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Junk Removal Blog

How to Dispose of a Mattress: Mattress Disposal Guide

There is no ideal time to get rid of your mattress. However, it is advisable to replace it every 10 years. This number varies depending on how well you take care of it, how often you use it, and the quality. When you buy a new mattress, it is crucial to get rid of the old one responsibly because improper mattress disposal could lead to hefty fines.

Though appropriate mattress disposal may sound simple, it can be challenging because they are bulky and most of them don’t compact well. Attempting to get rid of a mattress can be a bit of a hassle. Nevertheless, letting it rot away isn’t eco-friendly and dumping it in curbsides or alleyways is not illegal either. So how do you dispose of it properly? Keep reading to find out.

two hands lifting white mattress off bed

How do you know when to dispose of your mattress?

There are numerous ways of knowing when your mattress needs a replacement. The most common ones are;

When its quality starts to deteriorate

According to the consensus, you should dispose of your mattress every ten years. However, some mattresses tend to last longer or shorter. For example, a hybrid innerspring-foam mattress is likely to serve you for 6 years, while a memory foam will serve you for about 15 years before needing replacement.

The best way to tell when your mattress needs replacement is to check for quality deterioration signs. These signs include; threads starting to unravel, springs getting weaker, and stains beginning to show. Once you begin to notice these signs, it is time to let your mattress go.

When You Start Getting Allergies at Night

Suppose you find yourself having a mysterious allergy that perks at night when in bed, then it is most likely a sign that you need to change your mattress. The reason for this is that in addition to a mattress being home to your body, it could be a host to mildew, mold, and dust mites. These are allergens that you may not easily smell or see. Instead of risking your life every night, get rid of your old mattress and get a new one!

Getting Back Pains

There are many causes of back pains, such as poor posture and underlying medical conditions. However, a worn out mattress is another cause that most people fail to notice. If you consistently have back pains, especially in the morning, the issue could be your mattress.

With age, a mattress tends to sag and have a depression in the middle, leading to limited movement and sleeping in one direction. This leads to a strain on your back, leading to back pains. Mattresses are designed for good spinal health, so if you are constantly having back pains due to your mattress, it means that it is time to throw it away and get a better one.

What Should You Consider Before Getting Rid of Your Mattress?

Before disposing of your mattress, it is vital to ensure that you check the following;

Mattress’s Warranty

A warranty is the time frame given by a mattress company in which they will replace it for free if it gets damaged for whatever reason. Though this number varies from one company to another, it is between 5 and 10 years. Check if your warranty covers mattress disposal. If it doesn’t cover it, dispose of the mattress yourself. But if it does, contact the company and let them replace the mattress for you.

State Policies

State policies regarding mattress disposal vary from one state to another. It is essential to research and find out your state’s guidelines to avoid illegal disposal, which could cost you a fine.

The Most Common Way To Dispose Of Your Mattress

Once you purchase a new mattress, you have to decide what to do with the old one. In many cases, a mattress retailer provides pick-up services for mattress removal. However, if they don’t, you have several options for your mattress disposal. They include;

Recycle it

According to the Mattress Recycling Council, about 80% of mattresses can be recycled. It is one of the best ways of disposing of your mattress as it is very eco-friendly. Numerous states have proactive mattress recycling services. All you need is to reach out to recyclers, and they will load up your mattress at a small fee subsidized by the local government. To ensure recycling services are available in your state, do a Google search using your zip code. After this, reach out to the nearest recycling services providers and organize your mattress to be recycled.

Donate it

Sometimes you may get a new mattress when the older one is still in good condition. In this case, the best way to dispose of the older one is to donate it to a business, thrift store, or a local charity. This method of mattress disposal is legal and is encouraged in most states. However, for your mattress to be accepted for donation, it needs to be clean and in good condition.

Resell it

If your mattress is in good shape and donating isn’t a viable option for you, try reselling it. To successfully do this, market through your network or make use of social media. Utilize marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor, and Offerup. All you need is to post a clear picture of your mattress and give a reasonable price. Before considering reselling your mattress, make sure that it is clean and free of bed bugs.

Repurpose it

A mattress contains numerous materials that you can use if you love DIY. These materials include memory foam, natural fibers, nails, steel, wooden parts, and screws. From these materials, you can make an item or two that you can use at your home or one that you can sell and get some money.

Hire a Mattress Disposal Expert Near You!

No matter the size, disposing of your old mattress is not simple. It involves a lot of considerations, handling, and lifting. Also, it requires you to comply with your local mattress disposal regulations to avoid unnecessary fines. Luckily, Junk King is here to help! Give us a call on 1-888-888 to learn more about our process.


7 Essential Tips for an Estate Cleanout

Since 2000, many American retirees have increased dramatically, with about 10,000 people turning 65 every day. Despite the increasing number of baby boomers, most retirees barely have savings to push beyond retirement. Eventually, it culminates in an estate cleanout to sell a property and live within a constrained budget.

An estate cleanout is always a stressful time for every homeowner. Despite complexities, you may proceed with the cleanout and sale when compelled by circumstances.

Regardless of the cause, you should find the simplest and stress-free way to clean out your property. Here are some pointers to help you plan ahead of time before you embark on the enormous task of estate cleanout.

boxes stacked in estate cleanout project

What Is an Estate Clean Out?

It involves the total removal of all equipment, food items, and personal belongings from a property.

During the process, either you or an assigned relative takes away all belongings to divide the property among heirs, liquidate, or put it on offer for sale.

When an estate cleanout comes forth, it is usually as a result of numerous unfortunate factors, namely;

  • You are downsizing to a smaller home.
  • You’ve lost a spouse.
  • Marital separation or divorce.
  • You have enormous debt.

Free Real Estate Junk Removal Services Guide

Tips for Handling an Estate Cleanout

A property cleanout can be difficult without proper planning. That’s why you require a professional junk remover to help you.

Besides a junk remover, the following tips will come in handy.

#1 Have a Timeline

Consider setting a deadline to complete your cleanout. When you have a deadline to meet, it motivates you to push through the tedious process, finish within a reasonable time and concentrate on other activities.

A timeline is also important if the house is under auction or subcontracted to a new tenant. You’ll avoid infringing on any cleanout terms or timeframes outlined by the court due to auctioning.

