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Category Archives: Debris Removal

Junk Removal Services Vs Dumpster Rental- Which One Costs More?

The difference between junk removal services and dumpster rental is quite simple.  It is true that both have their advantages but let’s take a closer look at why dumpster rental is more preferred over junk removal services.

The average cost of junk removal services can range between $215 – $358 and since companies charge differently for there services, many times this rate doesn’t include fees such as transport, landfill costs, and service policies. So, depending on the company you work with determining costs can be based on many factors.

This gives dumpster rental the opportunity to compete with Junk removal services.  Most people who have tried both services will agree that dumpster rental is far better in most instances.

Why Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Rental A complete dumpster rental service, on the other hand, is typically priced according to the size of the dumpster container you choose to utilize and how much space you use up within the container itself.

Also offering combined services including drop-off, pick-up, transport, and processing of waste, with dumpster rental everything comes under one standard fee. This is a not only a great way for people to save money but it also helps them to escape the hassle associated with waste disposal as well.

Altogether you could say that in some instances dumpster rental is more economical than junk removal services mainly because it provides more value and convenience for your dollar. This is why many homeowners have opted to have dumpster rental because they see that its worth it.

Why Everyone Is Going To Junk King To Book Their Dumpster Rental

Rated #1 nationwide, Junk King offers full dumpster rental services to customers without any hidden fees attached so you know exactly what you are paying for. This is what most people like about the service and they know that they get their monies worth.

Get the best value for your dollar with our MINI dumpster rental that carries a minimum charge of $198 for half loads or $258 for full. The larger dumpsters are priced at $328 to $348 for full loads and what’s more is transport and processing is included.

Hire Junk King for complete services to help you avoid extravagant costs. This service also includes transporting and processing your waste in a safe, eco-friendly, manner. Dumpster rental may be the best way to manage your waste disposal needs.

Book your dumpster rental today! Visit our website at www.junk-king.com and save $30 or contact us at 1-888-888-JUNK to schedule an appointment right away.

Construction Debris Removal with Junk King Sonoma

The construction industry is an incredibly resource-heavy industry. In the U.S., construction and demolition generates over 600 million tons of waste debris annually. A significant amount of this waste ends up in landfills, burdening cities and the environment.

If you run a construction business, these figures are probably not surprising to you. Partnering with Junk King Sonoma as part of your waste management strategy could ease some of your burdens. Getting rid of construction waste and debris is time-sensitive and can be costly. Concrete, wood, and steel are not easy materials to haul away.

At Junk King, we go out of our way to sort out these issues for you. We provide cost-efficient and eco-friendly construction debris removal services. You’ll most likely require our services several times during a project.  As such, we ensure our services are timely and efficient, allowing you to do your job better.

old board and concrete

We Responsibly Dispose of Your Construction Debris, so You Don’t Have To

Here’s how construction debris removal with Junk King works:

  • Schedule an appointment. Book online, call, or text us.
  • We arrive on time for the scheduled appointment and give you an estimate based on how much volume your junk occupies in our trucks.
  • We haul the construction waste from your site.

So, what happens to the construction debris once it leaves your site? Junk King Sonoma has partnered with recycling facilities throughout the city so your waste doesn’t end up in a landfill. A few of the common construction materials that can be easily recycled include:

  • Concrete
  • Corrugated iron
  • Drywall
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Glass and asphalt

We haul away almost all types of construction and demolition debris.  Some items we donate to charity include:

  • Brick
  • Siding
  • Tools
  • Roofing tiles
  • Wood
  • Floorboards
  • Tiling
  • Windows and doors

Our philosophy is to recycle and donate as much as we can from the waste we haul. From small residential renovations to major home additions and commercial projects, call Junk King Sonoma for easy construction debris removal.

Why Junk King Sonoma?

Construction debris adds up quickly in terms of both size and weight. Now this can significantly hamper the progress of your project. But fret not; with Junk King, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Let’s look at a few reasons why Junk King Sonoma is your ultimate construction waste removal partner.

  • We can drop off a dumpster

It’s important to sort and separate your construction waste, especially if you’re going after LEED Certification. A dumpster rental service may be exactly what you need to achieve effective waste separation. Whether you run a construction business or doing a home remodel on your own, our MINI dumpsters can see to it that your construction debris never gets out of hand.

Junk King MINI dumpsters can hold up to 12 cubic yards of waste. And our fair and transparent pricing policy still holds when it comes to dumpster rental. We’ll only charge you for the amount of space that you actually use.

So, call Junk King Sonoma today for a flexible, convenient solution to your construction waste management. And the best part? We haul that dumpster bag away for you and drop it off again – all at an agreed-upon schedule.

  • Compliance and Safety

It’s no secret that construction sites are hazardous. Improper management of construction debris can lead to injuries and other workplace safety hazards. Like you, Junk King places a strong emphasis on compliance and safety in all aspects of our operations. Our team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for this exact reason.

Furthermore, we ensure our junk specialists are fully trained. You can rest assured that we adhere to all local waste removal regulations. With us, your construction waste management needs will be handled professionally, responsibly, and in a time-friendly manner.

