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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Genius Garage Storage Ideas after a Full-Service Junk Removal

If you are like most people, your car might be among your high-cost investments. This means that you should take utmost care of it to maximize your returns. This also reduces the repair costs associated with unmaintained cars. In 2016, Australians spent approximately 38.73 Australian dollars weekly on servicing crash repairs  and ve icle parts.

These statistics are no different in Sonoma, where you will spend so much on vehicle maintenance when you neglect its care. An essential element of protecting your vehicle is parking it under a shade. This is preferably inside your garage, where it will also be protected from thieves. Unfortunately, some homeowners’ garages are filled with trash, and they have little room for their vehicles. As such, the cars are left outside.

Indoor spaces are understandably getting smaller, and you might not have enough storage space for everything. This means the garage can be used to store a few things. While some of the items in your garage are useful, others are junk. You need a full-service junk removal company to haul almost all forms of your trash away. This leaves you with enough storage space for your useful items and car.

After getting rid of the trash, here are some genius garage storage ideas to maximize your space and prevent accidents from appliances left lying around.

Clean and junk free storage garage

Use wooden storage walls

Make use of your vertical space. After all, your garage’s floors were originally only meant for heavy appliances and vehicles. For the vertical storage, get a slatted wood wall. You can install hooks between these slats to hold a few light items like rakes, brooms, garden tools, and cleaning supplies. The top rungs of the wooden wall can hold hatchets, saws, and other bladed tools that you want to keep as far away from kids as possible.

You can install pegboards on the wooden walls onto which you will install pegs and hooks to store organizing tools. Strong hooks on these walls can also hold heavy items like foldable outdoor chairs and ladders.

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Move your storage to the ceiling

Your garage storage space is not limited to walls and floors. Ceilings also offer some innovative storage solutions. Large items that are only used occasionally, like snow tires and bikes, often take up a lot of wall or floor space. These are perfect for storage on the ceiling. Your local Sonoma hardware or home improvement store likely has a few tools for hoisting these heavy items to the ceiling. There are also some tools for securely strapping the items in place.

If you have some holiday decorations in the garage, consider storing these on the ceiling instead of throwing them out with the trash a full-service junk removal company will take. Place them in clear or labeled plastic bins, then strap them to the ceiling. You can make a simple support carriage then use plywood flanges to create tracks that hold items. These work if you are not intent on using straps.

full service junk removal

Invest in wheeled carts

Consider swapping your free standing shelves for wheeled carts to add versatility in your garage. The carts will still be placed along your walls. Even so, owing to their mobility, they can be easily moved out of the way when you want to put other items in their spaces. Wheeled carts are also the best solution when storing tools. This is because you can easily move them to your project’s location instead of picking tools one by one.

Add a fold-down workbench

When using your garage as a workshop, consider installing a fold-down rather than a traditional workbench. This way, you can fold up the bench when you need the space for something else. You do not have to shop for a fold-down workbench. You can make one from a solid core door and pipe flanges used as legs if you love DIYs. A couple of sturdy hinges allow the bench to be folded up against your garage wall.

Hang a garden box

Garden boxes are not exclusively for your outdoors. You can use them in your garage to store spray paints, cans, small tools and items like maps that do not seem to fit anywhere else. The boxes can also be used for your gardening tools and supplies. Garden boxes are fastened to walls rather than being placed on the floor where they can cause accidents and minimize your usable floor space. You can use repurposed garbage cans if you do not have garden boxes.

Invest in built-in bike racks

Storage of bikes on a garage floor is a bad idea because it takes up too much space and increases the odds of accidents when people ram into them. Moreover, the sharp objects sometimes found in garages that double up as workshops can pop their tires. Invest in a bike hanging rack to mount the bikes. Visit your local store for heavy-duty clamps that will support the bike’s weight on the rack while allowing you to quickly release it when you need to use it.

bigger junk removal trucks

Consider floating shoe racks

You might have too little indoor space to work with for the storage of your shoes. Instead of leaving them lying around, get a floating shoe rack in your garage. The shoe rack comprises boards stuck to your walls so that you can wedge your shoes between them and stack them perfectly. The shoe rack works best for the shoes used for outdoor chores like gardening. These do not need time in front of a mirror to see how well they match your outfit. If the idea of floating shoe racks does not suit you, you can use shoe pegs to hang the shoes.

Get open shelves

Shelving is the first solution when people are looking for extra space. When choosing the shelves for your garage, opt for open ones. It is easier to access the items stored on open shelves and you will not need extra clearance in a small garage for swinging doors open. The open shelves are best used to store items that do not need dust protection. Cabinets with doors in a garage are often excuses to accumulate clutter and stay disorganized because you can keep things hidden away. However, you can have one or two cabinets in which you store items like chemicals that should be stored from the reach of some household members.

