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Monthly Archives: April 2022

The Main Steps of Getting Rid Of Data before Computer Recycling

A significant amount of work and recreation is done nowadays on computers. Computer manufacturers have thus stepped up to provide new technologies that suit the ever-changing needs of their target markets. Annually, manufacturers produce a billion cellphones and 30 million computers. This means there are a lot of computers ending up in landfills as people scramble for new ones with better technologies.

Some people leave obsolete and unwanted computers lying around in their properties in case they need them in the future. This only leads to reduced room on your property. You might choose to simply dump your computer in a landfill, but this is against the law in most states as they seek to maximize e-waste recycling. Junk king Sonoma is one of the junk removal companies at the forefront of computer recycling. The company will pick up your computer then dispose of it responsibly at a recycling plant if it cannot be donated.

old computer parts

Computer Recycling

Recycling is the reuse and reprocessing of computers along with components like their screens, central processors, motherboards, and monitors. In 2019, only 17.4% of collected e-waste was recycled, according to a report by the UN, despite the benefits of the practice. E-waste recycling reduces the burden of waste on the environment, cuts the manufacturing costs of new computers, creates job opportunities, and reduces greenhouse gases from toxins like cadmium, mercury, and lead.

You might think of repairing or upgrading your computer rather than recycling it. Though these are eco-friendly alternatives, your old computer software might not support an upgrade. Repairing an old computer is also often more expensive than buying a new one. As such, the prudent choice in both instances would be recycling.

Steps of Getting Rid Of Data before Computer Recycling

Before your computer is picked for recycling, remove your data from it. Here are steps to guide you so that your data does not get into the wrong hands.

Back up your files

Before deleting all data from your computer, back up the files saved on it so that you can transfer them to your next computer. The backing up process will differ based on where your files are stored. In cloud-based file syncing like Dropbox and Google Drive, this is easy since all your files are already stored somewhere else. Just ensure that the files you need are synchronized to another computer or backed to the cloud. If your files are on the computer, get an external device to hold them.

Transfer software

You want to ensure that all the licensed software on your current computer is activated on your new one. Some applications have a deactivation feature allowing you to transfer their license to a different computer. You can check the menu commands on your licensed programs to deactivate them then activate them on a new computer. Ensure you have a copy of the product keys or license that will help you reactivate your software.

Encrypt files

Simply wiping your drive and deleting data will not eliminate sensitive information on your computers. This is where encryption will come in. You can encrypt your folders and files to negate the threat of breaching them. After encryption, anyone who wants to access the data will need an encryption key that only you have.

Clean the hard drive

Nowadays, several data recovery programs exist, allowing people to retrieve parts or all your data when you do not properly clean it off your hard drive. To ensure this does not happen to your data, delete files from your computer by pressing shift and Del. You can then use one of the many data shredding programs that will overwrite your files. Overwrite the data severally to make it harder for someone to retrieve it.

Delete browsing history

Cleaning your hard drive and external drives will not get rid of your browsing history on browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. Follow the required steps on your browser to get rid of your browsing history before Junk King picks your machine for computer recycling.

Test your computer

After going through all the steps of getting rid of your data, test it to ensure the actions were successful. For this, you need a file recovery program like TestDisk, PhotoRec, or Piriform Recuva. These programs will look for any information on your deleted data on the computer. If your deletion of data was a success, the files will not show up on the recovery program.

Destroy your drive

Sometimes, the above steps might not be enough to get rid of your data. There is another extreme option for destroying your drive when you have sensitive information like military, financial, or medical data. In this case, the drive can be crushed or melted. If you have a magnetic drive, this is degaussed to eliminate its magnetic field, thus permanently deleting the data. Though this is a waste of valuable hardware, it is sometimes necessary for companies dealing with extremely sensitive information.

With data breaches increasing recently and people’s information being used for evil, it is understandable if you are apprehensive about computer recycling because of the risk of exposing your data. Nonetheless, with the above steps, you can guarantee that the computer you hand over to a junk removal company has no information that can be used against you. If any of these steps seem too technical for you, consider hiring an expert so you are guaranteed that your data has been effectively deleted.

You will come across several junk removal companies when looking for one to pick up your computer for recycling. If you want quick and efficient service, your best choice is Junk King. The company with multiple locations will give you an upfront estimate of how much their services will cost and has highly trained staff to handle your e-waste. Junk King also recycles up to 60% of the waste it receives, so you can be sure you are working with a company intent on eco-conservation. Contact Junk King today for the first step in computer recycling; collection of your computer.