#2 Take Inventory of What to Clean Out

Before vacating the homestead, be sure to identify all items due for cleaning out. If you inherited the apartment from your parents, consider accounting for every valuable item they may have hidden. It could be some cash under a pillow, family photos in a crawl space, or a safe concealed in the basement.

Similarly, if you are the initial owner of the estate, consider locations where you possibly kept some items that you may haven’t checked out for a while.

For instance, in the case of a will, your parent’s attorney will likely have an idea of the most current edition of the document. Therefore, the attorney will help you understand the conditions enshrined in the will.

#3 Secure All Vital Documents

Sorting and identifying important documents is part of cleaning out a property. Essential documents include a deed, estate titles, banking information, testamentary, car title, insurance plan, birth records, mortgage statements, and identification documents. The new occupant of the estate will require some identification documents, such as estate titles, to close the deal on cleanout.

Moreover, some files may contain personal details that you wouldn’t want unauthorized people to access.

#4 Hire an Appraiser and Liquidator

Based on the price of the estate’s contents, you may require an estate valuer and a property liquidator.

For example, some accessories require a professional evaluation to determine the value before cleaning out. Such items include old ornaments, antique furniture, historical records, or a collection of silver pennies. If you wish to sell them, hiring a valuer guarantees that you will get a reasonable return on your investment.

Similarly, if you have a tight schedule that doesn’t allow you to handle the process, then hiring a property liquidator to do the legwork could be the best option. You will earn extra cash from the property sale without devoting all of your time to it.

A property liquidator can advise you on making the most of every item you don’t want to keep.

#5 Talk to Relatives on How to Distribute Households

Family struggles are not common during estate cleanouts because some items may be shared. As a result, you cannot dispose of all items without involving close family members.

One useful strategy is having close relatives prepare a checklist of some items they would wish to have from the homestead. Alternatively, you can allow relatives to politely request the merchandise they want to retain by settling on a negotiated agreement.

Whereas this can work well in some scenarios, it can also lead to conflicts and misunderstandings in other households. If you encounter conflict during property distribution, you may need legal assistance to help solve it. Other external intermediaries may also be beneficial.

#6 Keep Sentimental Photos for the Future Generation

While your photos may be of little benefit to the new occupants of the property, it doesn’t make sense to leave them behind.

Therefore, photo albums and galleries form an indispensable part of the family lineage, especially the extended family. The idea is not to brag about your lavish lifestyle but to give youngsters and others who may come across them an opportunity to link to relatives they may never have had the privilege of meeting.

#7 Donate to Charity Organizations

An estate cleanout is the best moment to give to charity within the neighborhood. Clothes, for instance, may not be worth selling unless you have an antique collection dating to the 1950s and 1960s. Other attires have little residual value after-sales, so they are worth giving out to the needy.

Outlet stores like eBay can offer a reliable platform to earn good revenue from secondhand clothes.

Suppose you have other items, such as furniture, washing machines, and kitchen utensils. In that case, you could also donate to secondhand stores or non-profit entities that accept donations to help needy people.

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Estate Cleanout: Where to Find a Professional Junk Removal Company

The cleaning out process of an estate is not only time-consuming but physically demanding. Moreover, without proper knowledge, it may turn out extremely stressful.

As a result, you should only focus on the critical aspects that truly require your time and effort. Luckily, our tips will help you overcome the hassles and have a peaceful transition.

Therefore, before you begin, have a timeline to help you complete the task within the required period. Additionally, deciding on what to clean out and ensuring the safety of essential documents are critical.

Junk King Sonoma is a trusted partner in hauling services. Our polite and friendly staff are always ready to solve your estate cleanout needs. If you live in Sonoma and need estate cleanout services, please contact us.

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The Top Benefits of Proper Appliance Disposal

When you buy a new refrigerator, microwave, or dishwasher, you may not know what to do with the old one.

Guess what? You are not alone.

Many families are stuck with old appliances, not knowing whether to move them to the garage, give them away or dispose of them.

Having extra appliances that you do not actively use can cost you more cash and energy every year. The worst part is that these old appliances can find their way to our landfills, negatively impacting the environment.

Proper appliance disposal can save you lots of money, prevent greenhouse gas emissions, and help keep waste from our dumping grounds.

Pile of white old stoves

What is Appliance Disposal?

Appliance disposal is the safe and professional removal of old domestic and commercial appliances from a building to create space for new ones and keep electronic waste from landfills.

Disposing of old appliances is not a DIY project. It requires the input of a professional who has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to haul your old dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, or air conditioner out of your premises safely and as per waste disposal requirements.

Is It Necessary to Dispose of Old Appliances?

So, what’s the point of staying with old appliances that you don’t need?

As a property owner, it is always a good idea to dispose of all your old appliances from your premises as soon as you get new ones.

Whether small or large, old, unused machines can take up a lot of space on your property, subsequently causing significant inconvenience. Moreover, they can make your home lose its aesthetic appeal, especially if you dump the gadgets in your yard.

Leaving your old appliances lying around your compound can also cause safety concerns. If left unused for long, air conditioners and refrigerators may spill refrigerants and release gases harmful to humans and animals.

With this in mind, proper appliance disposal is essential for improved safety and environmental conversation.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Appliance Disposal

Disposing of old appliances might look easy on paper, but it remains one of the most complex processes. It involves lifting and hauling heavy objects safely and appropriately from your compound.

All these processes require a high level of expertise and advanced equipment, and that’s why it is vital to hire a professional to handle all your appliance disposal needs. With that said, here are the top benefits of professional appliance disposal services:

  1. Safety

Safety comes first when handling any waste. Trying to remove your old appliances can be potentially dangerous, and it may end up in injury. After all, most devices are bulky, and they involve heavy lifting. If you don’t have the right equipment to haul the appliances, you may damage your property or even hurt yourself.

  1. Convenience

We are living in a busy world where every second counts. The process of removing old appliances from your property might take ages and eat up into your schedule if you decide to go the DIY way. Allowing pros to handle the entire task is not only convenient but also time-saving.

