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Monthly Archives: January 2023

Estate Clean Outs Done Right With Junk King Sonoma

An estate clean out is the type of massive project best left for experienced junk haulers. Attempt to perform a comprehensive estate clean out on your own and you might be saddled with days or even weeks of demanding physical labor. Your time is better spent elsewhere. Why bother with the massive time investment and effort required to perform an estate clean out when you already have a full or part-time job? If you are in your golden years, your focus should be on enjoying life rather than hauling the junk away from an estate. Our estate clean out team is here to do all the work on your behalf.

An empty room. Furniture and all removed.


Whether someone in your family has passed away, if your are moving to assisted living or if you have a foreclosure on your hands, there is no shame in asking for help. This is likely a difficult period in your life. Our junk hauling specialists are here to help. We will ensure all of the property is removed from the house before it is put on the market.

Whether it takes dozens of hauls, several days or longer to perform the entire estate clean out, you can trust our haulers to get the job done right. Just as important is the fact that we perform our hauls with care and precision. Hire Junk Kings to perform your estate clean out and you will rest easy knowing we go out of our way to prevent damage to your property while carrying out those bulky items.

Let us do the Heavy Lifting

Schedule your junk haul with our environmentally-friendly service and you won’t have to lift a finger but to dial our phone number. All you have to do is show us with items need to be hauled away from the property and we will do the heavy lifting. You can remain on the property to point out the items to be removed or venture elsewhere as you see fit. Our team is here to clear away all the clutter so you do not have to. Just be sure you know exactly which items are to be hauled and which items will be given to family members. Once the distribution of belongings is squared away, we can haul away the remaining junk in full confidence.

Green Junk Removal With a Smile

It is not enough to simply show up, load up the junk and haul it away to a landfill. In fact, the exact opposite is necessary for the sake of our customers as well as the planet. Let our junk haulers perform your estate clean out and you will be treated as a valued customer. Our team is sociable, warm and respectful. We perform junk hauls with a smile as we are genuinely appreciative of our customers.

We recycle and re-use as much junk as possible to preserve the environment for generations to come. The icing on the cake is the fact that our team is quiet, clean and mindful of your property. We won’t make a mess, create noise pollution or damage your house when hauling away undesired items. Do business with Junk King and you will do your part to save the planet. We go to great lengths to ensure our vehicles and junk hauling practices are eco-friendly. We really do take the time to sort through our hauls so usable items can be donated or re-purposed to provide utility to someone else. Give us a call at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865) to schedule your estate clean out or other junk haul.

Fertilizer & Xeriscape: Tips To Help Your Landscape Thrive

One of the bonuses of a water-saving (xeriscape) landscape is that it needs less fertilizer than its water-thirsty counterparts. However, soil health is essential to the healthy lifecycle of your garden’s flower plants, shrubs, and trees. When soil becomes depleted, plants begin to starve, so regular fertilizer applications prevent soil depletion altogether.

A depleted plant has a higher risk of succumbing to disease and is less able to combat common pests. By using suitable fertilizer, at the correct times, home and business owners ensure their living landscapes have what they need to thrive.

Xeriscape Fertilizing: Information & Tips

The more you learn about soil, plant needs, and the ins and outs of fertilizers, the better equipped you are to nourish your landscape as needed.

1. Fertilizing needs depend on soil quality

Plants, shrubs, and trees depend on about 16 mineral elements for their “nutrition.” They get most of the oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and hydrogen they need from the air and water. However, plants depend on soil to deliver the rest. The most necessary of these elements are:

If you worked with a xeriscape landscape designer, you might remember they focused on soil analysis. Part of this analysis was to learn more about the mineral element balance in the existing soil. From these results, they used amendments to create a richer soil biome. Over time, plants consume essential minerals leaving soil depleted without additional fertilizer boosts.

If it’s been a while since your soil was tested, or you aren’t sure where to start, it’s worth having your soil tested in different landscape areas. First, mark them well, so you know where they came from, and then have them tested at a local nursery or through a landscape professional that offers soil testing. This is the best way to learn precisely what your soil needs, after which you can select customized fertilizer treatments and amendments.

2. Select eco-friendly fertilizers

Xeriscapes inherently support their environments. They’re designed to honor the water available on-site and from the average area rainfall, with minimal input through irrigation. And because we use native plant species, waterwise landscaping is also designed to attract pollinators and other wildlife, creating an eco-friendly habitat. Therefore, the fertilizers you select can make or break the entire plan.

Always select organic or eco-friendly fertilizers that use minimal to no chemicals or synthetic ingredients. This minimizes the risk of nutrient runoff into rivers, lakes, and streams or toxic poisoning of crucial insects, pollinators, and soil microbes. 

3. Understanding the numbers

Remember we said the three essential mineral elements for plants and trees are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium? When you purchase fertilizer for your landscape, the container will have numbers representing each product’s ratio of Nitrogen: Phosphorous: Potassium. Some of these ratios are set for “general” fertilizer, while others are specific to flowering and fruiting plants, leafing plants, particular types of grass, etc.

