disposal

Every single person throws out some amount of trash every single day. Around your home, everyone living under the roof is throwing out trash. Most of the trash will fit into the trash can and is picked up on a weekly basis. What about the things that can go into the trash? Occasionally, you will need to dispose of items that are either too big or too hazardous to throw out in the trash. An old air conditioner would certainly fall into that category. Once that air-conditioner stops working, it is of no use to anyone else. It can’t be resold or given away. It has to be disposed of in a responsible manner and that is where Junk King Sarasota comes into play. These are professional junk haulers who can take care of your AC disposal from start to finish.

Heavy Lifting Experience

Disposing of your old AC unit is going to require two movers to carry out that unit safely. That is exactly what Junk King will be sending over for your appointment. Junk King always sends over two movers to get the job done. This is a team with a lot of heavy lifting experience. They will know the right approach for removing that old AC from the window and carrying it out of the home.

Your old air conditioner will be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck. At that point you can declare the job as finished. If all you are getting rid of was that single unit, then you would be able to pay the low and of the price scale. But it also means they would be more room for anything else you want to get rid of the same session. As long as you have the big truck and those two movers you should put them to work!

The responsible way to dispose of your old air conditioner is to give that job to Junk King Sarasota. Book your removal session today.

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