  1. Cost-Effective Appliance Disposal

Attempting to remove your old appliances can be costly. Think about it. You have to buy or rent equipment, procure a helping hand, and drop all your other plans. Eventually, you’ll discover you’ve spent more money than you expected. Hiring professional appliance disposal can save you from spending more than you need to.

  1. Recycling of Old Appliances

One of the most important benefits of enlisting professional appliance removal is recycling. When you hire pros to dispose of your old appliances, they are likely to recycle them rather than take them to the landfills. Recycling goes a long way to conserve our natural resources and save the environment.

  1. Hauling of Large Appliances

Lifting and hauling large appliances is not a job for the faint-hearted. It requires the right skills and expertise to remove these bulky items without causing damage to your property or harming anyone. This is where the importance of hiring professional appliance disposal services comes into play.

  1. Reduction of Carbon Emissions

The goal of responsible appliance disposal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can reduce your carbon footprint by ensuring that old appliances do not find their way to landfills. Old appliances also consist of metals that can be harmful to the environment. A professional can recover valuable metals and dispose of the rejects appropriately to help converse the environment.

  1. Increased Energy Efficiency

Most people don’t know where to keep their old appliances, so they move them to the garage or another room. You may not know this, but keeping your old appliances can increase your energy bills significantly since you are likely to continue using these items. To save your cash and reduce your energy costs, consider hiring professional appliance disposal services.

  1. Proper Tools and Equipment

As you already know by now, appliance disposal requires the right tools and equipment. Above all, you need some expertise on how to use these removal tools. Buying or renting appliance removal tools can be costly, so you are better off hiring a pro to handle the task. Professional appliance removal companies have all the proper tools and equipment to tackle any disposal tasks.

  1. Consumer Savings

Not trying to force anything, but with reduced energy costs comes consumer savings. Permanently removing old dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers from the national grid translates to billions in savings to consumers.

  1. Regulation Compliance

Appliance disposal is not a straightforward task since it involves several laws and regulations. You must comply with your county’s by-laws on waste disposal before you can remove your old appliances. The good news is that licensed appliance disposal companies know these requirements and have what it takes to ensure compliance.

Hire an Appliance Disposal Expert Near You!

Here’s the point. No matter the size, disposing of your old appliances is not easy. It involves heavy lifting and handling potentially dangerous materials. While at it, you have to make sure you comply with your local waste disposal regulations to avoid unnecessary fines. Fortunately, Junk King is here to save you! We are the greenest appliance disposal company, serving dozens of locations around the country. Give us a call on 1-888-888-JUNK to learn more about our process.


Why You Need Professional TV Disposal

The rate at which new televisions are coming out might have caught you by surprise. Even before you enjoy watching your new TV set, another one comes out. Amazingly, the latest brands are available at remarkably low prices, making them affordable for everyone.

If you recently bought a new TV and have no idea what to do with your old one, consider calling professional TV disposal. Dealing with a pro to discard your old TV ensures you do not violate any waste disposal rules.

hand holding remote with television ahead

Here are other top reasons why you might need professional TV disposal and recycling services:


Disposing of your TV might seem like a straightforward task, but it’s more than that. There are so many safety concerns involved when discarding electronics, including your TV. Televisions consist of various electrical components that may explode when discarded inappropriately. They also contain several metals and liquids that can cause harm to your health.

Professional TV disposal ensures you remain safe from all the risks involved. A pro will discard your old TV without requiring your input. You’ll never know where they take the TV as long as your safety is top on the list of priorities.

Extra Convenience

Many homeowners often find it challenging and inconvenient to discard their old TVs once they get new ones. You have the option to take your TV to a local recycling facility or donate it to your friends or loved ones. However, all these measures require time, and they are somewhat inconvenient.

Hiring professional TV disposal will provide you with convenience and the peace of mind you deserve. A pro will save you time by discarding your old or damaged TV appropriately without requiring your intervention.

Environmental Conservation

The main goal of proper TV disposal is to conserve the environment. As you already know, your old or damaged TV contains metallic and plastic components that can harm the environment. Metals and plastic do not decompose, meaning they can cause immense environmental hazards.

When you let a pro discard your TV, they’ll probably take it to a recycling plant where the recyclers can convert the old TV into something useful. They can also save the discarded metals and plastic for reuse with other devices.

Reduced Pollution

TVs contain toxic elements and gases such as mercury, zinc, lead, and chromium. When disposed of in an incarcerator, your old TV may release these elements, subsequently polluting the air.

The effects of e-waste on the ozone layer, the atmosphere, and the environment can be devastating. You can ensure that these elements do not find their way into the air by hiring a professional to handle and discard your old TV. Professional TV disposal entails proper handling and management of potentially dangerous gases and materials.


You may not know this, but keeping and using your old TV can cost you more money in the long run. Fair enough, you may be watching the TV in your garage or home office, but this means having to pay extra on your energy bills.

From a different perspective, trying to dispose of your TV yourself can be costly. You may need to hire or procure space and equipment to dump your TV. By hiring a professional, you can eliminate all these costs associated with TV disposal.

Economic Growth

One of the most overlooked benefits of professional TV disposal is economic growth. Look at the bigger picture. Hiring a professional to discard your electronic waste results in less pollution, less energy use, and less water use. All these benefits have a direct impact on the economy of any region.

As if that is not enough, recycling old TVs translates to reduced production costs. Manufacturers no longer have to spend money producing new gadgets and manufacturing new components when they can recycle what is already available.

Preserve Natural Resources

Proper TV disposal not only protects the environment but also preserves natural resources. As you know, most TVs and electronics contain components and elements that manufacturers must mine from virgin fields across the globe.

Continuous mining will inevitably lead to the depletion of resources. Instead of mining for new materials, manufacturers can save, recover, and reuse valuable materials and components from your old TV. Capacitors, circuit boards, and sensors are examples of materials that a manufacturer can recycle.

Save Landfill Space

The number of TVs and electronic waste dumped in our landfills continues to rise every year, creating various environmental issues. Enlisting professional TV disposal services will ensure that your old gadgets and appliances do not find their way to the landfills.

The goal of hiring a pro to discard your TV is to prevent the usage of landfill space. The removal company will likely recycle your TV, subsequently saving our landfills. These dumping grounds should only be available for waste that cannot be recycled.