  • Efficiency and convenience

The Junk King crew runs like a well-oiled machine. We understand that construction projects are incredibly time and budget sensitive. That’s yet another reason why we work according to your schedule. You can call us at any time for construction debris removal, or we can work together to develop a customized waste-hauling plan that adheres to your project timelines.

Once we have everything scheduled, our junk removal specialists will work to ease some of your project’s junk management stresses. We’ll arrive on site promptly, equipped with all the necessary tools and materials to get rid of your construction waste.

  • Commitment to environmental sustainability

We purpose to divert waste from landfills. After we haul away your waste, our junk removal team will carefully sort and separate the construction debris to ensure every material is recycled effectively. These materials are then transported to specialized recycling centers, where they can be repurposed for new construction projects.

What’s more, we strive to stay up to date on the latest developments in construction waste management. This way, we can stay committed to environmental stewardship and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

  • Excellent Service on Any Job

Did we mention our customer service is like no other? Call us today to find out why we’re the number one-rated junk removal company in North America. We guarantee the best service in the industry and can beat any written estimate. 

Trust Junk King Sonoma for All Your Construction Debris Removal Needs

Let’s take the stresses of construction debris removal off your hands. We’re the efficient, eco-friendly solution you’ve been looking for. Same-day and next-day services are available for those last-minute situations. Contact us today to ensure your construction project runs smoothly.

Why Foreclosure Cleanouts Are Pivotal to Selling a House

Keeping up with mortgage payments might sometimes prove to be a challenge, meaning you may end up with a foreclosed home if the borrower defaults on their loans.

Depending on the agreement, the owner may voluntarily move out while carrying their belongings, leaving the house in good condition. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some homeowners have to undergo forceful eviction, and they often leave trash, debris, and sometimes their personal belongings behind during the ejection.

Before putting up the house for sale, you must  legally discard the items left behind by the evicted tenants. You also have to repair and renovate the home to ensure it is in excellent condition to attract potential buyers and hopefully recover your loan balance. This is where the importance of foreclosure cleanouts comes into play.

What Are Foreclosure Cleanouts?

A foreclosure cleanout is a process that involves a series of activities performed by a junk removal service or waste disposal company to clean and restore a repossessed building (home) to its best state.

Aside from general cleaning, the process entails the removal of household items such as old furniture, appliances, clothes, trash, and other unwanted belongings, left behind by the previous owner.

Since lenders and realtors are not professionals in junk removal, waste disposal, and general cleaning, you have to enlist experienced foreclosure cleaners to take care of this business side.

Top Reasons Why You Need Foreclosure Cleanout Services

Selling a foreclosed home is usually tricky. After all, many foreclosed houses are generally in bad condition due to various reasons such as poor maintenance by former owners or even vandalism. Sometimes, the home may stay abandoned for long, leading to overgrown lawns and structural damage. You also have to deal with the personal property left by the evicted occupants.

The best bet for a lender or realtor to sell a foreclosed home and recoup their loan balance is to clear out the junk and renovate the house accordingly.

If you decide to clean the house yourself as you prepare it for sale, you must hire independent laborers who, in most cases, are uninsured. You also have to buy or rent junk removal equipment and trucks, which might eventually cost you a lot of money.

New call-to-action

Considering this, hiring a professional to do the job makes a lot of economic sense. You will also save a lot of time and energy in the process. With that said, here are the top benefits of enlisting foreclosure cleanout services:

  1. All-inclusive Cleaning

A foreclosure cleanout service includes a thorough cleanup of the interior and the exterior of the house to ensure it is back to its best condition. The process entails cleaning the walls, windows, floors, staircases, countertops, doors, entryways, and all surfaces. Of course, the cleaning is after decluttering the home and removing all items left behind by the evicted tenants.

  1. Broad Junk Removal Services

From damaged appliances to vandalized fixtures, most repossessed homes have plenty of junk that requires discarding. Fortunately, foreclosure cleanouts come with a broad range of junk removal services, including appliance removal, trash removal, furniture removal, mattress disposal, refrigerator disposal, recycling, construction waste removal, E-waste disposal, and garbage removal, among many others.

  1. Cost-Effective Waste Disposal

When you hire a foreclosure cleanout service, you do not have to spend extra money buying junk removal equipment or renting waste disposal trucks. Many cleanout companies have the correct equipment and machinery to do the job. They also have trucks that they use to haul the trash away from the property. Even if they hire trucks from elsewhere, you do not have to pay for it.

  1. Hauling of Large Debris and Construction Material

Most foreclosed houses require plenty of repairs and renovations that usually result in large debris and construction waste. Removing these debris and construction waste materials is a job best left to the professionals. After all, it requires special tools and equipment, not to mention adequate experience, to handle and dispose of construction waste materials.

  1. Easy Recycling of Materials

In this era of going green and conserving the environment, junk removal companies are now focusing on eco-friendly practices during foreclosure cleanouts. Recycling is one of the services offered by these companies. The process involves converting waste materials such as plastic, glass, metal, and wood into usable products. Since the cleanout crew will handle this task, you do not have to worry about sorting or separating recyclable materials.

foreclosure cleanup guide

  1. Insured Personnel

When working with a reputable foreclosure cleanout company, you can always be sure you are dealing with insured personnel. Many foreclosure cleanout companies worth their salt ensure that all their outfield employees are insured. The crew will clean the repossessed home without causing additional damage. If they accidentally damage any item, the foreclosure cleanout company will remain liable for the loss and compensate you accordingly.