Though everyone loves a neat garage, getting one is challenging. With the above storage ideas, your garage might just be the best organized one in Sonoma. Before settling for one of these ideas, draft a floor plan. This way, you will not waste time or money investing in storage solutions that do not work for your dream garage. Moreover, store frequently used items close to the garage door while those you do not use so much can be placed further from the door.

With the right plan and ideas in place, start your garage organization by getting the best full-service junk removal company to take your trash away. In Sonoma, California, Junk King is your best choice. The company handles all types of waste at competitive prices and employs some of the best-trained staff. Contact Junk King Sonoma today to effectively get rid of the junk in your garage.


Tips for Easily Getting Rid Of Items During Foreclosure Cleanouts

If you have dreamt of owning a house in Sonoma County, California, this is one of the best times to do so. While the coronavirus pandemic sent most real estate markets to their knees, home buying in Sonoma recently reached a record annual median price and saw the highest number of homes bought in the past seven years. This is good news for property agents and those looking to buy a home.

male and female sitting on rug with boxes in the backgroundUnfortunately, thousands of homeowners lose their properties to foreclosure annually. This is an undoubtedly painful experience for those affected by it. Though foreclosed properties in Sonoma are inexpensive, real estate agents and the new property owners deal with a lot of trash left behind in them. As such, foreclosure cleanouts are among the first things they should think of before moving in or putting the property up for sale.

Though cleaning out a foreclosed property sounds like an easy task, it is far from so. You are often unsure of the items you want to keep and what should be thrown away. Understandably, you would not want to throw out anything that increases a property’s value or one that will contribute to exceptional interior décor.

The tips below will help you easily throw out the items that will only contribute to clutter when cleaning a foreclosed property.

full service junk removal

Define the goals of your cleanout

Like all things in life, you cannot achieve much if you do not have a goal in mind of what you want to accomplish with a cleanout. The goal helps you stay on track during the cleanout and allows you to visualize the space you will get. It might be hard to have the exact picture of what a home will look like after the cleanout. Thankfully, there are now several online platforms with images you can use to visualize your ideal space, so take advantage of them.

Start with a small area

It is overwhelming to think of cleaning out an entire building at once. To ease your work, focus on a small area at a time. This might be a room at a time, or sections like downstairs and upstairs for smaller properties. Focusing on small sections and throwing the items you do not need in the space rather than moving them to another area makes it easy to get rid of clutter.

Try the trash bag technique

You can sweep the items in a room into a trash bag and see how quickly or how many trash bags you can fill in a specified time. To ensure this technique works for foreclosure cleanouts, have the bag you have just filled picked right away by a center you are donating items to or immediately dumped in a skip. As such, you are not tempted to go through the items in the bag later and change your mind about throwing them away.

foreclosure cleanup guide

Note then rank the clutter hotspots

Go through your property and come up with a list of the different sections that are clutter hotspots. You can consider taking photos of the spots so that you have enough time to rank them even when you are out of the premises. The rank can span from 1-3, with 3 being the spots with the highest clutter. Knowing where you should concentrate your cleanout eases your planning of the task. The ‘before’’ photos can also make you appreciate your accomplishments when compared with the ‘’after’’ pictures.

Have a sorting system

When moving from room to room, you will, of course, come across stuff that you might want to keep, things you are not sure about, and the ones you want to throw away. Consider having a sorting system for these items. Most people use the three-box technique. This entails having three boxes; one for trash, one for donation, and another for what you keep.

Do not overthink the items you want to place in different boxes. This only leaves you stressed and prolongs your cleanout. At times, you are not sure if you want to keep an item. In this case, it is best to donate it if it is in good condition or place it in the trash pile. Holding onto things you are unsure of will only increase the clutter in your clean home and necessitate another cleanout in the future.

bulk item and trash removal

While the above steps will no doubt go a long way in leaving you with a clean house you can transform into a family home or showcase to clients, there are times when you cannot handle a foreclosure cleanout alone. In this instance, you can hire a professional estate cleanout company to handle the task. These professionals can handle the cleanout without damaging your floors and the other items you want to keep.

Besides deciding to hire professionals for foreclosure cleanouts or handling them on your own, you need a junk removal company that will haul away the items you do not need. Junk King Sonoma CA is your best choice in this regard.

You can make an appointment on Junk King’s online platform or through a phone call for their insured hauling experts to show up at your foreclosed home and give you an estimate for hauling your waste. As an eco-friendly company, all your waste does not end up at a landfill. The company carts some of it to recycling centers and donates some. Contact us for more information.


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