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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Seattle Refrigerator Disposal

One of the biggest drains on your home energy use is a thing that we use every single day. That would be the kitchen refrigerator. In fact, older models of fridges can use up to 3 to 4 times more electricity than a newer more energy efficient model. Are you throwing good money away? Is it time to swap out that old fridge for a new model? Before that can happen, you’ll need to make arrangements to have the old ice box removed and properly disposed of. Junk King is just the company who can handle a task like that.

Junk King is a Seattle base business whose main focus is helping residents clear out the unwanted junk from their lives. Typically, these are the oversize items that can’t be tossed out in the weekly garbage pickup. They often require at least two people to navigate down stairs. And they can’t be slipped in the back of the family SUV. On all counts, Junk King will have you covered. Every Junk King removal crew has at least two strong members who are trained in all the proper heavy lifting techniques. They also have a large enough truck to cart off any manner of junk.

When it comes to the proper disposal of junk, your stuff will most likely be diverted away from the Seattle area landfills and instead deposited at one of our many recycling facilities. That’s because Junk King Seattle is serious about being eco-friendly. The bulk of all of their collections end up as repurposed materials. That’s good for reducing your own carbon footprint and even better for Seattle.

Don’t think that Junk King Seattle has to be hired for a single item pickup. Although they are happy to do that, most folks use the “single item” as the inspiration to clear out a lot more junk. Getting rid of your fridge could also mean getting rid of those busted up pieces of furniture you’re storing in the garage or the worn out mattress that’s down in the basement. You can clean out closets, under the bed, the attic and your garage. In some cases, homeowners have reclaimed entire rooms thanks to Junk King. This allows them to set up things like a home office or guest room for visiting family members.

Junk King Seattle can also take away any yard waste you want to get rid of including scraps of lumber, above ground swimming pools, hot tubs and patio furniture. If you’ve got an upcoming remodeling project then Junk King will be the perfect partner to all your construction waste removal needs. If you got junk, give it to Junk King… they know just where to take it!

Seattle Yard Waste Removal

Have you grown weary of mowing your lawn? Do you dream of the day when you’ll never have to worry about that chore again? Even if you have gardening help to get the job done wouldn’t it be nice to save that money every month? You might consider a no-mow type of yard. This is where you would remove the grass and replace it with an ecologically sound alternative. We’re not talking about paving over the yard with concrete but looking for other viable alternatives such as stones, pebbles or wood chips. Once they go down you’ll never have to bust out the mower again.

Another alternative is to let you yard go a bit wild. Instead of grass, plant clover. This type of vegetation doesn’t overgrow itself and needs very little attention to thrive. Naturally, you could convert your entire yard into a garden zone. Many folks around Seattle have already done this and not just in the backyard but the front, too! As we make the transition from fall into winter, now is the perfect time to consider a radical new approach to your yard. But what are you going to do with all the yard waste you dig up? That’s easy: Call Junk King Seattle. They’ll handle all the removal.

Even if you’re not going to do a 100% you could still benefit from hiring Junk King to help with general yard waste removal before winter sets in and the snow shows up. Are there any fallen tree branches from the last storm still in your yard? What about all the leaves? A Junk King crew would be the perfect team to load up all that yard waste onto the back of their truck and have it carted off for good.

Junk King Seattle can also cart away any useless item from inside your home or garage you want to get rid of. If you’ve been hankering to fire up your arts and crafts work table then why not make space in the garage or spare room? Time to toss out the old furniture, unused gym equipment, box springs or e-waste that is taking up valuable space in your home. Maybe you’ll get rid of enough junk to set up a home office or guest room for out of town holiday visitors. You probably had great ideas for all that space in your home before the junk showed up. Have no fear; Junk King Seattle is standing by to erase all traces of that stuff once and for all.

When you’re ready to take the plunge give Junk King a call. Whether it’s for your outside or inside, Junk King can have you clear of clutter in no time.

For the best in Seattle Yard Waste Removal, simply book a free on site estimate online or call 1-800-995-5865

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