  1. Mowing and Landscaping

Maintaining the lawn and landscaping of a foreclosed home is not a concern for many lenders and realtors. Most of them only look for gardeners and landscapers when it is time to put up the house for sale. The good news is that some foreclosure cleaners offer more than just junk removal. They are ready to mow your lawn and provide minor landscaping to improve the home’s overall appearance.

  1. Minor Repairs & Renovations

Some foreclosure cleanout companies can undertake minor repairs and renovations in the home. They can help identify problem areas correctly, fix and replace damaged fixtures, tighten loose nuts and bolts, and replace faulty appliances. Do not be surprised when a junk removal company offers to clean walls and install wallpapers in the foreclosed house.

Need Help with Your Foreclosure Cleanouts?

Whether you want to discard damaged fixtures left behind by evicted tenants or you need to haul away old furniture from a repossessed house, Junk King is here to help. Our foreclosure cleanouts are simply unmatched as we are America’s number 1 greenest junk removal service. Besides, we provide our services in several locations across the country, so you can always be sure of getting the help you need. Visit our website to book an appointment or give us a call on 1-888-888-JUNK.

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8 Easy Tips for Yard Waste Removal

Yard waste may accumulate into unwanted material that contaminates the environment. When bacteria feed on an indisposed landfill, it fails to decompose wholly due to inadequate oxygen. Improperly decomposed yard waste may produce toxic greenhouse gases such as methane. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to adverse weather effects like global warming.

Therefore, proper yard waste removal is essential to ensuring a safe environment. It also rejuvenates the soil by increasing soil nutrients.

Bag filled with leaves and debris

Eight Simple Tips for Proper Yard Waste Removal

1. Make Mulch from Yard Waste

Mulch helps keep the soil moist by preventing evaporation of soil moisture into the atmosphere. It also covers the soil surface, since bare soil is prone to erosion from wind and moving water. As a result, it enhances soil health, forming a conducive environment for living organisms.

Instead of getting rid of yard waste, consider acquiring a wood chipper and repurpose all yard waste into mulch for open spaces and garden beds. Next time you want to plant, you’ll have nutrient-rich soil for your plants.

2. Give Yard Waste to Your Neighbor

A convenient option through yard waste removal is to donate all the waste you don’t need. Be sure to check around if your neighbor may require mulch to fill their garden beds. You’ll save your neighbor the cost of hiring an expert to help them make mulch.

3. Do Not Remove Grass Clippings After Mowing

People often make a common mistake to collect grass clippings after using a lawnmower to trim the grass. Before you remove grass clippings, you should have a place prepared to dispose of the grass. If you collect grass clippings with nowhere to take them, you’ll end up with a heap of yard waste. Therefore, you may opt to leave your grass clippings undisturbed after mowing. This helps protect the soil and rejuvenates the soil’s nutrients as a result of decomposition.

4. Make Compost Manure

If you have adequate space in your backyard, you need not worry about yard waste removal. Your backyard is one of the best places to make compost from leaves, twigs, and repurposed wood branches.

Compost, however, takes time before it is ready for use because the tree branches and stems also take time to decompose. Occasionally, you’ll turn over the whole heap for better aeration and uniform decomposition. So, if you want the best compose for your farming, you should be patient.

5. Burning Yard Waste

If you have a limited backyard space, you may burn all the waste altogether. The best thing about burning is that it produces wood ash, a key component of compost. Therefore, if you make compost, you may preserve some yard waste for burning to make wood ash. Since wood ash is rich in alkaline content, it will neutralize acidic content in the soil, especially if it is highly acidic.

However, to reduce the level of carbon emission into the atmosphere, the burning of yard waste should not be a frequent activity. Further, before you start a fire, be sure to check your local municipal guidelines for the best fire management practices. If you live in an arid climate prone to wildfire, burning yard waste may be the last option.

6. Build Planting Heaps and Raised Beds

Yard waste forms the best material for filling up or raising a planting bed in your kitchen garden. For the best type of planting bed, use the yard material for the base and fill it up using soil and compost. It saves you the cost of buying compost or transporting soil to fill up the seedbeds.

Over time, the tree branches and twigs will break down, decompose and form the best planting bed for fruits and vegetables. You can plant melons, pumpkins, lettuce, kales, and onions.

yard waste removal guide banner

7. Dispose at Municipal Collection site

Some municipalities and towns may have designated spots for yard waste removal and collection. You may inquire from the local authorities if there’s a collection point near you. If your local council has a collection point for yard waste, collect and drop them instead of dumping them in the trash. For easy transportation and to prevent contamination, keep the debris in unique bags for collecting garbage.

Some municipalities may have specific dates for collecting yard waste and trash from homes. Be sure to check on the specified dates to avoid inconvenience.

8. Hire a Full-service Junk Removal 

Full-service junk removal is an on-demand trash collection, overhaul, and removal of furniture and home appliances. It may involve house cleaning, light demolition, accumulation of trash, debris from construction material, and yard waste removal.

