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Elements to Guide Your Mattress Choice after Mattress Disposal Sonoma County

In Sonoma County, California, the weather is generally conducive for a good night’s rest. Quality sleep is essential as it improves productivity and general health. Nonetheless, a relaxation report by Princess Cruises stated that 51% of adults worldwide get less sleep than required on an average night.

man sitting on brand new mattress in store

One of the reasons you might be part of this percentage is a bed mattress. If you’ve had a mattress for 7-10 years, have a saggy mattress, don’t have an aligned spine when asleep, or you wake up sore and stiff with worsened allergies, it might be time to call a mattress disposal Sonoma county company to help you get rid of it and buy a new one.

Below are the factors you should consider when buying a mattress:

Your common sleeping position

Though some people toss and turn through the night, everyone has a favorite sleeping position, which can greatly inform your sleeping position. The three most common sleeping positions include back, stomach, and side sleeping.

People who prefer to sleep on their stomach should ideally pick an ultra-firm mattress with a 7-9/10 rating to support their hips, so they are in line with their shoulders. Side sleepers need the balance that a mattress with a firmness rating of 4-6/10 provides to keep pressure off your hips and shoulders. Back sleepers need a medium-firm mattress with a rating of 5.5-7/10 to lift the spine into a neutral alignment.

Your Weight

Your weight distribution affects how soft or firm a mattress will feel. Heavy sleepers will exert more pressure on a mattress. As such, the best options for them are medium-firm or firm mattresses. If you weigh more than 250 pounds, consider getting innerspring or hybrid mattresses since these have steel base layers that offer optimal support. Most foam mattresses will work for shoppers under 200 pounds.

The mattress’ material

There are five main material options for mattresses. These include innerspring, latex, hybrid, foam, and airbed. Innerspring mattresses have steel coils with a polyfoam comfort layer. In contrast, latex mattresses have support cores made of high-density polyfoam or latex and synthetic or natural latex for their comfort layers.

Foam mattresses have combinations of memory foam and supportive foam though some are purely made of polyfoam. Airbeds have air chambers that are inflated to specified firmness levels, whereas hybrid mattresses have more than two inches of latex or memory foam on pocketed coils for support.

Latex foam mattresses are bouncy, breathable, hypoallergenic, and durable, but they are costly. Memory foam relieves pressure and makes you feel like your mattress is hugging you, but the material often retains heat, so it might be uncomfortable in the Sonoma summer. Polyfoam is airy and has an open-cell design that makes it breathable. Even so, it is not as long-lasting as other mattress materials, so you might need a mattress disposal Sonoma county company to get rid of it in a few years.

Mattress size

Most mattress brands come in six sizes, including the double, queen, California king, king, twin XL, and twin. You might also come across ‘split’ California, king, and queen sizes comprising two mattresses that can be separated or pushed together as needed.

Twin and Twin XL mattresses can comfortably fit one person. Double and queen mattresses are suitable for one person with a pet or two adults. The king-size can accommodate two adults with a child or large pet, whereas the California king fits two adults with several children or pets.

A mattress’ coil count

In general, a quality mattress is one that has more coils in an innerspring. While a low coil count does not always mean that the mattress is low quality, steer clear of mattresses with less than 420 Bonnell coils since they lack the necessary support for a comfortable sleep.

Other than the coil count, pay attention to the coil gauge of your mattress. Coil gauge refers to how thick the coils in a mattress are, with a low number indicating thick coils and thus a firm mattress. If you want a soft mattress, settle for one with a coil gauge rating of 14-15, while those looking for a firm mattress can pick a coil gauge of 12-13.

The mattress’ motion transfer

Motion transfer refers to how well a mattress will absorb and isolate movement. This is a crucial element for couples who do not want the movements of their partners to disturb their sleep. For instance, if your partner tosses, turns, and gets up multiple times through the night, you need a mattress that can perfectly isolate motion,  so that you remain unbothered by the movements. The best option is foam blend and memory foam mattresses since they  absorb the highest amounts of motion.

Trial period, return policy, and warranty

The body responds differently to a mattress. This means even the best-rated mattress  might not work for everyone. So, before buying your mattress, check its trial period, what is covered under its warranty, and the store’s return policy to know your options if you don’t like the mattress or something is wrong with it. However, don’t be too quick to return a mattress. Try it for a minimum of thirty days before making a decision.

Even if you are in a rush to acquire a new mattress, it is advisable not to do so before you get rid of the old one. The best way to achieve this is by contacting a reliable junk removal company.

At Junk King Sonoma, we will carefully evaluate your mattress’s condition before disposing it. For instance, if the mattress is in good condition, we might donate it, and if it is not in the best condition for donation, we will recycle the components that are in optimal condition. Mattresses that are too damaged end up in designated landfills.  Contact us today!


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