Protect Water Bodies

TV components contain toxic substances and elements that pose various risks when disposed of incorrectly. The chemicals can find their way from landfills to freshwater bodies, leading to chemical poisoning. Drinking contaminated water can be fatal to humans as well as animals. Enlisting professional TV disposal protects water bodies from chemical poisoning and contamination.

Increase in Employment

Believe it or not, but allowing a professional to discard your TV creates employment opportunities. So many opportunities arise in waste disposal and recycling. Professional TV disposal also makes it affordable for the less fortunate to afford high-end televisions at affordable rates since it creates a secondary market for unwanted electronics. If you want to play your part in reducing unemployment, do not hesitate to enlist professional TV disposal.

Call the Experts to Dispose of Your TV

So you want to dispose of your TV because you got a new one? Let Junk King handle it. We are here to manage all your old appliances, including your TV. We have vast experience in hauling old TVs and other gadgets. Besides, our TV disposal process is the greenest on the planet, so you don’t have to worry about filling our landfills. Give us a call on 1-888-888-JUNK to learn more about our services.

Why Foreclosure Cleanouts Are Pivotal to Selling a House

Keeping up with mortgage payments might sometimes prove to be a challenge, meaning you may end up with a foreclosed home if the borrower defaults on their loans.

Depending on the agreement, the owner may voluntarily move out while carrying their belongings, leaving the house in good condition. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some homeowners have to undergo forceful eviction, and they often leave trash, debris, and sometimes their personal belongings behind during the ejection.

Before putting up the house for sale, you must  legally discard the items left behind by the evicted tenants. You also have to repair and renovate the home to ensure it is in excellent condition to attract potential buyers and hopefully recover your loan balance. This is where the importance of foreclosure cleanouts comes into play.

What Are Foreclosure Cleanouts?

A foreclosure cleanout is a process that involves a series of activities performed by a junk removal service or waste disposal company to clean and restore a repossessed building (home) to its best state.

Aside from general cleaning, the process entails the removal of household items such as old furniture, appliances, clothes, trash, and other unwanted belongings, left behind by the previous owner.

Since lenders and realtors are not professionals in junk removal, waste disposal, and general cleaning, you have to enlist experienced foreclosure cleaners to take care of this business side.

Top Reasons Why You Need Foreclosure Cleanout Services

Selling a foreclosed home is usually tricky. After all, many foreclosed houses are generally in bad condition due to various reasons such as poor maintenance by former owners or even vandalism. Sometimes, the home may stay abandoned for long, leading to overgrown lawns and structural damage. You also have to deal with the personal property left by the evicted occupants.

The best bet for a lender or realtor to sell a foreclosed home and recoup their loan balance is to clear out the junk and renovate the house accordingly.

If you decide to clean the house yourself as you prepare it for sale, you must hire independent laborers who, in most cases, are uninsured. You also have to buy or rent junk removal equipment and trucks, which might eventually cost you a lot of money.

New call-to-action

Considering this, hiring a professional to do the job makes a lot of economic sense. You will also save a lot of time and energy in the process. With that said, here are the top benefits of enlisting foreclosure cleanout services:

  1. All-inclusive Cleaning

A foreclosure cleanout service includes a thorough cleanup of the interior and the exterior of the house to ensure it is back to its best condition. The process entails cleaning the walls, windows, floors, staircases, countertops, doors, entryways, and all surfaces. Of course, the cleaning is after decluttering the home and removing all items left behind by the evicted tenants.

  1. Broad Junk Removal Services

From damaged appliances to vandalized fixtures, most repossessed homes have plenty of junk that requires discarding. Fortunately, foreclosure cleanouts come with a broad range of junk removal services, including appliance removal, trash removal, furniture removal, mattress disposal, refrigerator disposal, recycling, construction waste removal, E-waste disposal, and garbage removal, among many others.

  1. Cost-Effective Waste Disposal

When you hire a foreclosure cleanout service, you do not have to spend extra money buying junk removal equipment or renting waste disposal trucks. Many cleanout companies have the correct equipment and machinery to do the job. They also have trucks that they use to haul the trash away from the property. Even if they hire trucks from elsewhere, you do not have to pay for it.

  1. Hauling of Large Debris and Construction Material

Most foreclosed houses require plenty of repairs and renovations that usually result in large debris and construction waste. Removing these debris and construction waste materials is a job best left to the professionals. After all, it requires special tools and equipment, not to mention adequate experience, to handle and dispose of construction waste materials.

  1. Easy Recycling of Materials

In this era of going green and conserving the environment, junk removal companies are now focusing on eco-friendly practices during foreclosure cleanouts. Recycling is one of the services offered by these companies. The process involves converting waste materials such as plastic, glass, metal, and wood into usable products. Since the cleanout crew will handle this task, you do not have to worry about sorting or separating recyclable materials.

foreclosure cleanup guide

  1. Insured Personnel

When working with a reputable foreclosure cleanout company, you can always be sure you are dealing with insured personnel. Many foreclosure cleanout companies worth their salt ensure that all their outfield employees are insured. The crew will clean the repossessed home without causing additional damage. If they accidentally damage any item, the foreclosure cleanout company will remain liable for the loss and compensate you accordingly.

  1. Mowing and Landscaping

Maintaining the lawn and landscaping of a foreclosed home is not a concern for many lenders and realtors. Most of them only look for gardeners and landscapers when it is time to put up the house for sale. The good news is that some foreclosure cleaners offer more than just junk removal. They are ready to mow your lawn and provide minor landscaping to improve the home’s overall appearance.

  1. Minor Repairs & Renovations

Some foreclosure cleanout companies can undertake minor repairs and renovations in the home. They can help identify problem areas correctly, fix and replace damaged fixtures, tighten loose nuts and bolts, and replace faulty appliances. Do not be surprised when a junk removal company offers to clean walls and install wallpapers in the foreclosed house.

Need Help with Your Foreclosure Cleanouts?

Whether you want to discard damaged fixtures left behind by evicted tenants or you need to haul away old furniture from a repossessed house, Junk King is here to help. Our foreclosure cleanouts are simply unmatched as we are America’s number 1 greenest junk removal service. Besides, we provide our services in several locations across the country, so you can always be sure of getting the help you need. Visit our website to book an appointment or give us a call on 1-888-888-JUNK.