Full-service junk removal comes in handy when you have a lot of junk material to overhaul yet lacking equipment for overhaul and space to dispose of the waste. Besides, you may have hazardous substances around the yard and lack proper disposal of dangerous substances. You’ll therefore require the services of a qualified junk removal expert.

Junk removal companies have expert knowledge of breaking down and overhauling scrap from items. Afterwards, they repurpose the object into other functional uses.

Benefits of full-service junk removal:

· You enjoy a comprehensive service that incorporates a wide range of junk removal. Therefore, you don’t need to hire multiple companies to perform various assignments.

· You can save on additional costs by hiring a single company, unlike different companies that require payment for different services provided.

yard waste removal guide

It saves time spent in travelling to landfills, recycling plants, and hiring transportation to carry your items

A professional junk removal company has skilled employees that understand correct disposal procedures for waste and junk items. For instance, if you have hazardous items such as toxic chemicals, they know how best to dispose of them.

Hire an Expert

Do you have a heap of waste in your backyard that you wish to dispose? It is time to call a professional junk removal company!

At Junk King Sonoma, we offer full-service junk removal. We are top-rated for junk removal in North America. We can help you dispose of your old furniture, home appliances, and all forms of waste, including yard waste material. Contact us today or book your appointment.

How to Prepare for Construction Debris Removal

While undertaking a construction project comes with its benefits, you have to deal with debris lying on the site once the project is complete. It can be tricky to remove the debris once the construction, remodeling, or demolition is done if you don’t know where to start.

Construction waste materials pose a huge risk to the environment in various ways. The debris may result in air pollution once dust spreads to the atmosphere. They can also leach toxic chemicals like cobalt, mercury, and lead into water bodies.

pile of construction debris

Removing the leftover debris by yourself can prove time-consuming and costly. That’s because drywall, tiling, steel, wood, and concrete can all be extremely difficult to lift off a site.
Finding an efficient and eco-friendly debris removal service is thus crucial. The service should assure you of prompt pickup and disposal of the waste once you’re done with the construction. But before the debris removers arrive, here are ways to prepare yourself for the service:

  1. Plan Ahead

Create a debris removal plan before the waste handlers get to your construction site. The plan will help you get organized, minimize mistakes and reduce the amount of wasted materials wasted.

Write a list of materials you use that are highly likely to become waste. You should also figure out how waste generation will vary at different phases of your construction project. The plan should help you identify how waste will be handled and stored before the waste handlers collect it.

As you plan ahead, designate waste management responsibilities among your workforce. Clearly state the protocols they should follow to ensure the debris removal process is smooth. You should also factor in worker and environmental safety in the plans to prevent damages.

  1. Think About Waste Reduction Strategies

The construction debris removal process will only be efficient if you reduce the amount of waste produced. Adopt waste reduction strategies to help you spend less on debris collection and transportation costs.

Carefully manage the construction materials to prevent them from being in surplus or damaged. Employ selective demolition methods when undertaking a demolition project to reduce waste. You should also plan to recycle and reuse materials in the later stages of your project, if possible.

  1. Carry out Regular Waste Audits

If you are running a long-term project, conduct waste audits regularly as the project progresses. The audits will help you determine whether your construction subcontractors comply with waste reduction protocols and strategies. Using the outcomes of the audits, you can tweak your debris removal plan to fit the changes on the project.

Before running a waste audit on your construction site, have a clear objective and vision. You should also get the appropriate equipment (internal collection equipment or containers given by your waste handler) for auditing waste. Sort the waste by category and analyze the findings frequently.

A waste audit can help you identify new opportunities for reuse or recycling that you previously overlooked. It will serve as a survey of the regular waste stream of your construction site. Use it to identify discarded items and recyclable items. The audit can give you the amounts of each type of waste by volume or weight.

  1. Embrace Recycling

Place recycling bins strategically on your construction site to minimize waste. Train your workers on sustainable waste recycling practices for the containers to be put to good use.

Examples of recyclable construction debris include concrete, brick, cardboard, and gravel. You can also recycle asphalt, metal, paper, and drywall, provided they are in great shape.

Your workers should wear personal protective clothing when handling recyclable items to prevent injury or contamination. They should also store the items in a place where they are safe from harsh weather conditions.

You can recycle wood into engineered-wood items such as compost and furniture. Metals like brass, copper, and steel can also be recycled and used in different metalwork activities. If you can’t recycle the items by yourself, ask the debris remover to do it for you.

  1. Organize the Construction Site

Organizing your construction site will help reduce debris removal mistakes. Clearly label your waste containers and separate them from the recycling ones to prevent confusion. Your workers will be more productive on a worksite that is organized and save more money in the long run.

Create a roadmap for the construction project to guide you through the processes and materials used. You should also use the latest construction tools and keep daily checklists for the tools. The construction site should have space to maneuver and store debris awaiting removal.

Train your employees on basic site segregation methods and use rewards or incentives to track their progress. Your construction site’s layout should factor in health, productivity, and safety for the best outcomes.

  1. Designate Debris Management Responsibilities

When hiring subcontractors for your construction project, you should inform them about their responsibilities. They should be aware of their duties with respect to managing debris on the construction site. Depending on the employment contract, you may require them to outsource debris removal help or handle the work by themselves.

