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5 Great Reasons to Hire Us for Debris Removal

Yard and construction debris are two of the most common types of debris removal jobs we do. Yet we know that debris can be found in any area of a residential or commercial property. That’s why we offer debris removal services that cover all the bases:

Junk King Sonoma offers the area’s most professional level of junk removal services. We’re fully committed to making the debris removal experience an easy and pleasant one for all our customers.

Sonoma’s #1 Debris Removal Service

Debris Removal Clearing away piles of debris is no easy task. Here are five good reasons you should call Junk King and make it a stress-free chore.

  1. Safety. Construction debris in particular is full of sharp materials, rusty nails, toxic waste, and other potential safety hazards. Hiring a professional debris removal company provides the peace of mind you seek. You can rest easy knowing your family or employees are safe from all types of dangerous debris.
  2. Convenience. Debris piles up fast. By the time you’re ready to haul it away using your own vehicle you might spend the entire day traveling to and from the dump. With a debris removal company like Junk King Sonoma, all you need do is schedule a convenient pickup time and your debris will be removed in a way that doesn’t take over your schedule.
  3. Responsibility. Eco-friendliness matters more now than ever, so it’s important your debris is properly recycled, repurposed, or disposed of. Want to ensure your debris is removed in the most environmentally safe way? Junk King’s commitment to eco-friendly practices is second to none in the whole of Sonoma County. We’ve partnered with a number of area organizations and recycling centers to accept any items that qualify as recyclable or able to be repurposed. We love doing our part to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills!
  4. More Space. While it may be easier to let debris pile up until a job is done, it can also make your home or commercial site an eyesore to the neighborhood. Having a professional service periodically remove debris from your site helps you easily maintain the area and have more of it to work with!
  5. Reduced Costs. You may think it’s less expensive to haul away your own debris, but debris removal involves a lot of hidden costs you may not have considered: fuel prices, crew wages, and dump charges can quickly add up. And it’ll cost you even more if you have to transport debris to numerous collection sites. When you choose Junk King Sonoma

Wouldn’t you rather have our experienced crews take care of all the lifting and hauling so you can sit back and relax? When you decide to rid your home or commercial site of unwanted debris, our team is here to make it happen in a professional and efficient way.

Your Debris Removal Partners

Our talented crews make quick work of hauling away all sorts of debris and other unwanted items from your home, office, or retail space. So why not make Junk King Sonoma your #1 choice for debris removal? We offer the area’s lowest rates and outstanding customer service.

Contact us today to discover how easy it can be to get the most cost-effective and professional estate cleanout throughout the entire Sonoma County.

Finding Effective Junk Removal Services In Sonoma County

Do you reside in Sonoma County California and are looking for professional and affordable junk removal services to manage the removal of junk from your premises?  Well you are in luck as the #1 Junk Removal company in the country is right in your backyard.

For Reliable Junk Removal Services Junk King Is Here To Help

Junk Removal With a multitude of franchises across the country Junk King has been ranked the #1 junk removal company in America and can be found in a city near you to help you manage all your junk removal needs efficiently and affordably.

Operating by eco-friendly standards our dedicated team not only handles junk removal efficiently but we also specialize in the transport and processing of items removed. This is truly impressive since it helps people to avoid additional expenses like transport and landfill fees which is a rare convenience not found with most junk removal companies today.

At Junk King Our Services Promote Safe, Complaint, Junk Removal

With a mission to provide the highest quality, eco-friendly, junk removal services Junk King is dedicated to promoting safe and positive waste management practices compliant to waste management law .

Apart from this since safety is of the utmost importance when conducting junk removal we can come in to assist you by providing all the necessary equipment and trained personnel to safely remove junk from your home.

As for the removal of heavy, bulky, items our highly, skilled, professional team are specially trained to easily remove items especially in cases where areas are constricted without damaging walls or other structures within the home.

