Debris Removal From Rooftops and High Rise Buildings – A Cost-Effective-Alternative-to-Dumpster

If you’re doing construction or maintenance on a rooftop or a high-rise, you’ll create a lot of waste: broken glass, shingles, metal, wood and other materials. To keep things tidy and keep your workers safe, you need to safely dispose of all that waste. If you’re wondering how best to do so, read on.

Insufficient Debris Removal Solutions

Many of the most common debris removal solutions are completely inadequate. Throwing it off the roof into a dumpster below may be possible for small buildings, but it’s unsafe and risks leaving a mess. It’s also an unfeasible debris removal technique for multi-story buildings.

You may be able to haul the debris down from the roof, but it’s time-consuming and messy to bring it down many flights of stairs. Many construction sites use chutes for their debris removal, but all that dusty debris moving through the air can pose a serious health risk. Moreover, most construction materials are abrasive, and can damage fabric chutes.

Debris Removal From Rooftops and High Rise Buildings - A Cost-Effective-Alternative-to-Dumpster-Junk -King-Sanoma-CAFlexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

In times like these, a flexible intermediate bulk container, better known as an FIBC, may be exactly what you need. FIBCs are made of flexible but strong fabric, and their sturdy woven fabric makes them ideal for carrying the dusty debris that accumulates at construction sites.

Once they’re opened and set up, their designed for easy load  up, without their walls sagging. FIBCs are renowned for their extremely light and efficient design. For instance, an FIBC that can carry up to a metric ton of material may only weigh five pounds when empty! They come in varying dimensions, so your job site will always have the FIBCs it needs.,

Ideal Debris Removal Containers

One of the most exciting aspects of FIBCs is that they’re designed to be stacked. They have loops so they can be lifted easily, and they fit neatly onto a pallet or a forklift. Once you’re done with an FIBC, just let us know and we at Junk King will remove it from the site for you.

If you put something into an FIBC that doesn’t belong, never fear. They can be easily cut open, and many of them also come with discharge spouts for easy emptying. And nature-lovers can rest assured that most modern FIBC designs are easily recyclable.

With debris removal, there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution. But if you’re working on a roof or several storeys off the ground, an FIBC may be just what you need to handle your junk.

Junk King offers several varieties of FIBCs. We’ll haul away their contents so you can focus less on debris removal, and more on your construction or renovations. Contact us today for more information.