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Monthly Archives: December 2022

How to Dispose of a Mattress: Mattress Disposal Guide

There is no ideal time to get rid of your mattress. However, it is advisable to replace it every 10 years. This number varies depending on how well you take care of it, how often you use it, and the quality. When you buy a new mattress, it is crucial to get rid of the old one responsibly because improper mattress disposal could lead to hefty fines.

old mattress at the side of a street

Though appropriate mattress disposal may sound simple, it can be challenging because they are bulky and most of them don’t compact well. Attempting to get rid of a mattress can be a bit of a hassle. Nevertheless, letting it rot away isn’t eco-friendly and dumping it in curbsides or alleyways is not legal either. So how do you dispose of it properly? Keep reading to find out.


How do you know when to dispose of your mattress?

There are numerous ways of knowing when your mattress needs a replacement. The most common ones are;

When its quality starts to deteriorate

According to the consensus, you should dispose of your mattress every ten years. However, some mattresses tend to last longer or shorter. For example, a hybrid innerspring-foam mattress is likely to serve you for 6 years, while a memory foam will serve you for about 15 years before needing replacement.

The best way to tell when your mattress needs replacement is to check for quality deterioration signs. These signs include; threads starting to unravel, springs getting weaker, and stains beginning to show. Once you begin to notice these signs, it is time to let your mattress go.

When You Start Getting Allergies at Night

Suppose you find yourself having a mysterious allergy that perks at night when in bed, then it is most likely a sign that you need to change your mattress. The reason for this is that in addition to a mattress being home to your body, it could be a host to mildew, mold, and dust mites. These are allergens that you may not easily smell or see. Instead of risking your life every night, get rid of your old mattress and get a new one!

Getting Back Pains

There are many causes of back pains, such as poor posture and underlying medical conditions. However, a worn out mattress is another cause that most people fail to notice. If you consistently have back pains, especially in the morning, the issue could be your mattress.

With age, a mattress tends to sag and have a depression in the middle, leading to limited movement and sleeping in one direction. This leads to a strain on your back, leading to back pains. Mattresses are designed for good spinal health, so if you are constantly having back pains due to your mattress, it means that it is time to throw it away and get a better one.

What Should You Consider Before Getting Rid of Your Mattress?

Before disposing of your mattress, it is vital to ensure that you check the following;

Mattress’s Warranty

A warranty is the time frame given by a mattress company in which they will replace it for free if it gets damaged for whatever reason. Though this number varies from one company to another, it is between 5 and 10 years. Check if your warranty covers mattress disposal. If it doesn’t cover it, dispose of the mattress yourself. But if it does, contact the company and let them replace the mattress for you.

State Policies

State policies regarding mattress disposal vary from one state to another. It is essential to research and find out your state’s guidelines to avoid illegal disposal, which could cost you a fine.

The Most Common Way To Dispose Of Your Mattress

Once you purchase a new mattress, you have to decide what to do with the old one. In many cases, a mattress retailer provides pick-up services for mattress removal. However, if they don’t, you have several options for your mattress disposal. They include;

Recycle it

According to the Mattress Recycling Council, about 80% of mattresses can be recycled. It is one of the best ways of disposing of your mattress as it is very eco-friendly. Numerous states have proactive mattress recycling services. All you need is to reach out to recyclers, and they will load up your mattress at a small fee subsidized by the local government. To ensure recycling services are available in your state, do a Google search using your zip code. After this, reach out to the nearest recycling services providers and organize your mattress to be recycled.

Donate it

Sometimes you may get a new mattress when the older one is still in good condition. In this case, the best way to dispose of the older one is to donate it to a business, thrift store, or a local charity. This method of mattress disposal is legal and is encouraged in most states. However, for your mattress to be accepted for donation, it needs to be clean and in good condition.

Resell it

If your mattress is in good shape and donating isn’t a viable option for you, try reselling it. To successfully do this, market through your network or make use of social media. Utilize marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor, and Offerup. All you need is to post a clear picture of your mattress and give a reasonable price. Before considering reselling your mattress, make sure that it is clean and free of bed bugs.

Repurpose it

A mattress contains numerous materials that you can use if you love DIY. These materials include memory foam, natural fibers, nails, steel, wooden parts, and screws. From these materials, you can make an item or two that you can use at your home or one that you can sell and get some money.

Hire a Mattress Disposal Expert Near You!

No matter the size, disposing of your old mattress is not simple. It involves a lot of considerations, handling, and lifting. Also, it requires you to comply with your local mattress disposal regulations to avoid unnecessary fines. Luckily, Junk King is here to help! Give us a call on 1-888-888 to learn more about our process.


7 Essential Tips for an Estate Cleanout

Since 2000, many American retirees have increased dramatically, with about 10,000 people turning 65 every day. Despite the increasing number of baby boomers, most retirees barely have savings to push beyond retirement. Eventually, it culminates in an estate cleanout to sell a property and live within a constrained budget.