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8 Easy Tips for Yard Waste Removal

Yard waste may accumulate into unwanted material that contaminates the environment. When bacteria feed on an indisposed landfill, it fails to decompose wholly due to inadequate oxygen. Improperly decomposed yard waste may produce toxic greenhouse gases such as methane. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to adverse weather effects like global warming.

Therefore, proper yard waste removal is essential to ensuring a safe environment. It also rejuvenates the soil by increasing soil nutrients.

Bag filled with leaves and debris

Eight Simple Tips for Proper Yard Waste Removal

1. Make Mulch from Yard Waste

Mulch helps keep the soil moist by preventing evaporation of soil moisture into the atmosphere. It also covers the soil surface, since bare soil is prone to erosion from wind and moving water. As a result, it enhances soil health, forming a conducive environment for living organisms.

Instead of getting rid of yard waste, consider acquiring a wood chipper and repurpose all yard waste into mulch for open spaces and garden beds. Next time you want to plant, you’ll have nutrient-rich soil for your plants.

2. Give Yard Waste to Your Neighbor

A convenient option through yard waste removal is to donate all the waste you don’t need. Be sure to check around if your neighbor may require mulch to fill their garden beds. You’ll save your neighbor the cost of hiring an expert to help them make mulch.

3. Do Not Remove Grass Clippings After Mowing

People often make a common mistake to collect grass clippings after using a lawnmower to trim the grass. Before you remove grass clippings, you should have a place prepared to dispose of the grass. If you collect grass clippings with nowhere to take them, you’ll end up with a heap of yard waste. Therefore, you may opt to leave your grass clippings undisturbed after mowing. This helps protect the soil and rejuvenates the soil’s nutrients as a result of decomposition.

4. Make Compost Manure

If you have adequate space in your backyard, you need not worry about yard waste removal. Your backyard is one of the best places to make compost from leaves, twigs, and repurposed wood branches.

Compost, however, takes time before it is ready for use because the tree branches and stems also take time to decompose. Occasionally, you’ll turn over the whole heap for better aeration and uniform decomposition. So, if you want the best compose for your farming, you should be patient.

5. Burning Yard Waste

If you have a limited backyard space, you may burn all the waste altogether. The best thing about burning is that it produces wood ash, a key component of compost. Therefore, if you make compost, you may preserve some yard waste for burning to make wood ash. Since wood ash is rich in alkaline content, it will neutralize acidic content in the soil, especially if it is highly acidic.

However, to reduce the level of carbon emission into the atmosphere, the burning of yard waste should not be a frequent activity. Further, before you start a fire, be sure to check your local municipal guidelines for the best fire management practices. If you live in an arid climate prone to wildfire, burning yard waste may be the last option.

6. Build Planting Heaps and Raised Beds

Yard waste forms the best material for filling up or raising a planting bed in your kitchen garden. For the best type of planting bed, use the yard material for the base and fill it up using soil and compost. It saves you the cost of buying compost or transporting soil to fill up the seedbeds.

Over time, the tree branches and twigs will break down, decompose and form the best planting bed for fruits and vegetables. You can plant melons, pumpkins, lettuce, kales, and onions.

yard waste removal guide banner

7. Dispose at Municipal Collection site

Some municipalities and towns may have designated spots for yard waste removal and collection. You may inquire from the local authorities if there’s a collection point near you. If your local council has a collection point for yard waste, collect and drop them instead of dumping them in the trash. For easy transportation and to prevent contamination, keep the debris in unique bags for collecting garbage.

Some municipalities may have specific dates for collecting yard waste and trash from homes. Be sure to check on the specified dates to avoid inconvenience.

8. Hire a Full-service Junk Removal 

Full-service junk removal is an on-demand trash collection, overhaul, and removal of furniture and home appliances. It may involve house cleaning, light demolition, accumulation of trash, debris from construction material, and yard waste removal.

Full-service junk removal comes in handy when you have a lot of junk material to overhaul yet lacking equipment for overhaul and space to dispose of the waste. Besides, you may have hazardous substances around the yard and lack proper disposal of dangerous substances. You’ll therefore require the services of a qualified junk removal expert.

Junk removal companies have expert knowledge of breaking down and overhauling scrap from items. Afterwards, they repurpose the object into other functional uses.

Benefits of full-service junk removal:

· You enjoy a comprehensive service that incorporates a wide range of junk removal. Therefore, you don’t need to hire multiple companies to perform various assignments.

· You can save on additional costs by hiring a single company, unlike different companies that require payment for different services provided.

yard waste removal guide

It saves time spent in travelling to landfills, recycling plants, and hiring transportation to carry your items

A professional junk removal company has skilled employees that understand correct disposal procedures for waste and junk items. For instance, if you have hazardous items such as toxic chemicals, they know how best to dispose of them.

Hire an Expert

Do you have a heap of waste in your backyard that you wish to dispose? It is time to call a professional junk removal company!

At Junk King Sonoma, we offer full-service junk removal. We are top-rated for junk removal in North America. We can help you dispose of your old furniture, home appliances, and all forms of waste, including yard waste material. Contact us today or book your appointment.

All You Should Know About Recycling After Computer Disposal

Most business processes have now moved online as more people aim for convenience and companies seek to minimize the number of workers in their physical locations. This means that almost everyone nowadays owns a computer. Though smartphones and other gadgets can handle most of the activities undertaken on a computer, the latter is easier to use and cheaper than the former.

Like almost all appliances, even the best manufactured and cared for computers often break down beyond repair or no longer suit users’ needs. Most people choose to leave the computers rotting away on their premises or simply throw them in the trash rather than follow the proper computer disposal protocol to recycle the gadgets. A 2020 study estimated that recycling a million computers can save enough energy to power 3500 homes in the U.S for up to a year.

With such promising statistics, it is prudent to play a role in computer recycling by getting the right waste removal company to take your computer. Below are a few guidelines on the computer recycling process to give you an insight into the critical role you will play.

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What Is E-Waste Recycling?

