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Monthly Archives: August 2016

E-Waste Recycling – Let Us Take Care Of The Earth Together

We all depend heavily on many of the electronic gadgets used today.  Due this there is a much E-Waste-Recycling-Let-Us-Take-Care-Of-The-Earth-Together-2-CAhigher risk of contaminating the environment with many of the dangerous substances used in the manufacturing of these gadgets. E-waste recycling then becomes an important activity in our daily lives.

There is no doubt that cell phones, laptops, CRTs, flat screen, tablets, TVs monitors, printers,computers have all aided in developing our many needs and wants.  These technologies are suitable however, having a plan in place to efficiently and effectively dispose of these gadgets is critical, as these harmful chemicals should be disposed of appropriately.

What Really Happens

When these gadgets are taken to the landfill either intentionally or not, we have a major issue. E-waste recycling prohibits the use of widespread pollutants from our society, which come from mining.  There are chemicals such as cyanide and sulfuric acid which are generally used in the task of mining.  In addition, when substances such as these overflow, escape or leach into the ground or water, the ecosystem is severely impacted.  These chemicals find themselves in our streams, lakes, oceans and drinking water.

Environmental sustainability and suitable e-waste recycling procedures can go together.  Without the appropriate e-waste recycling procedures that are in place, our ecosystem and environment would be severely affected.  Sustainability is a general term that when introduced to the environment, it can become visible to have an abnormal and alarming impact.  To sustain is to maintain or keeping up.

There is only one Earth, one environment and one ecological system; the notion of not “maintaining or keeping up” could lead our society into a dreadful and difficult circumstance than what we are presently in.  Environmental sustainability is a primary element to the ecological span that aids in retaining our Earth as a whole.  So why don’t you play your part and contact us today!

Get Rid Of That Old Junk!

Ever thought about going through that messed up drawer or arranging an overcrowded closet that you wanted to clean out for ages? Now is the time to do so and we’re here to help.  Stop being a hoarder today! You can do so by simply departing from your old junk.  Take control of your life by eliminating that unwanted waste.

Get-Rid-Of-That-Old-Junk-junk-king-marin-CAHealth and Safety A Must

The continuous build-up of clutter can seriously affect the way you think and behave mentally. Believe it or not but living in a home that is full of junk is not a safety practice.  Why live in a home where you have to make a confined path through mess when you move around?There are several severe hazards linked to this activity. De clutter your home now! Here’s why.

Significant quantities of combustible items can make it hard for you walk through the home. In the instance of a fire, congested hallways, doorways and windows can make it quite complex or unachievable to escape the property. Persons will be at greater risk for health complications because of the gathering of dust, mildew and fall.

The list goes on and on. Homeowners who engage in an absence of constant household maintenance can suffer a loss of running water or heat. If objects are piled up on each other, they can fall on people or cause them to trip and fall.The supplementary weight and volume of hoarded items can bring about structural damage to your home. Stored up items can lead to insect, rodent and other pest plague.

Get Help Fast

In serious instances of hoarding, all the possessions of these houses should be classified thoroughly and discarded of.  However, it can be a troublesome and  immense problem.  This action would require a great deal of tolerance and responsiveness. What if you’re too busy to even start the task?  This is where we come in.  You definitely would need the assistance of a skilled junk disposal company.

Our junk disposal experts deal with all clutter disposal cases in a skilled, sympathetic and courteous fashion.  Our junk removal teams are highly trained on how to deal with junk disposal carefully and ecofriendly.

If you would like to declutter your home act fast! Now is the time to take charge by removing old and unwanted waste either from your garage, living room or dinning room.  Wherever it may be contact us at Junk King Marin and we’ll make sure your junk is disposed of properly.

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