Kitchen Trends You Should Invest In After Appliance Disposal


The essence of having a happy and functional kitchen cannot be over-emphasized. After all, this is the source of your family’s comfort, togetherness, and nourishment. Therefore, when remodeling or upgrading your home, one of the places you should focus on is the kitchen. Nonetheless, you might be at a loss on what to do with the old appliances that no longer suit your needs and intended look. Thankfully, you have appliance disposal companies that will safely get rid of your old appliances to make way for a new kitchen look.

With your old appliances out of the way, below are a few trends on which you can base your choice of replacement appliances for a modern kitchen.

Appliance disposal yard filled with old Tv's and appliances

Steam ovens

People are now stepping away from conventional gas and electric ovens to steam ovens as over a third of the global population becomes more eco-conscious and looks for ways of saving money. Steam ovens have quicker cooking times, warm food evenly without the risk of drying it, and can be used for cooking, baking, or steaming food. Furthermore, they are among the safest options for cooking because their moist heat reduces the risk of burns.

If you want the healthiest way of cooking food, look no further than a steam oven. Since it uses steam instead of hot air to cook your food, the food keeps its nutrients locked inside. Moreover, with steaming, you negate the use of cooking oil or fat that increases the calorie content of your food.

The refrigerator revolution

Refrigerators are among the kitchen appliances getting a significant upgrade. When considering colors, glass panels for fridge doors and drawers are the way to go. The latest fridges also feature food zones that compartmentalize the foods you want to store to reduce food contamination. The ice makers are upgraded to filter water for your ice making. They make ice cubes of different shapes to attract cocktail drinkers.

You can also kiss fridge handles goodbye with the latest technology. Manufacturers now have smart technologies that enable an auto-assist feature to open and close your fridge door automatically. This means you will not worry about contaminating your hands when cooking as you open and close a refrigerator’s door.

The Bluetooth sync

The promise of syncing your kitchen appliances using a Bluetooth device is enough to get you to call an appliance disposal company to cart away your old appliances. Kitchen appliance manufacturers now want to make life easier by syncing your appliances with a Bluetooth device. This means you can remotely and easily control your appliances.

You need not fear that your old oven timer will overheat your food. You can simply adjust the timer using your Bluetooth device. If you want to preheat the oven before you come downstairs, you can now do so from a Bluetooth device. You can even sync multiple kitchen appliances to cut down their energy consumption.

Finger touching and swipe controls in place of knobs

If you are stuck with old appliances, the chances are that they are being controlled by knobs. These are clumsy to use and pose the danger of snagging your loose clothes as you walk past, causing deadly accidents. Say goodbye to these drawbacks with an investment in appliances operated using finger touching or swipe controls.

Finger touches and swipe controls work through electromagnetic instead of field heat. You can control your cooker’s temperature or turn on your cooker with a simple swipe or touch. There are little indicators on a screen that let you control different things on your appliances while giving your kitchen a clean, streamlined look.

The Wi-Fi connection

2022 is genuinely revolutionizing how you connect with your kitchen. Manufacturers are now producing kitchen appliances that allow you to control everything through your smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection. All you need is a home Wi-Fi that connects to your devices and an app on your phone allowing you to control them.

This means you can now switch on your oven through your phone over Wi-Fi long before you get home or turn down your freezer settings to defrost food before you come home. When you want to walk in and eat hot food, all you have to do is turn on your microwave and heat food before you come home. This seamless technology for your kitchen appliances is sure to ease your life.

Stainless steel appliances

Keeping your kitchen clean to lower the risk of food contamination and deadly diseases is quite challenging. Thankfully, it does not have to be so with an investment in stainless steel kitchen appliances. Unlike wood and other materials, stainless steel is easy to wipe down without damaging it. Moreover, the material is durable, resists smudges or fingerprints, and will reflect natural or artificial lighting in a small kitchen to make it look spacious.

Column freezers and fridges

In the past, fridges and freezers were sold as one appliance. With more people looking for more cold storage space, column freezers and fridges are becoming popular. These are separate vertical appliances with separate doors, one for your door and another for the freezer. You can buy the appliances separately and even install them in different locations, thus saving on the space in your kitchen without sacrificing your cold storage space.

Thankfully, upgrading your kitchen appliances to incorporate the above trends in your kitchen is not so expensive. A few appliance manufacturers even have payment plans to allow you to afford items that might be beyond your financial reach. Before heading for your shopping spree, contact Junk King to cart away your old appliances so that you have space for the new ones. Leaving them lying around on your premises makes your space look cluttered and becomes a safety hazard when they harbor pests or when the chemicals in the appliances start leaking. Contact junk king today to start your kitchen upgrade after the old appliances are removed.


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