An estate cleanout is always a stressful time for every homeowner. Despite complexities, you may proceed with the cleanout and sale when compelled by circumstances.

Regardless of the cause, you should find the simplest and stress-free way to clean out your property. Here are some pointers to help you plan ahead of time before you embark on the enormous task of estate cleanout.

boxes stacked in estate cleanout project

What Is an Estate Clean Out?

It involves the total removal of all equipment, food items, and personal belongings from a property.

During the process, either you or an assigned relative takes away all belongings to divide the property among heirs, liquidate, or put it on offer for sale.

When an estate cleanout comes forth, it is usually as a result of numerous unfortunate factors, namely;

  • You are downsizing to a smaller home.
  • You’ve lost a spouse.
  • Marital separation or divorce.
  • You have enormous debt.

Free Real Estate Junk Removal Services Guide

Tips for Handling an Estate Cleanout

A property cleanout can be difficult without proper planning. That’s why you require a professional junk remover to help you.

Besides a junk remover, the following tips will come in handy.

#1 Have a Timeline

Consider setting a deadline to complete your cleanout. When you have a deadline to meet, it motivates you to push through the tedious process, finish within a reasonable time and concentrate on other activities.

A timeline is also important if the house is under auction or subcontracted to a new tenant. You’ll avoid infringing on any cleanout terms or timeframes outlined by the court due to auctioning.

#2 Take Inventory of What to Clean Out

Before vacating the homestead, be sure to identify all items due for cleaning out. If you inherited the apartment from your parents, consider accounting for every valuable item they may have hidden. It could be some cash under a pillow, family photos in a crawl space, or a safe concealed in the basement.

Similarly, if you are the initial owner of the estate, consider locations where you possibly kept some items that you may haven’t checked out for a while.

For instance, in the case of a will, your parent’s attorney will likely have an idea of the most current edition of the document. Therefore, the attorney will help you understand the conditions enshrined in the will.

#3 Secure All Vital Documents

Sorting and identifying important documents is part of cleaning out a property. Essential documents include a deed, estate titles, banking information, testamentary, car title, insurance plan, birth records, mortgage statements, and identification documents. The new occupant of the estate will require some identification documents, such as estate titles, to close the deal on cleanout.

Moreover, some files may contain personal details that you wouldn’t want unauthorized people to access.

#4 Hire an Appraiser and Liquidator

Based on the price of the estate’s contents, you may require an estate valuer and a property liquidator.

For example, some accessories require a professional evaluation to determine the value before cleaning out. Such items include old ornaments, antique furniture, historical records, or a collection of silver pennies. If you wish to sell them, hiring a valuer guarantees that you will get a reasonable return on your investment.

Similarly, if you have a tight schedule that doesn’t allow you to handle the process, then hiring a property liquidator to do the legwork could be the best option. You will earn extra cash from the property sale without devoting all of your time to it.

A property liquidator can advise you on making the most of every item you don’t want to keep.

#5 Talk to Relatives on How to Distribute Households

Family struggles are not common during estate cleanouts because some items may be shared. As a result, you cannot dispose of all items without involving close family members.

One useful strategy is having close relatives prepare a checklist of some items they would wish to have from the homestead. Alternatively, you can allow relatives to politely request the merchandise they want to retain by settling on a negotiated agreement.

Whereas this can work well in some scenarios, it can also lead to conflicts and misunderstandings in other households. If you encounter conflict during property distribution, you may need legal assistance to help solve it. Other external intermediaries may also be beneficial.

#6 Keep Sentimental Photos for the Future Generation

While your photos may be of little benefit to the new occupants of the property, it doesn’t make sense to leave them behind.

Therefore, photo albums and galleries form an indispensable part of the family lineage, especially the extended family. The idea is not to brag about your lavish lifestyle but to give youngsters and others who may come across them an opportunity to link to relatives they may never have had the privilege of meeting.

#7 Donate to Charity Organizations

An estate cleanout is the best moment to give to charity within the neighborhood. Clothes, for instance, may not be worth selling unless you have an antique collection dating to the 1950s and 1960s. Other attires have little residual value after-sales, so they are worth giving out to the needy.

Outlet stores like eBay can offer a reliable platform to earn good revenue from secondhand clothes.

Suppose you have other items, such as furniture, washing machines, and kitchen utensils. In that case, you could also donate to secondhand stores or non-profit entities that accept donations to help needy people.

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Estate Cleanout: Where to Find a Professional Junk Removal Company

The cleaning out process of an estate is not only time-consuming but physically demanding. Moreover, without proper knowledge, it may turn out extremely stressful.

As a result, you should only focus on the critical aspects that truly require your time and effort. Luckily, our tips will help you overcome the hassles and have a peaceful transition.

Therefore, before you begin, have a timeline to help you complete the task within the required period. Additionally, deciding on what to clean out and ensuring the safety of essential documents are critical.

Junk King Sonoma is a trusted partner in hauling services. Our polite and friendly staff are always ready to solve your estate cleanout needs. If you live in Sonoma and need estate cleanout services, please contact us.

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