When looking for information on computer recycling, you will often come across e-waste recycling. E-waste (electronic waste/scrap) encompasses all trash generated from surplus, obsolete, and broken-down electronic devices. This includes home appliances like cookers, televisions, air conditioners, as well as information tech equipment like laptops, computers, monitors, mobile phones, batteries, and hard disks.

Issues Associated With Indiscriminate Disposal of E-Waste

When you throw away broken-down electronics in the trash, it often ends up in landfills where it releases toxic and hazardous substances. These usually contaminate groundwater and soil. They eventually end up in the water humans drink and the foods they eat. Some of the adverse effects of exposure to the harmful materials in e-waste for kids include stillbirths, poor birth outcomes, premature births, impaired thyroid function, and increased risk of chronic diseases.

Producing one computer takes not less than 1.5 tons of water, 530 pounds of fossil fuels, and 48 pounds of chemicals. When a computer is recycled, these precious materials are not entirely lost but reused in manufacturing new gadgets, thus minimizing the impact of manufacturing electronics on the earth.

e-waste recycling

Steps of Recycling Computers

Below are the usual steps involved in the computer recycling process:

  1. Collection

When you have an outdated or broken-down computer, the first step in recycling it is calling a junk removal company that handles e-waste to pick it and drop it at the nearest computer disposal plant. Some centers will pay computer owners a small fee as an incentive for increasing recycling and the sale of new computers. Nonetheless, most will charge computer owners for the disposal of their gadgets.

  1. Sorting

The recycling center will manually sort the computers by type before they move them into reuse or processing. After sorting, the computers will be tested for the possibility of reuse. The ones in reasonably good condition can be repaired or refurbished then sold or donated.

  1. Manual disassembly

The computers that cannot be reused or repaired are manually disassembled into sound cards, circuit boards, DVD drives, keyboards, hard drives, and speakers. CRTs (cathode ray tubes) are carefully handled to prevent exposure or spilling of dangerous materials like cadmium, barium, phosphorus, lead, and barium. Dangerous parts like rechargeable batteries are often sent to secondary recyclers with suitable machines for battery production and recycling. Highly skilled workers to maintain the integrity of parts handle the manual disassembly. Some parts are re-sold, while others move to the next step of recycling.

  1. Data destruction

The hard drives and processors from recycled computers will be crashed and shredded into a million pieces. This ensures that all the data stored in them is fully destroyed. The processor and hard drives are made into aluminum ingots used in the automotive sector.

  1. Separation into material composition

After harvesting a computer’s valuable components, the other pieces are shredded by material composition. This means separating them into plastics, metals, wires, and other components. The resulting debris will be passed through different screening techniques that remove all valuable parts. Smelting recovers metals like silver, copper, iron, and gold from the debris.

  1. Reuse

The different recovered materials are ferried to their respective material recyclers for further processing. For instance, metals can be sent to metal recyclers to manufacture new steel and metallic materials. However, CRT glass undergoes further recycling to remove lead and harmful materials from it before selling it to CRT recyclers.

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Parts of E-Waste That Can Be Recycled

Not all parts of your computers and other electronic waste are recyclable. Here is a guide on the parts that are recycled and what they are made into:

  • Plastic that is used to make vineyard stakes, fencing posts, trays, equipment holders, insulators, and sleepers, among other items.
  • Metal used to manufacture new metallic products.
  • CRT glass is used to make new screens for computers, tablets, phones, TVs, and other gadgets.
  • Mercury is used in dental amalgams, fluorescent lights, and metric instruments after undergoing specialized techniques to make it safe.
  • Cadmium, nickel, steel, and cobalt from scrap batteries are used to manufacture new batteries or fabricate steel.

With most of your questions on recycling computers answered, you need a company that believes in recycling as much as you do to pick your computer for its recycling. Your answer is Junk King Sonoma that serves Sonoma and the surrounding areas in California. The company recycles about 60% of the waste it receives; statistics that place it among the most eco-conscious waste removal companies worldwide.

It might seem like having a waste removal company pick your computer and other e-waste to take to a recycling center is overkill because most of these devices are portable. Nonetheless, the waste needs to be carefully handled to avoid exposure to hazardous materials and salvage any components that can be reused. Get in touch with Junk King Sonoma today to start the recycling of your e-waste.

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Outdated Décor Items To Get Rid Of In an Estate Cleanout

Like all places, estate owners in Sonoma County invest a lot of money in the best décor items to transform their properties. Unfortunately, what worked for décor in the past might not necessarily work now or in the future. This is because décor trends change continually according to new inventions and consumer tastes.

Some of the decor items in your estate might no longer work in today’s world. By keeping them, you will end up with an outdated space that paints you as unimaginative. Other than keeping up with décor trends, you might need an estate cleanout when downsizing, after a divorce, or following the death of a loved one.

Irrespective of your reasons, here are the outdated décor items you should throw out in an estate cleanout.

estate cleanout

Large carpets

At some point, wall-to-wall carpeting was a luxurious décor element. Nowadays, most people are leaning towards hardwood floors with small carpets in a few accent areas. Though carpeting absorbs sound while adding some cushioning for your feet, having it throughout your home is impractical and makes it hard to clean your home thoroughly. This predisposes your family and guests to flare-ups of allergic reactions because of the dust that gathers. Ditch wall-to-wall carpets for the hygienic and beautiful hardwood floors accented with small rugs in designated spaces.

Honey-oak cabinets

Honey-oak cabinets were staples of kitchen and bathrooms in the 80s-90s. The golden-toned cabinets exuded some elegance and luxury in most homes. Nowadays, these have been replaced with white cabinets that make rooms look spotless and reflect light to create an illusion of space, even in small houses. Conservative property owners settle for gray bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Though you can repaint your existing cabinets, replacing them altogether is the ideal choice. Modern cabinet materials are of better quality than those in the past, so they will last longer than the traditional oak cabinets.

