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Resurfacing vs. Concrete Removal – Why Resurfacing Is The New Way

If your home driveway, business parking lot or other surface shows signs of aging, do not automatically assume that concrete removal is your only option. Resurfacing is quickly spilling into the mainstream for good reason. There is no sense in paying for an entirely new driveway or parking lot when you can resurface it for a fraction of the cost.

What is Resurfacing?

Consider the impact of thousands of pounds of steel and metal moving across your driveway. Then consider the repetitive freeze-thaw cycles that compromise the surface’s integrity. The damage typically manifests in the form of cracks along the surface and/or the appearance of divots. Instead of paying through the nose for a contractor to totally redo your driveway with concrete removal or constantly patching the surface, opt for the happy medium in the form of resurfacing.

Resurfacing involves removing the top layer of the surface and replacing it with a thin cement overlay that is combined with special bonding agents. This mixture is poured on top of the existing concrete and sticks to it for a gorgeous, smooth new surface. As long as there is not an underlying issue with the foundation, those pesky pits and cracks won’t appear for a long while. Let’s take a look at why resurfacing is the new and improved way to remedy an aging surface without concrete removal.

The Benefits of Resurfacing: No Concrete Removal and an Affordable Fix

Homeowners and business owners opt to resurface rather than remove or patch the surface for a variety of reasons. Chief amongst them is the low cost. The average residential driveway can be resurfaced for a couple thousand dollars or less. This cost pales in comparison to the cost of a comprehensive concrete removal. The work can be done across several different days if necessary.You can even add colors or patterns if you so desire.

Extended Longevity

Resurfacing a driveway will extend its lifespan. Adding an overlay above the existing concrete makes it incredibly durable so it can withstand its usual daily pounding from vehicles, foot traffic and harsh weather. When the job is done properly, the new surface will last quite long, especially if it is cared for across posterity.

An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Others opt to resurface because it benefits the environment. It takes very few resources to resurface a driveway compared to total concrete removal.

Resurfacing Requires Minimal Time, Effort and Resources

Why bother with the tiring and time consuming process of breaking up the old surface, massive concrete removal and pouring in new concrete when resurfacing is possible? This is an especially relevant question for those who have old concrete surfaces of considerable size. Removing all of that old concrete is an extraordinary hassle that is often unnecessary. Those who make the decision to resurface enjoy a lovely new-looking driveway, parking lot or other surface that really is resistant to wear and tear in the years ahead.


While it is possible to repair broken concrete with patching and other methods, doing so takes a lot of time and costs more than most would expect. As long as the driveway or parking lot is moderately damaged, there is no sense in breaking up the old concrete and re-pouring. Resurfacing provides a beautiful new finish without all of the time, effort and money required for a total replacement.

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