Either way, you should clearly communicate all protocols and duties to ensure that construction debris is removed from your site safely. Ensure that the subcontractors adhere with the protocols to improve worker safety, adherence to waste management regulations, and efficiency.

Hold your subcontractors accountable for any tasks you assign to them. Clearly state the due dates and descriptions of the tasks and ask them to update you with the progress made. If they fail to deliver, feel free to terminate their contract and hire another team.

Looking for Construction Debris Removal Services?

From this guide, it’s clear that construction junk can clog your worksite and become a safety hazard. With the help of a construction debris removal company, it’s easier to deal with the waste on the site and reduce your risk of worksite-related injury. You also get to conserve the planet’s finite natural resources and reduce the energy needed to haul and process waste.

We handle different types of construction junk and recycle most of the items collected from active construction sites to conserve the environment. Let us know exactly what you’d like recycled or disposed of. Contact us for more information.

Skip Rental Effectively For Construction Debris Removal

Fortunately, the construction industry has started picking up with most places easing the movement restrictions occasioned by the coronavirus. In the UK, for instance, the monthly construction volume was estimated to have increased by 1.1% in January 2022, reaching its highest volume since September 2019, when the country started lockdowns. In Sonoma County, California, the construction industry has been predicted to experience 11% growth from 2021 to 2031. These are undoubtedly promising statistics for anyone in the construction and construction debris removal sectors.

old building and debris

Maximizing your profits will be among your top priorities when handling a construction project. Though there are many ways to do this, one of the often-overlooked ones is ensuring your site’s safety. This will mean throwing out or putting away any waste as soon as you generate it. Leaving your debris lying around on a construction site makes it a safety hazard, and can see your part with hefty fines and millions in workers’ compensation. As such, partnering with a reputable waste management company to safely haul away your trash is crucial.

Your waste management company will often rent you a dumpster that stays on your site to collect construction waste. When this dumpster is full, the company carts it away for waste disposal. It is prudent to make the most of your dumpster’s rental space for the highest returns on investment. Below are a few tips for loading your dumpster rental correctly to ensure this.

Organize Your Trash

The dumpsters for construction sites are big ones with doors that swing open for you to walk through. Most construction site workers will shut these doors and opt to throw in trash through the top. This is not the best method when you want to maximize the amount of waste your dumpster will carry. Open the swing doors and walk in to place your trash neatly inside the dumpster instead of throwing them haphazardly.

By keeping your trash organized and evenly loaded, the waste will take up less space in the dumpster. You can choose to half-fill the dumpster before closing the door and throwing in trash from the top. At this point, you can get a ladder, so you have a view of any empty spots in the dumpster.

Free Construction Debris Removal Guide

Load the Larger Items First

Thinking big is one of the ways of maximizing the space in your dumpster rental. You might think that everything will fit in your dumpster, but get surprised when it fills up with only a few items. When loading, start with the bulky items to get an idea of how much you can pack. This option will also allow you to play a round with the arrangement of large items to accommodate as many items as possible and avoid overlapping. Be careful not to load all bulky items in one section of the dumpster because this will create an uneven load that will be unsafe to transport.

Fill the Empty Spots around Bulky Items

Usually, bulky waste will not stack up or fill all the available space in your dumpster. When loading bulky items, fill the surrounding spaces with smaller debris. Try to fill as many open spaces in the dumpster as possible to make the most of your dumpster’s rental space. Filling up empty spots around bulky items also increases safety as the construction debris removal company transports the dumpster to a landfill, since it keeps the trash from shifting from side to side, making it hard to control.

Break Down the Bulky Items

You might assume that bulky waste is a preserve of people who want to remove their furniture or appliances during a move or when renovating. Nonetheless, your construction waste can also have a few bulky items like shingles, windows, and tiles. Bulky construction waste will take a lot of space in your dumpster when not broken down. Breaking down the items will also ease their loading into the dumpster.

Take a few pieces off your waste if it cannot be fully broken down to reduce the space it will occupy in your dumpster. Remember to remove the nails sticking out of wood before loading the wood into your dumpster. This prevents deadly accidents during loading and unloading while ensuring the nails do not puncture toxic materials that should be kept intact.

Place the Flimsy Items at the Bottom

Paper, Styrofoam, and cardboard should line the bottom of your dumpster instead of being thrown around to fill the open spaces between trash or stacked in one corner. When these items are placed on the bottom, the weight of the bulkier items will compress them, so they will take up minimal dumpster space. If possible, bag these flimsy items to make them easier to load and keep them from flying out of the dumpster when on transit. Punch a hole in these bags to keep air from ballooning them and taking up your valuable space.

The above steps will no doubt guarantee that you make the most of your dumpster rental space. When you can transport more trash on a single trip, this reduces the number of trips to the landfill or recycling center for which you have to pay.

When thinking of maximizing dumpster space, it seems prudent to overfill it. However, this will not work because your construction debris removal company will securely tarp its dumpster before driving off. The load should be leveled for this tarp to cover the trash. As such, the company will get rid of any excess trash in the dumpster, which will only waste your time.

When looking for a reliable company to haul away your construction waste, Junk King should be at the top of your list. It has multiple locations in North America, so you are sure to find one near your site. Its previous clients have nothing but glowing reviews of its work, and the company has the right equipment and expertise for construction debris removal. Contact the company to partner with you in your construction project today.


