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Monthly Archives: November 2013

E Waste Recycling In Sonoma County

E Waste Recycling In Sonoma CountyOne novel approach to taking care of e-waste is what happened recently at a event sponsored by the local Sonoma government: All the stuff was put out for people to take if they wanted to. Whatever was left over at the end of the day was carted off to a recycling center. That might seem like a good idea on paper but it is really just “kicking the can down the road” or in this case “kicking the laptop.” If the stuff that was collected was out of date or didn’t work it’s not going to do anybody any good. The result of this event was six dumpsters full of e-waste still left over at the end of the day. You have to wonder if anything that was taken will end up back at next year’s swap meet. A much more efficient approach would be to simply hire Junk King Sonoma.

Junk King are the Sonoma County professional junk haulers who specialize in e-waste removal. It’s part of their overall eco-friendly philosophy. Since their inception as a business, Junk King has always gone green. In fact, up to 60% of everything they’ve every collected is recycled. That’s not just e-waste but things like old furniture, wood, concrete, scrap metal and even dirt. If you have piles of junk you want to get rid of you don’t have to bother sorting what should and shouldn’t be recycled. The Junk King crews have all been trained to recognize those pieces which can be reused. Junk King’s recycling program also means dropping off certain pieces to local charity to see if they can be refurbished and given to those in need.

Of course, most people like using Junk King because they don’t have to do any work. No lifting, no loading, no hauling. The Junk King crew handles all of that. Do you really have several hours in your busy schedule to devote to renting a truck, loading it up and then driving to a proper dump site? All the time Junk King needs is for the actually removal. Once that is done, you’re free to go about your business.

When it comes to pricing policies, Junk King Sonoma can’t be beat there either. Unlike other so-called professional haulers, Junk King is only going to charge you a single fee based on volume. That would be the volume of your junk on the back of their truck. It’s going to be packed in pretty tight in order for the crew to make a bunch of stops so you’re sure to get a good deal every time. Call Junk King today to handle your e-waste and junk recycling the right way!

Sonoma Moving and Junk Hauling

Sonoma MovingHere is how Sonoma County Connections describes this region: “Sonoma County is conveniently located 30 miles north of San Francisco. With over 200 award-winning wineries, scenic coastline and beaches, the mystical Russian River, majestic redwoods, 21 challenging golf courses, a thrilling road course and drag strip, more than 40 spas, fascinating museums, shopping, galleries, diverse festivals, farm markets and a variety of incredible eateries.” They also rightly ask, “Why wouldn’t you choose Sonoma County?”

Of course, this is all old news for any long term resident. We know the benefits of Sonoma living and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. That doesn’t mean we can’t move around within Sonoma. In fact, many residents have come into the area with a “starter home” only to find even better accommodations once they get the lay of the land. If you’re planning to make a move you might want to consider a “move before the move.” This would be where you hire Junk King Sonoma to move out all of your junk.

Junk King Sonoma are the professional junk haulers who have been help dozens of Sonoma residents clear out the clutter of their lives. As you get ready to move, you’re sure to discover a lot of “stuff” that you won’t really need in your new place. This could be little things like an extra set of dishes or big stuff like an ugly sofa that doesn’t belong in your new place. Either way, you shouldn’t drag it along. Not only is this kind of junk going to take up valuable space but it’s going to cost you extra. Any time added to your movers for moving stuff is going to reflect on your bill. Before you get there let Junk King take it all away.

With one trip, Junk King can haul away all that unwanted stuff and you won’t need to box it up or drag it to the curb. Just let the Junk King crew know what you want taken out and they’ll handle the rest. In terms of pricing, you’re only going to be charged a single fee based on the amount of volume your junk will consume on the back of the Junk King truck. There will be no labor costs or traveling time.

For Sonoma Moving and Junk Hauling needs, if you want to wait until after the move, that won’t be an issue either.  Just leave behind whatever you want taken away and tell Junk King Sonoma “It can all go.” It really is the most efficient and affordable way to make sure you’re not carrying your junk with you.

Sonoma Old TV Disposal

get rid of old televisionAre you ready for football season? You’ve got your home team jersey, your schedule, your best nacho recipe and your fantasy league all fired up and ready to go. What you might be missing is a decent television to watch the games on. Maybe this is the year that you’re finally going to break down and get that big screen flat TV. There has never been a better time to buy a TV like this. Back when flat screens first came onto the market the average cost for a decent set started around $10,000. Not you can get an amazing TV at a fraction of that cost. Plug in the surround sound system and you’re good to go not only for football but for movies, too! Since you spend a lot of time with your television don’t you deserve to have the best quality picture and sound?

A good approach to buying a new flat screen would be to head out to your local appliance store and check out the stock. See which TV had a good picture and is the size that you want. Then take note of the make and model. With the right app, you could scan the tag on the in-store television and find a cheaper price. Show that to the store you’re in and they’ll probably match it. If not, get home and log onto the Internet. You might find an amazing deal on Amazon for the same TV you saw in the store.

While you’re waiting for your new screen to ship, you have the time to call up Junk King for a Television Disposal appointment. This is not something you want to stick in a spare room or down the basement. If you’re never going to plug that old TV set in why hold onto it? Of course, you can’t throw it out with the trash because along with computers and office equipment a television is considered e-waste. That means it has to be properly disposed of at a certified recycling center. When you hire Junk King Sonoma that is just where you’re old TV will wind up.

The Junk King crew who will show up for your removal appointment will have no problem loading up your old set onto the back of their truck. When that is done you can also turn over any other unwanted bulky item to them. This is your shot to finally clear out your closets and garage of all the clutter. Give it all to Junk King Sonoma and let it be gone from your life for good!

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