Sonoma Refrigerator Removal

old refrigerator removalIf you’re suffering from melted ice cream syndrome then it might be time for a new refrigerator. This happens when things don’t stay frozen like they should. Over in the food side, veggies are wilting and everything is just flat. The fault is in your icebox. As you head out to buy a new model you’re surely going to be tempted to upgrade in terms of special features and why not? Aren’t you long overdue for a ice/water dispenser and touch button controls? You should also get the storage compartments you need as to opposed to the kind you’re stuck with in an old fridge.

Before you zero in on your new fridge, you want to make sure to measure the space it will be going in. That might seem like a no-brainer but one measurement that is often overlooked is the open door. This could be an issue if you’re switching design to a side-by-side model. You could also be tempted to look for the cheapest model possible. Keep in mind that the lower you go in price the great the chance you’ll be wasting energy. That because the “bargain” fridges are upwards of 20% less energy efficient than the ones which are Energy Star rated. The money you might save on your electric bill will more than make up for the extra bucks you sink into the refrigerator purchase.

The other thing to keep in mind is how you’re going to get rid of your old model. Not every seller will offer pickup service and if they do its going mean an extra charge. They certainly won’t let you get rid of any other oversized item in the same trip. For a job like that you’ve got to call Junk King Sonoma. These are the junk removal specialists who will not only take away your old fridge but just about anything else that is cluttering up your home. Are you tired of all the unused furniture taking up space in your garage? What about about the junk from your closets you keep promising to throw away? All of that can be gone with a single Junk King removal appointment.

If cost is a concern, don’t worry. Junk King offers the fairest pricing policy for this type of service in the Marin & Sonoma area. They’re only going to charge you by the amount of space your junk takes up on the back of their truck. One price, no hidden charges. Junk King also provides dependable service. Most folks who call up get their junk removed in the same day. When you’re ready to lose that old fridge and the rest of your junk, Junk King Sonoma will be ready for you!