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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Garbage Removal

There are garbage removal companies out there who give clients a hard time when it comesGarbage-Removal-Junk-King-Sonoma-CA to the type of items they take way.  If you have had to experience this it is best to look for a garbage removal company that take away just about everything.  It can become quite tedious and time consuming when you have to look for different companies to take away specific items. You may find that you have trouble when it comes to the removal of heavy or large items. Other items that may pose a problem for removal are furniture, electronics and appliances.

Choose Your Garbage Disposal Partner Carefully

Partnering with a garbage removal company that understand the needs of its clients is important. A professional garbage disposal provider will always strive to promote a clean and safe environment. The disposal of garbage should be done in an eco-friendly manner so that the environment is not affected in any way. Given the important role we all play in the protection of the environment, when choosing a garbage removal company our choice should be one that has a strict code of conduct and acts responsibly.  

Junk King has a reputation of removing everything that can be thrown away.  Our homes can become filled with all types of garbage and it is reassuring to know that there is a company out there that can help dispose of all types of waste.  Don’t let this become a headache so make contact with us today!

Efficient E-waste Dumping Benefits the Environment

If you’ve never heard of e-waste or what it can do to the environment if you dump it improperly, you may be shocked at the environmental damage you can do completely by accident. E-waste is perhaps more devastating than any other type of products you can dump, unless it’s disposed of properly.

What is E-Waste?

E-waste is a term that refers to any kind of electronics that might be thrown away, and usually Efficient-E-waste-Dumping-Benefits-the-Environment-junk-king-Sonoma-CArefers to things with circuits in them. Computers, TVs, radios, phones and just about anything else more sophisticated than an old-fashioned toaster oven will qualify. While most people won’t just try to stuff their car into a dumpster, even a car’s computer could qualify it as e-waste and make it bad for the environment in the same way. Even CFL lightbulbs are e-waste in many cases.

E-waste does more than just fill the landfills when it could be recycled. The environmental impact of e-waste hurts the air you and your family breathe, the water you drink, the plants that grow from that water and the land that must be further mined for resources that are needlessly reburied. Disposing of e-waste improperly is one of the worst things you can do to the environment. Fortunately, having the e-waste disposal job done properly can spare the environment a lot of hurt.


Air pollution can be caused by trucks needlessly moving e-waste around through different locations, and from chemicals released during the crushing process of the waste products themselves. For example, many compact fluorescent light or CFL bulbs release mercury when they’re crushed, which makes it toxic to breathe the local air until the mercury settles down. In any case, not properly disposing of e-waste products results in air pollution that doesn’t need to happen.


No matter how well a landfill is constructed, leeching through the soil will occur eventually. For this reason, e-waste needs to be properly disposed of. When mercury, lead and other elements that are normally a part of circuit boards and other parts of electronic items are exposed to water, that water carries away a small amount of those elements. The lead, mercury and numerous other types of things you do not want your family to drink are then carried throughout the soil, where they go into the reservoirs you drink from and the plants you may one day eat.

Needless Repetition

When chemicals are leeched into the groundwater because they’re buried, resources are needlessly wasted. They were mined before so they could be used to build the electronics, but putting them into landfills means they need to be mined all over again. This means more trucks and more mining equipment needs to pump more pollutants into the air, when having the e-waste properly collected for responsible dumping could save all of that hassle and extra pollution. From every angle, improperly disposing of e-waste is a bad idea for the environment and for everyone who lives on earth.

Having the Job Done Right

Having your e-waste disposed of properly is an investment in making the environment a safer place to live in. When e-waste is disposed of correctly, through safe channels, the air and groundwater are preserved in a cleaner state than they would otherwise be. If you value your family’s continued health, not to mention the overall health of the environment and other people, you will contact a professional company that handles e-waste disposal the way it should be handled. The environment depends on you making a responsible decision and having your e-waste disposed of by using a company that does it right. Contact us and let us make a positive contribution to the environment together.

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