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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Seattle Junk Removal Prices

One of the great things about living in Seattle is that the folks here really care about keeping things clean. Case in point: the Alki Beach Creeps Bicycle Club. This is a group of around 15 or so like-minded biking enthusiasts who trek through the idyllic surroundings of Seattle’s coastline and bike trials. As a way of “giving back, the Creeps recently have a beach cleanup day. They started at Constellation Park and made their way up the trails collecting anything that wasn’t nailed down and could be tossed into a garbage bag. Was this another excuse to get to get, ride a bike and have a few beers? Of course but it was all with an eye towards keeping Alki Beach as pristine as possible.

It would be nice if we could have the occasional cleanup crew to come by our homes and make a clean sweep of the property. Actually, that’s not really a farfetched idea with Junk King on your side. Junk King is the Seattle based business who makes keeping Seattle clean their number one priority. Even if they have to get really dirty doing the job, the Junk King crew is happy to oblige. What do you want taken from your home? Is there a kayak with a hole in the bottom? A ping-pong table nobody is using? A sofa sitting in the garage gathering dust and mold? A treadmill that has become a clothes hanger? Whatever the bulky item is you can depend on Junk King Seattle to take it away once and for all.

Setting up an junk removal appointment with Junk King puts a two-man crew under your command. You can direct them down into your basement or up into the attic to remove what you want. There won’t be an object too heavy or obscure for the JK crew to handle. They’ve seen it all!

With regard to pricing, Junk King Seattle is extremely competitive and surprisingly affordable. That’s because they are only going to charge you by the amount of space your junk will be taking up on the back of their truck. No need to ask about dumping fees, labor costs or truck rental costs: You won’t be paying any of those!

Junk King is also a completely professional service. That means they value your time as much as you do. Everyone hired by Junk King has to go through rigorous training in customer service and moving techniques in order to be certified. In other words, these are exactly the type of workers you want working for you. When it comes to junk removal, the only two words you need to remember are Junk and King.

Alternatives to Seattle Dumpster Rentals

Recently a dumpster was in the news down in California. That’s where a huge manhunt was going down for a former police officer who was on the run. Before taking off, the wanted man was caught on surveillance cameras tossing several items into a dumpster in an alley. Because of that police officers and news crews swarmed to the dumpster location to set up camp. Now imagine if that dumpster was on your property. Suddenly you would find yourself in the middle of a circus all because you needed to throw some stuff out and rented a dumpster. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every dumpster is going to have some fugitive dumping stuff into but it does point out a common occurrence with regard to dumpsters. Namely, they attract people, animals and trash that you never intended.

There are many folks who see a dumpster and think that some kind of treasure could be inside. Or they could just be looking for bottles to recycle. Either way, it’s hard to keep these dumpster divers out of that container whether it’s parked on your driveway or on the curb outside you house. If you’re throwing out food then you’ll be creating some terrific smells for all kinds of critters to stop by and begin poking around. Once they find a food source you’re going to have a very hard time getting rid of them. Then there is all that extra trash to contend with. There is just something about a dumpster which compels people to throw their trash out. On the one hand this is a good thing: at least they aren’t throwing the trash on the street. But it can also be extremely frustrating especially when you’re the one renting the dumpster. Is there an alternative to all of this hassle? Of course, and that would be hiring Junk King Seattle.

Junk King makes it simple to get rid of all the trash that would fit into a dumpster and they can do it with single pickup. When you hire Junk King you’re actually hiring a two-man crew and renting a truck; you’re just not paying for all of that. All you’re paying for is the amount of space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. There are no labor costs, travel times or dumping fees. Best of all, Junk King works with your busy schedule. You can make arrangements to have your junk removed when it is convenient for you and that work is usually accomplished in very little time. With a dumpster rental you might have that dumpster sitting around your property for a whole weekend. Stick with hassle free junk removal with Junk King Seattle.

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