Types of Transportation Containers for Construction Debris Removal

When starting a construction project, most people will center their budgets on hiring the best construction workers and buying the best materials. Though important, these are not the only things that might cripple your project or affect its quality. Your waste management is an essential element in the success of your project. Without the right measures for handling waste, your project may end up stalling.

Hiring a company that deals with construction debris removal is among the essentials of your project’s success. These companies have several transportation container options available for your waste. Below are some tidbits on the containers that will best apply to your construction waste’s transportation.

Rectangular roll-off containers

There are three types of rectangular roll-off container grades. These include heavy, medium, and light-duty containers. Light-duty containers are used for the collection of demolition debris, light-weight construction materials, and ordinary garbage collection. Medium-duty containers are most commonly used for collecting demolition and construction waste, while heavy metals are best transported using a heavy-duty container.

Rectangular roll-off containers are among the most versatile options for construction debris removal because they have open tops. As such, they can easily fit irregularly-shaped items. Tarps are sometimes added to the containers to keep the waste inside or prevent contaminants and water from destroying the container. A tub-style container closely resembles the rectangular roll-off. The major difference between them is that the tub-style container has tapered sides to ease the dumping of waste.

Dewatering containers

At times, the solid waste in your construction site can get mixed with liquids that increase its weight and make it hard to categorize. Dewatering containers, as the name suggests, can drain liquids in your waste. This not only eases waste classification but also reduces a container’s payload.  Dewatering containers have permanent or temporary steel baskets that separate liquid and solid waste. Some construction sites re-use the water separated from their solid waste in their projects to cut back on costs and play their part in eco-conservation.

Rolling roof container

This is sometimes called a clamshell container. It has a sealed lid and sealed tailgate that allows it to safely transport hazardous construction waste such as asbestos, mercury, and lead. This waste can be detrimental to the environment and people around it during transportation because it gets thrown around and might release its harmful compounds in the process. A rolling roof container has a single or double cover that ensures the materials being transported are safely contained. The cover also ensures there is no contamination of the waste by environmental elements.

Sealed and sludge container

Sealed and sludge containers are available in tub and rectangular-style alternatives. Sludge containers are primarily meant to transport heavy-duty and dense liquid waste like sewage, while sealed containers can be used for light liquids like water. The containers also have sealed tailgates with slider-style hinges. These ensure that the waste does not leak from the containers. Though primarily used for liquid waste, sealed and sludge containers can also be used in place of the tub and rectangular roll-off containers for hauling solids. Nowadays, they are preferred over the latter in most constructions because of their ability to keep waste inside the vehicle.

Vacuum tank

This is a completely enclosed container used to haul sludge and non-hazardous or hazardous liquid waste from your construction site. It is also sometimes used to store liquids like water that is used in your construction project. The container often comes with a suction that can suck up the liquids in your site for transportation. This minimizes the costs and time used to load these liquids onto their transportation containers.

Poly and poly box tanks

When you are hauling highly corrosive liquids from your construction site, you need a poly box or poly container. These are made of heavy-duty plastic polymers that are corrosion-resistant. Their sealed tailgates ensure the materials transported do not leak from the containers, whereas their rounded corners make them easy to clean between uses. Poly and poly box containers are mostly used to transport or store acidic materials in construction.

When putting together a construction project, most companies account for the disposal of their waste but forget to factor in how the waste will get to its disposal site. Do not be fooled into using one of your construction vehicles for hauling construction waste. Most municipalities will fine you for this, and you place your vehicles at risk of extensive damage from some of the toxic substances in your waste.

While some waste management companies offer one of the above waste transportation containers for construction debris removal to its disposal site, most do not. Pick a company like Junk King that factors in debris removal from your site in addition to its disposal to ease your waste management.


Debris Removal: The Beginners’ Guide to Junk Disposal

Everyone has some junk lying around the home at one point or another. You very well know how cumbersome clutter can be especially when moving to a new house. At that point, junk disposal becomes inevitable. You can dispose of junk through donations, recycling, or disposing the items you no longer need.

Sometimes, the job becomes too big that you don’t know where to start. It can even get more complicated if you live in a jurisdiction with strict laws governing junk disposal procedures. That’s where this guide comes in handy to help you. Keep reading for insights on how to be practical in junk disposal for the best results.

What Is Junk disposal?

Piles of Garbage in White BagsJunk disposal is part of the decluttering process that focuses on disposing of junk the right way. In America, junk disposal is a growing segment of the cleaning industry, worth about $49 billion.  Several junk disposal companies exist, where they pick trash from your home and dispose of it in designated and environmentally safe areas.

The process plays an integral part in conserving the environment and extending the life of natural resources. Most junk hauling companies have a green initiative or environmental commitment that represents their recycling goals.

When done correctly, junk disposal benefits everyone that would rather focus on refreshed space. Whether at home or in the office, a decluttered area always positively impacts the quality of life and productivity.

Types of Junk, Waste, Debris

If you intend to get rid of junk without the involvement of a junk hauling company, there’s no denying that you’re likely to heap everything together. While this is the easiest thing to do, it’s not necessarily the safest or eco-friendliest. Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the various categories that junk falls into before setting out to dispose of it.