Typography signs

The last decade saw an explosion of the modern farmhouse trend. With it came typography signs with rustic script signs displaying messages like bless this house, live laugh love, gather, family, and welcome to our home. Though cute, the mass-produced signs were incredibly basic and featured cookie-cutter designs that made all homes look similar. If you still have these signs in your estate, ditch them for some of the unique artwork sold at most stores in Sonoma. There are also online stores selling good and reasonably priced artwork. Alternatively, you can personalize your house with art you have painted or things your kids have made as home decor.

bulk item and trash removal

Faux distressed furniture

In the past few years, homeowners who wanted a vintage look but could not afford vintage furniture could get it in faux distressed furniture. With this, furniture experts would use chalk paint and weathered finishes to make your piece look somewhat aged. Nonetheless, the faux distressed furniture look is now ending because it looks cheap and has been overdone. If you have this furniture in your space, it should be among the things you throw out during an estate cleanout. Swap it for an authentic vintage piece. Though it will cost you, vintage furniture has a unique way of introducing elegance and warmth into your space, making it worth its price.

Wishy-washy waterbeds

The 70s and 80s were heydays for the waterbeds. Anyone who wanted a luxurious bedroom invested in a waterbed. Though these beds are still comfortable, they are quite heavy and difficult to move. Moreover, they need electricity for their thermostat regulation, which will not work with the many people now intent on energy efficiency. Some property owners also prohibit waterbeds on their properties because of their risk of leaks that can extensively damage floors. Throw out your wishy-washy waterbed for a good memory foam mattress for a good stress-free night’s rest.

television disposal guide

TV stands

If you have a large bulky TV cabinet for your television and its related equipment, you are stuck in the past. As TVs got bigger and more sophisticated, their related equipment got smaller or sometimes obsolete. Today, TVs are best mounted on walls. This saves your space and is also the best option for the large TVs in most homes. If you are a fan of the clutter-free interior design that is taking over modern interior design, getting rid of the bulky TV stand will be one of your best decisions.

CD storage

It is not just your CD rack that is a dinosaur but the entire CD storage system. People now have small portable devices for storing virtually anything, and there are several streaming platforms for entertainment. There is no need of cluttering your entertainment or living room with CD storage racks that paint you as someone stuck in the past. Get rid of CD racks and the discs altogether to exude a modern look to your space.

Grandfather clocks

If you have a grandfather clock, or any other clock, in your house, these are outdated decor items nowadays. There are clocks on almost all devices nowadays, including cellphones, microwaves, ovens, and computers. You thus do not need to dedicate a space on your walls or floors for a clock. Few people will use it after all. Throw out your clocks for décor items that reflect modern trends and technological advancement.

Free Real Estate Junk Removal Services Guide

Now that you know what to let go of for a modern and clutter-free space, you might be torn on how to get rid of items you do not need. This is where junk king Sonoma will help. This junk removal company offers professional estate cleanout services in Sonoma and its surroundings at reasonable rates. It employs the most patient, respectful and punctual staff to help you get rid of the above items, among others that no longer work for your décor. Depending on the state of the items, the company can donate the items, dump them in a landfill or recycle them. Contact junk king today to get rid of all items that no longer suit your décor and needs.


Best Chair Options for Small Spaces after Sofa Removal


Living spaces have been on a constant decline in recent years. According to Statista, a single-family home in the U.S in 2019 was 2301 square feet on average, down from 2467 square feet in 2015. The reduction of living spaces does not seem to be slowing down soon owing to increasing population and reducing land. Instead of saving for ages to get the largest possible property, it would be best to adapt to small living spaces.

With the right décor, living in a small space does not mean living in cramped quarters. You can choose exceptional furniture and décor to match your room. One of your first steps is getting a solution for sofa removal and the other bulky furniture that will take up too much precious floor space.

Here are a few chair designs that can replace the bulky sofa to suit your small space.

Sofa Chair in a bar lounge


Armchairs are some of the best options for people who want to express themselves in their living spaces. These are accent chairs that are comfortable enough to sit on while occupying minimal space. Unlike most chairs for small spaces, armchairs can work in different rooms, are versatile enough to work with varying types of furniture, and are lightweight for delicate floors. Unfortunately, they can only seat one person, so they might not be the most practical for large families.


Consider getting a recliner if you want a piece of modern luxury after throwing away your bulky sofa. Most historians believe Napoleon Bonaparte used the first recliner. Since then, the design of the recliner has significantly improved to become the epitome of comfort. The chair comes in cloth and leather upholsteries in virtually all colors to match your interiors.

Recliners, unlike most options, allow you to adjust your seating level using a built-in footrest. The footrest can be adjusted using a button, or lever, or manually. Some recliners like lift-assist recliners are meant for people with specific disabilities that make it hard for them to rise from seated positions. The chairs allow them to live as independently as possible.

Round chair

This is an oversized seat with cushion depths of 30 inches and a width of about 58 inches. It works best for anyone who wants to snuggle or relax when reading a book. Round chairs are made of all materials, but most are made of leather or suede.


Most chairs designed for small spaces only accommodate one person. Nonetheless, a loveseat has a cuddle factor and allows enough room for two people sitting close together. A few loveseats are even large enough to seat two people without touching. The chairs are smaller than traditional sofas and bigger than single-person chairs. They come in diverse styles to suit all spaces.
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Slipper chair

This, as its name suggests, was designed to make it easy for people to put on their slippers and shoes. It has no arms to allow the user to move freely to all angles. The slipper chair is also relatively low to enable easier access to the feet. Nonetheless, it is not exclusively meant for wearing shoes in your hallway. You can consider using it for typical seating around a coffee table. However, it works best for shorter and petite people because of its lowness to the ground that makes it uncomfortable for tall people.

Wingback chair

When most people think of an accent after sofa removal, they often picture a wingback chair. This features a classic design that has remained trendy over the ages. It was initially designed for placing in front of a fireplace hence its “wings” on the sides to keep heat in and block the draft. The flat and scroll designs are the two main styles of wingback chairs.

Flat wingback chairs have straight lines and fewer details, while scroll-type chairs are rounder than the latter with more ornamentation. Chesterfield chairs that closely resemble sofas by the same name are also considered wingback chair types. Their distinctive element is the tufted upholstery.

Club chair

This has a distinct low back that flows into its armrests. It was typically used in gentlemen’s clubs in the past, hence the name. The design of a club chair is meant to allow easy conversation among the people using it. The low back allows a user to easily see everyone in a room while guaranteeing his/her comfort.

