Sonoma Mattress Disposal

Sonoma mattress disposalWhen it comes to having a great day or a blah day it could all come down to how you spent the night. In other words, did you get a good night’s sleep? Sleep is one of those things we all share. It’s part of our physiology. Without good sleep we can become irritable, lose focus and be sluggish all day long. That’s not good for anyone. There are many factors which could be standing between you and a decent sleep. The first thing you should look at is environmental. In other words, are you sleeping on the right mattress?

You could be on your current mattress for so long that you don’t even realize it is keeping you from falling to sleep. Consider the age of your mattress. If it is over five years old you’re heading into the danger zone. A mattress older than eight years old definitely has worn out its usefulness. Beyond that you really need to think about getting a new bed!

Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your new mattress you want to make sure you get the right one. Sure you can do a lot of research on line (as you should!) before heading out to the showroom but nothing is going to beat testing out the mattress. Don’t just sit on the edge and bounce up and down. Lay down as you would if you were falling asleep and stay there for at least ten minutes. That might seem like a long time to be on a mattress in a store but don’t feel embarrassed. Instead, feel relieve that you’re being a smart shopper.

Even with a mattress that feels great there could be problems adjusting. You should make sure there is a full return policy at the story up to at least 30 days. It’s going to take a couple of weeks for your body to adjust to the new mattress. After three weeks if you’re still having a rough go it might be time to make the switch again.

Before you can try out that new mattress you want to make sure to get rid of the old one. Junk King Sonoma can be there for the assist! Mattresses are among the most popular item that Junk King picks up. That’s because most people think they need to hold onto a mattress so it goes into the garage or basement. All it takes is one brush with dampness and that mattress is shot. Instead of hanging onto it, let Junk King Sonoma haul it away. They can also haul off the rest of your junk leaving you with a clean house. That’s going to help you sleep for sure!