Household Trash and General Waste

This category comprises everything you’d put in your waste bin, including garbage, packaging materials, and broken toys. Under normal circumstances, this type of waste is handled by the waste hauler’s curbside collection service. However, it may call for additional services in hoarding situations, special events that generate a lot of trash, and foreclosure cleanups.

You may dispose of such waste by yourself depending on the proximity to the landfill. However, the services of a professional junk disposal company are essential when dealing with appliances that contain lead-acid batteries, Freon, paints, fluorescent bulbs, and other hazardous wastes like:

  • Car batteries
  • Liquids like motor oil and flammable liquids
  • Light bulbs
  • Medicines
  • Explosives
  • Recyclables
  • Tires
  • Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Lead paint
  • E-waste like phones, tablets, DVD players

Construction and Demolition Debris

Residential and commercial construction or demolition projects call for the services of a junk disposal company. In some cities in the U.S., junk from construction and demolition should be dropped at designated landfill facilities for separation and recycling.

Waste in this category includes:

  • Concrete is heavy and dense and should be disposed of in a roll-off dumpster
  • Roofing shingles which are usually recycled in most municipalities and should not be mixed with other debris
  • Wood/lumber that can be recycled if salvaged the right way
  • Carpeting
  • Wood or laminate flooring that is in most cases easy to salvage
  • Sidings such as cedar and vinyl siding is best disposed of in a dumpster
  • Kitchen or bathroom renovation including tubs, cabinets, sinks, toilets, floors, and countertops
  • Metals like steel, copper, and aluminum are best recycled

Yard Waste

Yard waste is organic and is best disposed of by composting. However, sometimes dumpsters and junk disposal companies can help with disposal at the proper facilities. Waste in this category includes bush trimmings, tree limbs, large logs, and grass clippings. In general, you shouldn’t mix it with general waste.

Ensure you check with your state laws as some jurisdictions have made it mandatory to have a yard waste compost. Disposing it at the municipal landfill may be against the law, so check with the authorities beforehand.


Your home’s junk appliances are best handled by a junk disposal company, especially when renovating or demolishing your home. Examples of junk appliances are microwaves, kitchen stoves, dishwashers, dryers, washers, and refrigerators. You may also consider donating them to charitable organizations if they’re still in good working condition. Alternatively, you can sell them on specific online marketplaces like Craigslist.

Approaches to Junk disposal/ DIY or Hire

Where junk disposal is concerned, the age-old question is always whether to DIY or hire someone else to do it. If you choose to do it yourself, ensure you familiarize yourself with the appropriate disposal procedures and relevant information. Check the internet for easy topics like environment-friendly waste disposal, best junk disposal practices, recycling ideas, and DIY guides. Ensure you also practice the appropriate habits of handling trash and junk like recycling, composting, donating, or hauling.

Alternatively, you may want to invest in a professional service if the job is too much for you. If you face challenges in getting rid of waste, a professional service company will be the next best option. Most are available online, and you can check their services and charges before hiring them.

Final Thoughts

Junk disposal is an essential job for any home or property owner. Familiarizing with the various categories of junk is crucial before attempting any DIY junk disposal strategies. With the correct measures in place, it’s easy for anyone to improve their waste disposal regime. If the task is too much to handle on your own, hire the services of a professional junk disposal company near you.

6 Reasons to Hire an Estate Clean Out Company

Estate clean out is not something to wish for, primarily because in most cases, the cleanouts are not happy times for the involved persons. Perhaps, your loved one died recently, and you need to create space for the next estate occupant. It could be that a neighbor went through a divorce and have to move out, or the estate owner has been experiencing financial strains and has no choice but to downsize. The estate clean out could also be as a result of an eviction.

Whichever the reason, this must be a very stressful time for the affected, and are looking for the easiest and fastest way for estate clean out. No one is ever prepared for such traumatic experiences, but things get better with the help of cleanout experts.

To some individuals, hiring a cleanout company is an extra expense they would rather do without and instead handle the process themselves. This is because they fail to look at things from the right perspective to realize that leaving the job to experts streamlines the process while ensuring that nothing goes wrong. If you are skeptical about the idea, here are top benefits that will change your mind.

Save Time

estate cleanoutThe primary goal of estate clean out companies is to help you save time. They understand how time-consuming clearing an entire estate can be, keeping in mind that you have other errands to run. They have been offering these services for a long time, and you trust that they will have everything done within the shortest time. They possess the tools and skills to leave the estate clean while ensuring that everything is where it should be. With this, you can focus on other activities with peace of mind.

The Experts Will Handle Items Removal

Removal is the most overwhelming and time-consuming task in estate clean out. Things worsen if the owner has lots of things that need to be moved to a different place. However, as much as you want to do it, time may not be on your side, considering that you have to go to work, school, take care of your family, and rest. You also lack reliable means of transportation. Hiring a dedicated estate clean out company takes all this stress off your shoulder, and you are guaranteed that the professionals will move everything discreetly and carefully.

Hiring an Estate Clean Out Company Saves Your Money

Contrary to most individuals’ belief that hiring professionals is an expensive venture, you will realize that the opposite is true. For starters, the experts come prepared with the necessary equipment for the job, hence eliminating that budget for you. In most cases, you will pay a flat service fee, which covers items’ hauling and removal. They will handle the transportation, and if there is any junk, they know how to handle it. The items are handled with optimum care, thus no chances of breakage and damages. All these benefits are equivalent to saved costs.

