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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Turn Your Hoarder Level Cleanup Over To Junk King

An illegal dump site can quickly get out of hand. It only takes one ratty sofa to be dumped in a vacant lot for that lot to quickly fill up with other random junk items. It is almost as if the illegal dumpers are just looking for the excuse of “someone else did it first.” The same situation can occur around your home. What started out as a way to keep things in storage out in your garage could quickly grow into a hoarder level situation. If you have reached the point where you’re embarrassed to open the garage door, then it is time to get serious about getting rid of that rubbish. Thankfully, help is just a phone call away when that call is made to Junk King Seattle.

Time for Some Serious Sorting

Approaching a hoarder type of clean up requires time for some serious sorting. Only you can make the determination if something in your home is worth holding onto. You could judge it by recalling the last time you used that item. If it has been over a year, then maybe you don’t really need it at all.

You might also be hesitant getting rid of some objects because they could still be used.. just not by you. This is another benefit of hiring Junk King. Since they began collecting junk back in 2005, Junk King has been dedicated to a responsible approach to disposal. That means steering clear of a landfill whenever possible. Instead, the Junk King teams sort through everything that collect and will pull out those items that could be donated to a charity. It might mean extra work on the part of Junk King but that is work they are happy to take on.

If you’re ready to get your unwanted items and rubbish removed once and for all, then you’re ready to hire Junk King Seattle.

Junk King Can Help With Old Stove Removal

How many meals do you think you’ve cooked in your stove over the years? It can literally be thousands if your stove has crossed the ten-year mark. Of course, a stove that is over tens years is getting close to the need for being replaced. You might notice that it is taking a lot longer to pre-heat or that things don’t seem to cook thoroughly. You could also be having issues with your burners. All of that means that you are due to a trip to the appliance store. Upgrading your stove is going to pave the way for all kinds of delicious meals but first you have to get rid of that old stove. That is where Junk King Seattle can be of assistance. These are the junk hauling professionals who will make quick work of getting your stove hauled away the right way.

Careful Unhooking

If you have a gas stove, then you will need to carefully have that appliance unhooked from the gas line. There is probably also a power cord to unplug. It is not complicated but it is nice to know that the Junk King crew will have plenty of experience with this kind of unhooking. That same experience will come into play when that appliance has to be removed without scuffing up your floors. It is their attention to detail that has earned Junk King positive reviews from their customers.

The focus of your Junk King session might be to just clear out the old stove but you don’t have to stop there. Having a two-man moving crew and a huge truck should open up a world of possibilities to get rid of all kinds of unwanted stuff. Take the time to go through the rest of your home and tag all those items that you can do without. Those objects can be big or small. The only thing that matters to Junk King is that you want them gone for good. That can make that happen in a flash!

Get rid of your old stove the right way by putting the crew from Junk King Seattle on the job from the jump.

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