Nowadays, there are several variations of the club chair to suit the diverse needs of homeowners. Most designers, for instance, consider the Lawson chair a type of club chair. It has straight lines, low square or round arms, a low back, and firm cushioning. In most instances, a club chair is made of leather to exude power and class.

Bergere chair

If you love the traditional French style, the Bergere chair should be the first choice for your home or office. It was turned into an armchair by Royals like Louis XV, so it will introduce some royalty into your space. Some defining elements of a Bergere chair include a deep, wide seat and exposed wood. A few chairs have loose seat cushions.

bulk item and trash removal

Eames chair

This features the classic design by Charles Eames, thus its name. The Eames chair has leather cushions and curves that exude style. The plywood mixed with the leather cushions makes this a style that easily stands out in almost all interiors. Though often used in offices because of the swivel design, Eames chairs also have a place in living rooms and bedrooms.

If you are stuck with an old bulky sofa that you cannot wait to replace with one of the above chairs, you do not have to procrastinate getting rid of it anymore. Junk King Sonoma offers sofa removal services to a recycling center, landfill, or donation center at competitive prices. The company’s staff are well-trained and equipped, so there will be no damage to your property as they take out the sofa. Contact Junk King now to get rid of your bulky furniture so that you can start redesigning your property with the best pieces for a striking look despite its small space.


Maneuver an Estate Cleanout with a Professional Cleanout Crew 

The death of a loved one, divorce, overwhelming debt and downsizing can all be nerve-wracking. Adding an estate cleanout to these events is most definitely daunting. You have to figure out the clearing out of furniture, appliance, household goods and the different property. Seeing as you will likely be dealing with, on average, about 25000 square feet boarded up with personal belongings, it is only prudent that you arm yourself with knowledge on everything there is to know about estate cleanouts.


Breakdown of Estate Cleanout Process Step by Step

Right out of the gate, it is prudent to mention that the cleanout process will depend highly on the size of the estate in question. Regardless, however, you want an estate manager or a cleanout company to handle the estate cleanout for you.

The estate cleanout process will start by sorting through contents within the estate. These will be organized into items you desire to keep, those to be donated and those that can be trashed. These will then be loaded into the respectful boxes and hauled away.

Granted, this estate cleanout process is relatively straightforward. Still, to have these steps taken care of quickly and effectively, you should consider hiring professional estate cleanout services.

Ways Professional Estate Cleanout Services Make a Difference

As highlighted, no one is really ever prepared for estate cleanouts. These can be somewhat traumatic, seeing as they happen often following an unexpected turn of events. Bringing in a specialized team of professional cleaners helps you handle the details. Specifically, these professional estate cleanout teams come in handy as they:

Develop a Custom Plan

Every estate cleanout is different. There isn’t one set of rules on how best you can clean out an estate. Fortunately, the professional estate cleanout team will help you develop an action plan to sufficiently address any property needs you have.

Solve Unexpected Problems

There are instances when the estate cleanout will not go as planned. You might just end up with unexpected problems. Chances are, you might not have the time or the specialty to deal with, for instance, moldy basement walls. The professional team steps in as they have the certification to restore the estate.

Delegate All the Heavy Lifting

As highlighted, you will likely end up handling about 25,000 square feet of property with belongings acquired over the years. You probably have to deal with bulky furnishings and appliances, all of which need to be taken care of.

Fortunately, you do not have to do all the heavy lifting. The cleanup team helps you dispose of all the unwanted items. What’s more, you could have the cleaners embark on rejuvenating the furnishings that you need in the future.

Leverage Flexible Scheduling

Dealing with an entire estate can be quite a headache. Not only does it come at an inconvenient time, but you are also left dealing with possible thousands of items and a mountain of trash.

Fortunately, outsourcing the estate cleanout to a professional team gives you the wiggle room to schedule your cleanup when it best fits your needs. You can have the professional estate cleanup crew handle the cleanout at a time that best suits you.

What to Expect from an Estate Cleanout Company

Most likely, you’ve had a bad experience with professional movers or junk removal companies. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to go all out and say you are worried about a similar negative experience. Luckily, you can navigate through the fear of said experience by hiring professionals specialized in estate cleanouts. Note that a specific level of service is required of a junk removal company and estate cleanout professionals.

From said professionals, you can expect that they will help with the sorting and organizing of the items found within the estate. Besides, they are trained to keep an eye out for valuable items, which should help avoid having said items get disposed of. Further, the professionals should help handle donating and recycling items that would have otherwise ended up in the trash.

Finally, the most vital expectation you should have of the estate cleanout company is that they understand what you are going through. This is particularly important as most of the reasons for an estate cleanout will often be challenging. These professionals should sufficiently understand the environment and respect the needs of all involved individuals.

The Cost of an Estate Cleanout

Price is a huge factor when it comes to hiring estate cleanout services. Most often, many individuals hesitate to reach out to professional estate cleanout providers simply because of the cost factor.

A breakdown of what to expect should include a cost of anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars and a few thousand, subject to the size of the cleanup. In most instances, however, most jobs will end up on the lower end of this spectrum except in situations where the estate owner was a hoarder. Overall, you want to reach out to the estate cleanup professional. That way, they can provide you with an estimate of the costs you will incur.

It is prudent to mention that there are a few ways to save money when you hire a cleanout crew. For starters, you want to book the service as much in advance as possible. Seeing as the crew will need to sort, organize and make their way through a mountain of clutter, you ought to contact them well in advance. Most providers will give you a discount for said early booking.

An insider tip would be to ask the cleanup crew if they would want to buy any of the bulkier items. In some instances, estate cleanout companies will often buy some of the items they are called to take care of for resell in a bid to recoup some of the expenses.

Finally, consider hiring a locally-owned and operated cleanout company as they will often offer lower prices than the more prominent national brands. Working with a local brand ensures you get a more realistic estimate for precisely what you need.

Avoid Getting Overwhelmed by an Estate Cleanout

At Junk King, we understand that an estate cleanout can be tasking both physically and mentally. This is especially true when you have a mountain of stuff that can make the estate cleanout feel like an uphill task.

Our specialized estate cleanout crew is dispatched to the estate as planned. They handle the removal of all estate items professionally and courteously. Call us today, and let’s help you through these uncertain times with the proper handling of your estate.

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