The Company May Offer to Buy the Items

In some cases, the estate clean out company may give you a total buyout option, where they haul everything in the estate for a flat fee. The idea comes in handy, especially if the reason for the cleanout is a financial strain or the death of a loved one. You can spend that money to pay leftover bills and start over. A total buyout also saves you from the stress of dealing with junk items. Moreover, you no longer have to think of storage space once the items are moved from their current location.

Based on the nature of your problem, the estate clean out company may provide you with an estate sale option. This is more like a yard sale for a fast sale of inexpensive products such as furniture, toys, lamps; you name them. In return, you get to raise quick cash before bidding the estate goodbye.

Enjoy Appraisal Services

Suppose the estate has valuable antiques, furniture, jewelry, and other items that you wish to put up for sale. In that case, you can count on a reliable junk removal company for appraisal services. The experts will give you reasonable estimates for the items at a fee, which varies as per your location, type of products, and appraisal type.

The Estate Clean Out Experts Will Handle Donations and Resale

You may opt to donate some items that are still in good shape to charity organizations or resell them for fast cash. The company will handle the processes for you as you focus on other productive things.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with an estate clean out is the last thing anyone would wish for, but at times, circumstances force you to. Do not stress yourself with the demanding clean out tasks while you can leave everything to dedicated service providers. Nonetheless, perform thorough due diligence before hiring to ensure that you are working with a reliable and trustworthy estate clean out company. Contact us for more information.

Tips for Construction Debris Disposal and Management

Construction and demolition debris are among the leading solid waste components worldwide. In the United States alone, the debris accounts for a third of all waste nationwide. With such statistics, it is evident that even the slightest efforts to reuse construction materials can make a huge impact. While there are numerous methods to eliminate waste, construction debris recycling and reusing are undoubtedly the most convenient ways to create a sustainable environment.

As a construction contractor, there is a range of reasons to consider construction debris recycling over other junk removal methods. Recycling reduces the costs of hauling, eliminates landfill fees, and helps to preserve the environment. Putting the waste materials to use enables you to save space, not forgetting that you will save the time you would have spent searching for material replacement.

Some construction debris, such as plasterboard, metals, and plastics, can adversely affect the environment and the health of living things around the area when they come to contact with soil and water. Others emit poisonous gas, and there is no better way to prevent such mishaps than construction debris recycling.

Have a look at some construction debris recycling and reusing tips.

Use the Materials for Decoration

The smartest way of construction debris recycling is to integrate the materials back into the building. For example, the metal and glass pieces can be used to fix some parts on the wall during remodeling and place them in a way that seems like a decoration. Use the materials creatively to create any design you or your customer may have in mind.

Construction Debris Recycling For Renovations

When undertaking house renovation, some parts of the house are not demolished. For instance, a crack on a wood-construction wall can be repaired without destroying the entire wall. You can use the waste lumber cut-offs to block the spaces rather than disposing them as junk.

Deconstruction over Demolition Any Day

Bag filled with Construction DebrisDemolition encompasses the destruction of a building in such a way that the components are not fit for reuse. Deconstruction, on the other hand, involves the dismantling of structures with the aim of reusing most of the parts. The latter is more recommended because it reduces the amount of wastes that end up in the landfill. It also saves you from the hassle of recycling the gathered debris to come up with reusable parts.

Since most materials after deconstruction are reused and recycled, it saves you from the need of raw construction materials in new buildings. The process is also great for the environment, and you cannot overlook the fact that it gives you a tax write-off advantage.

However, you should note that hauling these materials from the construction site can be a bit expensive, and you should therefore consider the distance to the new construction site before settling for this construction debris recycling method.

Donate or Sell the Materials

When taking a renovation project, some components are left in good shape, but you no longer need them. Items such as old cabinet fixtures and mirrors can be donated for reuse rather than dumping into them as junk. There are many charity organizations where you can donate the fixtures or give them to a neighbor or friend in need.

Some individuals out there are looking to build houses but are working on a tight budget. They have no choice but to go the second-hand way. However, before putting up the components for sale, make sure they are in decent shape. Rotten or too stained parts are not fit for resale.

Seek the Help of a Construction Debris Recycling Company

You cannot go wrong by outsourcing construction debris recycling. The idea is convenient and saves both your time and money. Nonetheless, you should look into and understand your local recycling requirements and the kind of materials that the service providers accept. Consider a junk hauling company that accepts all types of debris, as this saves you from sifting through the waste materials. The junk hauling company’s rates are much lower than landfills, making them the best choice if you have lots of debris to dispose of.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are building a new home or renovating the current one, you no longer have to worry about construction debris removal. You have lots of options at your disposal, and it is up to you to select one that meets your needs. Construction debris recycling is the best option, which you can either do at the construction site or let professionals take the stress off your shoulder. You can trust us at Junk-King Sonoma for all your construction debris recycling needs. The best part is that you do not have to worry about the construction waste materials’ pickup and disposal once the project is done. We are experts, and we will take the shortest time to remove the debris from our site. Contact us for more information.

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