Stockton Scrap Metal Removal

Recently it was reported that seven cars were stolen from a Stockton auto repair lot. Fortunately, the owner of those stolen cars was able to locate his vehicles at a chop shop not far from his own lot. In case you never heard of the term “chop shop” before it refers to an illegal garage whose sole purpose is to take stolen vehicles and dismantled them down to the hubcaps. In this particular crime a batch of Volvos, Mercedes and BMWs were swiped from Automeister, a Stockton area dealer that specializes in engine repairs on those types of cars. One of the owners got a tip as to where these stolen cars might’ve been taken. It only took him a few hours to track them down within the same community. He called up the California Highway Patrol to handle the rest of the matter. One of the cars recovered was a 68 Volvo Alcoriza that the owner drove in high school.

All of this points out how bold and daring scrap metal thieves can be. Whether it’s a car or copper piping these criminals think there is money to be made and therefore they’ll stop at nothing snatch up any metal they can get their hands on. In order to make any real money scrap metal you need to have dump trucks full of the stuff. That’s the only way to get a decent return. Most of us who might have a little scrap metal around the home could discover that it’s not worth the time and effort required to haul that metal to a dealer in the hopes of getting some cash. You’ll probably spend more on gas then you might make on the metal!

Bottom line: you need to get rid of any metal around your home or business that might become a target to scrap metal thieves. Instead of doing the work yourself call upon some professional junk haulers like Junk King Stockton to handle the job for you. These junk haulers will be experienced with this type of removal. Scrap metal is not like ordinary garbage. In fact, it can be quite hazardous to move about. That’s why you want to let professionals handle this type of job.

Scrap metal can come in many forms. Even an old refrigerator or stove that you were hanging onto in your garage is considered scrap metal. In other words, this type of metal doesn’t have to be rusted or in a pile. The same holds true for things like car fenders or aluminum siding. Basically if you can stick a magnet onto it then it’s metal. As these same junk haulers are carting away your scrap metal they can also take on the task of removing any other type of junk you might want to get rid of. This can include old furniture, boxes of clothing or even a piano. The goal should always be to keep your home as free of clutter as possible.