So regardless of they type of junk/waste that you need removed our professional help can serve to the eliminate hassle and dangers associated with junk/waste removal especially if hazardous or bulky waste is involved.

At Junk King We Also Offer Commercial Junk Removal

Here at Junk King our services also extend within commercial settings where we can facilitate the removal of junk/waste from any type of business. Offices, restaurants, construction sites and much more can all benefit from our services. So if you operate a small business or a large firm within Sonoma county don’t hesitate to give us a call our services are prompt and efficient.

Offering the most affordable rates in town there’s no task is too big or small for Junk King. We remove and dispose unwanted tables, cabinets, desks, bedroom furniture, dressers, outdoor furniture, old appliances and electronics and much, much, more.

For Top Rated Junk Removal Services Make Junk King Your Choice

Incorporating eco-friendly practices like recycling as part of our mission to conduct safe, environmentally friendly junk removal services people can benefit from our top notch junk removal services 7 days a week.

So to arrange fast, professional and affordable junk removal services you can visit our website at www.junk-king.com to book online or call us at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) to schedule an appointment right away.

All About Paint Can Removal

All About Paint Can Removal Junk King SonomaQuick: form a mental image of the back of someone’s basement. Alright, do you have a picture in your head?

There’s a fantastic chance that your picture, and maybe this is even your own basement, included more than a few leftover paint cans. You were hoping to get around to repainting the fence running along the side of your house or touching up some flecks in your den (what are those anyway?) but life got in the way.

Whether you purchased too much paint or simply used a smaller amount of what you did purchase than you’d anticipated using in your hypomanic Home Depot shopping spree, you have some paint cans on your hands and are probably hoping someone would take them off your hands (and out of your basement) pretty soon.

Paint Take-Back Programs 

Starting in 2009 in Oregon, then 2012 in California, states starting forcing paint companies to coordinate with take-back recycling programs. Unlike swapping baseball cards at recess, paint “take-back” programs are definitely something desirable if you’re concerned about keeping this planet clean and doing the right thing.

Paint take-back programs are synonymously called paint stewardship initiatives. The most popular one in California is known as PaintCare, and PaintCare has been helping Californians recycle since the passing of legislation in 2012.

PaintCare’s credo is that it helps homeowners and business owners explore ways to responsibly recycle their leftover or unwanted paint. This is hugely convenient for you and me while also doing more than a few favors by the environment.

PaintCare lives up to its name by partnering up with paint companies and creating a network of over 700 take-back locations across the state. Many of these paint take-back locations are paint retailers and home improvement stores themselves. These services are available to any business owner or homeowner who wants to make use of them.

Working in states like Colorado and Connecticut as well as California, PaintCare ultimately leads to less toxic waste winding up at landfills. The program also makes your home or place of business safer by having less reactive material – reactive in the sense that it could explode and cause one heck of a mess – out of your way.

Follow the link below, punch in the location of your home or business and find out about the closest paint take-back location in your area.

Generally, there are few restrictions on how much, or what, can be dropped off. As a rule of thumb latex paint is much easier to recycle than oil-based products and businesses with less than 200 pounds of collective hazardous waste per month shouldn’t have a problem entering most trade-back programs in their state.

Tips for Creating Less Waste 

Having fewer paint cans dotting the back of your apartment (or your company’s basement) depends on following a few guidelines.

Simple as it sounds, purchasing the right amount of paint for the job is one of the easiest ways of not only saving money on the stuff but also keeping more unused paint needing to be recycled in the first place.

Going back to high school geometry class and multiplying the length by the height of the area that you need painted is a great way to avoid purchasing more paint than you reasonably need for the job. Bonus tip: a gallon of paint typically covers just over 300 square feet.

You might also want to consider reusing latex paint. Unused latex paint can be recombined and repurposed as a usable base coat. If you have oil-based paint, though, it’s best to consider it hazardous waste and have it responsibly disposed.


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