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Monthly Archives: July 2020

E-Waste Removal Done Right

Back in the day, getting ready for school meant stocking up on pencils, pens, notebooks and rulers. Although those supplies are still very much needed by students, the new school year might also include a new computer, monitor and printer for work at home. This takes on even more relevance with the increased use of remote learning. If you are upgrading the computer for your students, then you don’t want to hang on to the old computer. Once you have cleared off all the pertinent data that object has become an official piece of e-waste. As such, it has to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. That is a task that is best turned over to Junk King Seattle.

All the E-Waste

When something has been designated as e-waste it simply means that it is an item powered by electricity but is no longer being used. It could also be something that has simply stopped working. Hold onto a computer long enough and no doubt you will experience the kind of failure that requires a new computer. E-waste is something that should never be put out into the trash. No one understands this better than Junk King.

Ever since Junk King began collecting unwanted rubbish over 15 years ago it has dedicated itself to utilizing environmentally friendly disposal policies. At the top of that list is taking care of e-waste in the right way. The Junk King crews won’t be dismantling those old computers but instead they will find the right certified facility to drop them off at. That is also true for any old television, gaming console, DVD player, stereo or other electronic gear. All of that has to be kept out of a landfill and Junk King is determined to make that happen.

You will benefit for your e-waste removal by the same two-man crew and big truck that comes along on every Junk King session. If all you want to get rid of is your e-waste, then Junk King can accommodate that and you will most likely be paying the extreme low end of the price scale. That is because your stuff won’t be taking up a lot of room on the truck. Of course, you also can utilize the team in the truck to get rid of any other unwanted item from your home. Junk King doesn’t matter if you “mix and match.”

Get The Junk Out Of The House Today

Does your family generate enough trash in a single day that requires a trip to the trash can every night? That is not uncommon when you consider the estimates from the EPA suggest that every person creates up to 4 pounds of trash each day. For a family of four that would mean 16 pounds of garbage that are taken out to the trash cans every night. It certainly adds up! There are some other junk items that you might need to get out of the house but it is not as simple as making a trip to the trash cans. For the big stuff it’s time to bring in the big crew from Junk King Seattle.

One Session

The goal for the junk and crew is always to get rid of all your unwanted items in one session. That is certainly feasible when you consider the truck that the Junk King crew uses can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks full of rubbish. That is close to several rooms worth of furniture. If it so happens that cleanup job you are requesting from Junk King is bigger than that, then you could see additional trucks rolling up to make it happen. All of that can still be part of the same single session and best of all you won’t be paying extra for those trucks. You’ll price will always be based on how a truck is filled out. If you end up filling up to trucks, then your price will reflect that. What you won’t be charged for is the weight. That can make a huge difference if you are getting rid of construction waste like concrete and lumber.

The junk King crews who will be arriving in those trucks will also be wearing masks and gloves. That is part of the “new normal” of social distancing rubbish removal. Junk King always wants to keep everyone safe.

If you want to get the junk out of your house today, then you want to call up Junk King Seattle for the job. Watch how fast it can get done!

More Great Reviews For Junk King Seattle

It didn’t take long for Junk King Seattle to become the area’s number one junk hauling professional. We got there by providing exception customer service for homeowners, apartment renters, property managers, real estate agents and business. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re happy to let our customers tell their own stories:

“Junk King is not only affordable, they are hands down one of the best companies for customer service I’ve worked with in a long time. They are beyond helpful, no hard sales, very good at only selling you what you need and keeping you informed on your “Junk” situation. Everyone, from the customer service reps on the phone, to every driver I’ve worked with has been impeccable. You can tell that they are well trained and equipped to do their jobs. You always want to be aware of the age old “You get what you pay for” when you get a killer deal but Junk King really isn’t too good to be true.
They give you a 2-hour delivery/pick up window BUT they call with about 20 minutes ETA. The drivers have been a pleasure to work with. They will be our go-to for any other dumpster needs we may have in the future.” – Becca

“Junk King always delivers!!! This is the 2nd time we’ve used them and they always do a great job! We booked in April but because the weather keeps changing here in the Northwest, I’ve had to re-schedule 3 times!! And each time I called their customer service is quick to answer, courteous and they easily change the schedule to whenever I wanted! Talk about customer satisfaction! Finally, the sunny days arrived. They kept me informed as they were on their way. They arrived as promised, and on time. We had the bin for 3 days to clean our backyard and garage just in time before Mother’s Day weekend. Reasonable pricing. Everything is disclosed, so you won’t have any surprises. On the day of pick up, we met the franchise owner, Scott Page and he is awesome! He personally came to pick up. Very down to earth, professional, hardworking, cool guy!  We would use them again for any hauling service and refer them (as I have been) to family, friends and clients.” – Janette, Covington

Those are terrific examples of how Junk King operates. Getting rid of your junk and rubbish doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Just give the job to Junk King Seattle.

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