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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Stockton Apartment Junk Removal

A home is what you make of it. That holds true for a sprawling mansion or a two bedroom apartment. Too often apartment dwellers think they are stuck with the boring white walls and cruddy carpet that they moved in with. The truth is that if you are a good renter and plan to stick around for a while there is no reason why your landlord would be against you making some minor improvements to your surroundings. Top of the list for many apartment dwellers is a new paint job.

Chances are when you first moved into your apartment it was given a fresh coat of paint. It’s also a safe bet that color of paint was white. A landlord can’t anticipate what their new tenant’s favorite color might be so they’ll stick with the neutral white shade. There are many folks who appreciate a clean white while. If you would prefer your walls to reflect your own personality then why not ask the landlord if you can repaint. The only two things they’ll really be concerned about is if it’s going to cost them anything and if it will be returned to the same condition when you move out. You could probably get away with painting an apartment for under $200 if you do all the work yourself. You might even get the landlord to kick in for the paint if he doesn’t have to pay for the labor.

It will then come down to a question of color. Here is where you can make some bold choices that reflect your own tastes and personality. Painting a bedroom in a soothing blue could actually help you fall asleep as this color has been shown to be more relaxing. If you have kids, you could empower them to pick their own color schemes. Of course, whatever they pick they’re going to have to live with!

There are some things you can do in your apartment that you don’t need your landlord’s permission for. Small touches like hanging curtains on the windows or putting up a collage of photos on a wall can add lots of flair and personality to a room. You might also want to consider getting rid of some of the junk you’ve been holding onto since the move in. Whether your storage locker is overflowing or your closets are crammed getting rid of the excess junk is a good way to take a fresh approach to your apartment.

If you hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Stockton to handle this chore you won’t have to worry about making all those trips up and down the stairs or elevator. The pros will manage all that. You could even get a neighbor to pitch in and share the cost by having the junk haulers take their stuff away in the same appointment. Make the most out of your apartment by getting rid of the junk and bringing in your own personality.

Home Downsizing Tips in Stockton

The idea of downsizing holds a lot of appeal to many Stockton residents. After a lifetime of collecting and gathering “stuff”  many folks have become overwhelmed with everything that are surrounded by. Couple that with the notion that keeping up with a big home is just too burdensome and expensive and you can see why downsizing is a viable option. There are two approaches you can take with downsizing and it all comes down to a whether or not you want to move or stay put.

If you are moving then the goal is obviously to find a smaller place. Many homeowners have decided that they no longer need a big house especially when all the kids have grown up and moved on. In that case, they can sell that big home and make the transition into a more manageable space like a two bedroom apartment or condo. A homeowner who has reached the retirement age can also opt for making the move into an active adult community where they’ll be surrounded by all kinds of amazing amenities. No matter where you’re headed, you’ll first need to get rid of a large portion of junk you’ve collected over the years.

Staying put could mean taking on a boarder or roommate. While you’ll still be living in a big home, your responsibility will be “downsized” because your roommate will be taking over a room and possible 2nd bathroom. More importantly, you’ll be getting some extra cash in the form of rent and shared utility expenses. That can help you pay off bills. Remember that just because you’re taking in a roommate doesn’t mean its forever. You could take in a boarder for a year or two until you get back on solid financial ground.

As with the moving option, you’re still going to have to clear out the clutter to free up some space. This is when you’ll want to hire a team of professional junk haulers at Junk King Stockton to pitch in and help with the task. After you’ve sorted through your stuff and donated or passed on useable items you’ll be left with nothing but junk. When the pros show up, they’ll take that junk off your hands during one afternoon session.

The professional junk hauler won’t have any problem helping you get rid of any bulk item. Even a busted piano can be tossed onto the back of their truck and carted away. Because you’re working with Junk King you’ll also be able to depend on them to make sure whatever pieces of junk that can be recycled will be. This is extremely important for someone who is downsizing with the additional goal of reducing their carbon footprint. Anything that can be diverted away from a landfill is going to reduce that footprint. Downsizing is a wonderful way to invigorate your lifestyle. Get started today!

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