You’ll also notice that some of the most commercially-known fertilizers have very high ratios (like 11:7:7 or 15:9:12). In contrast, organic or eco-friendly fertilizers have lower numbers (more like 6:3:2 or 3:2:3). That’s because most commercial fertilizers are artificially loaded with powerful chemicals to achieve immediate results. Organic/eco-friendly brands use animal and plant residues.

The less powerful, but better for the environment, alternatives are fine for a well-maintained xeriscape. With xeriscape, less is more in every way. That includes less water and less need for fertilizers. The continuity of proper, organic fertilizer application yields consistent, long-term results with virtually zero harmful effects on beneficial organisms.

4. Fertilizer timing is important

In almost all cases, we recommend fertilizing plants, trees, and shrubs twice yearly: once in fall and once in spring. This achieves a balance where wintering roots have access to nutrients as they gear up for their re-emergence in spring. Then, once dormant winter plants come back to life, a spring dose of fertilizer gives them the extra nutrients they need to produce lush foliage and flowers through the summer.

Bring your plant list or xeriscape design map to a local nursery, and they’ll help you select specific fertilizers as necessary. However, you can also purchase a general, all-purpose organic fertilizer and apply it as directed if you prefer to keep things simple. If you contract with a local landscape maintenance company, speak to them about fertilizing. If they automatically fertilize as part of their services, you don’t want to apply extra as more is not better, and you can harm plants if they’re over-fertilized.

5. Don’t forget the power of mulch as fertilizer

In a Science Direct post about fertilizer, researchers state, “Organic fertilizers contain plant- or animal-based materials that are either a byproduct or end product of naturally occurring processes, such as animal manure and composted organic materials.” That is a good reminder that while commercial fertilizers are purchased from a nursery, fertilizer is always made when organic matter decomposes. 

That includes organic mulch that decomposes and acts as fertilizer for your plants in addition to minimizing moisture loss and weed growth. Decomposing mulch materials like shredded hardwood bark, straw, coarse compost, or shredded native tree cuttings are fantastic year-round landscape enhancements. They both protect and nourish the landscape while also benefitting solid microbes. Applying and maintaining healthy layers of mulch further minimize fertilizer needs.

Connect With Xeriscape Maintenance Pros & Learn About Fertilizer

Not exactly sure what to use or how to fertilize your xeriscape? Contact XX, and we’ll schedule a visit. We love educating clients on the best xeriscape maintenance practices and can help you select and apply fertilizers to help your landscape thrive.

Garbage Pickup – How to Dispose of Large Volumes of Waste

Most weeks, it’s fairly simple to get rid of trash and debris in your normal garbage pickup. But there are times a special pickup is required and that’s when Junk King of Marin can step in.

Man moving garbage bin

Businesses and homeowners alike can require a large volume trash pickup service for a number of reasons:

  • Foreclosures
  • Tenant turnover
  • Inventory cleanout
  • Major spring cleaning or preparing for move or sale
  • Garbage exceeds weight limitations for municipal pickup

In Marin County, single-family homeowners get 3 carts for their monthly collection rate: one garbage (or landfill), one recycling, and one compostables. If you need anything over that, you’ll need to pay an increased rate. You’re not permitted to overfill your one allotted cart, either, or you’ll get charged for that, too.

Junk King of Marin offers a great solution for volume trash pickup that saves you the stress and expense of doing it yourself. We’re committed to making large order garbage pickup an easy and pleasant experience for all our customers.

Bulk Item or Regular Garbage?

We’ve all been there. “ Is this garbage considered a bulk item or is it trash?” If you’re not sure, you must call your municipal refuse management department to find out. But chances are good that if you’re questioning whether it can be picked up in your regular trash service, it probably can’t.

When Marin County conducted a waste characterization study, it found less than half of what people put in the garbage belongs there. For many years, people just assumed anything and everything could be put out for trash pickup. It’s just garbage after all, right? But the truth is, it’s regular household trash that goes to incinerators and landfills, but other bulky items and recyclables that are typically part of large volume garbage situations need to be handled in a different way.

The Best Volume Garbage Pickup in Marin

Junk King’s bulk garbage pickup service is an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly way to make the process an easy one for you. We do the heavy lifting, and we make sure your garbage is disposed of according to municipal regulations.

And for businesses that require larger scale garbage pickup on a regular basis, Junk King of Marin can help with that, too!

Our friendly and experienced teams are known for their high work ethic and dedication to community. They respect you and your property, show up when they say they will, and are fully licensed and insured. Why wouldn’t you want to use them for your large volume garbage pickup?

Learn More

To learn more about our garbage pickup services and other fast, affordable, and dependable junk removal options, contact us today. Or text us a photo and book online, where you’ll save even more. Junk King of Marin offers the simplest and most effective way to remove large volumes of garbage from your home or business. Let us prove it to you!

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