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Monthly Archives: April 2014

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Junk Hauling Marin County

Junk Hauling Marin - Hire a ProWhen it comes to junk hauling Marin residents sometimes are tempted to find ways to get rid of bulk items and debris on their own. In truth, professional junk hauling services will save you money and get the job done better. Think of it this way: there are plenty of good reasons why junk haulers are open for business. If you’re staring down a mound of junk, chances are you’d be better off exploring your local junk hauling service. In Marin County, there are even more reasons why hiring a Pro is essential.

Junk King handles all sorts of residential and commercial debris removal around Marin County, California. If you’re wondering whether your situation merits bringing in the professionals, consider these five reasons why junk hauling Marin style makes sense and delivers the best results.

1) Let the pros take care of things efficiently

There’s more of a science to junk hauling than you might expect. If there’s enough stuff that you would need movers, then the fact that you want to dispose of it doesn’t make it less of a hassle. In fact, efficiently disposing of junk can be more complicated than just packing up and moving. It makes sense to call a professional junk hauling service just like you would call on professional movers, plumbers, or electricians—you need the job done right, and quickly. You have enough on your plate as it is.

2) Be a good neighbor

Marin County isn’t exactly the streets of New York; you can’t just leave furniture on the curb and expect someone to swoop in and take it within minutes. Additionally, when it comes to junk hauling Marin residents know that many of the neighborhoods have narrow streets, making it difficult to rent a debris box. When you have large items or large amounts of debris, it’s best to get it disposed of quickly by scheduling junk hauling service. Your neighbors, whether commercial or residential, will appreciate that your project is not creating a hazard on the sidewalk or in the alley.

3) Recycle everything possible

Finding a new home for your items helps the environment by reducing the need for new resources and more fuels being burned. You can also help out local people in need when your items get donated. Also, with Junk-King junk hauling Marin residents can rest assured that you will be recycling absolutely everything possible. In addition to donating clothes and furniture to charities in the San Francisco area, we participate in large-scale recycling programs for metal, glass, wood and other materials. It’s easier to use our resources than to figure out ways to recycle all of your items.

4) Protect your own safety and health

When it comes to safety, junk hauling Marin style requires that whomever you hire comes prepared with the right safety equipment and the know-how to dispose of hazardous items. Junk-King knows how to deal with biohazard materials and chemicals as well as the danger of dealing with broken glass, protruding nails, and clouds of dust in the air. By hiring the pros, you’re saving yourself from the risk of back injuries and pulled muscles, too. We know how to do it all safely, and we’re fully insured.

5) Save money in the end

If you’re tempted to avoid calling a junk hauling service because you think it would be better to avoid the cost, consider the overall costs of doing it yourself. You lose your precious time and need to pay retail prices for tons of trash bags and supplies, and you may end up needing to rent a truck anyway. If you’re injured in the process, medical bills can easily exceed the cost of hiring junk haulers. From direct costs to lost time and energy, the low-cost efficiency of hiring junk hauling pros makes perfect sense for your wallet.

Junk Hauling Marin County – The Green Alternative

Junk Hauling Marin CountyChances are good that you have a lot of other headaches going on if you are in the position of needing a massive amount of stuff hauled away from a home or business. Construction, moving, emptying out an inherited property… taking care of unwanted belongings and various debris quickly becomes a job unto itself. These are the times when you need junk hauling services from Junk King.

Junk hauling for any situation

We provide junk hauling services in Marin County and around the San Francisco area, and we’ve handled just about every type of situation imaginable. Whether you need to clean out an entire house, have a major construction or renovation project underway, or simply have large or awkward items that are difficult to dispose of, Junk King can take care of it anywhere around the Bay.

Leave it to junk hauling pros for situations such as:

  • Estates that need a large amount of stuff cleaned out
  • Construction and renovation creating debris
  • Old electronics that are not fit for regular garbage
  • Business relocation leaving behind junks
  • Mattresses, large appliances, above-ground pools, and other large items
  • Attics and basements that are so cluttered you’d rather just have a clean slate

Responsibly taking care of unwanted items

Sometimes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure—but other times that trash needs to be responsibly recycled to reduce the need for non-renewable resources. Junk King gets rid of virtually all kinds of unwanted items, and we do everything possible to make junk hauling a green process.

We are your greenest option for junk hauling, and we’re committed to constantly finding new and improved ways to recycle even more. Our environmental efforts include recycling and repurposing as well as donating items to charity whenever it makes sense.

Junk King recycles and finds new homes for items including:

  • metals, electronics, appliances
  • paper, textiles, furniture
  • clothing, toys, baby supplies
  • office furniture and supplies

Junk King also commits to running a green company from within, including running much of our fleet on domestically produced, renewable biodiesel.

Experts on junk hauling Marin County

Right in Marin County, Junk King has handled disposal services for tons of residents and businesses. Because we’re committed to great service in the area, we’re serious about recycling efforts that help our local communities.

We are proud of our recent eco-friendly projects such as the Marina’s Edge development in Tiburon. New home construction there created lots of wood debris, and Junk King was able to recycle 100% of it. We have also recently handled many estate clean-outs in Mill Valley and found a way to donate 90% of the items to local non-profit organizations. It’s all part of offering efficient, helpful, green junk hauling that you can feel good about.

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