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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Furniture Donations Pickup in Stockton – Junk King Stockton

Sometimes even Santa can use a little help. This past Christmas eight Stockton Police officers, a bunch of community service workers and the staff from Arroyo’s Cafe sacrificed Christmas morning with their loved ones to spread a little cheer to over 40 families in need. What made this all the more important was the fact that the children on this list were either victims or witnesses to a violent crime in the past year.

“We come out here and we see the smiles when we bring the gifts and when the kids see Santa,” said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones to a local newspaper. He had his wife and children with him while making the deliveries. “It’s really priceless. It’s building those community bridges.”

A lot of folks lined up to make toy donations including Arroyo’s Cafe, Toys R Us, Morgan Stanley, Unilever Food Solutions, H & H Engineering, Hormel, the Police Officers Association, and many private donors. There were even extra toys on hand to give out to any neighborhood kid who happened to wander by when all the excitement was going on.

Junk King Stockton is another example of a Stockton area business which makes giving back to the community part of their mission. They accomplish this by designating those collected items which could be fixed up and used again to be dropped off at one of the many local charities. In many ways, this puts you front and center with the giving spirit as well. You don’t have to worry about whether or not something you want removed by Junk King is worthy of being a donated item. The JK crews are all well versed as identifying those useful pieces. They’ll be set aside and dropped off at the end of their pickup schedule to a recycling or refurbishing center.

So what are you ready to get rid of? Do you have a garage full of junk that would be better served if it were out of your home? Perhaps there is some old furniture that has seen better days. That can be given a fresh set of cushions or coat of paint by one of the skilled charity workers and then donated to a family in need. Of course, there is some junk that is truly just junk. For that Junk King will make sure it is dropped off at a certified landfill. You won’t have to worry about paying extra even if it means a dozen different drop offs for all of your junk. You’ll only be paying for the amount of space your stuff takes up on the back of the Junk King truck. Giving to charity was never easier!

Recycling News in Stockton, CA

Where does your recycling money go? That’s the question being asked of some concerned citizens and members of the CA state legislature as they make a review of collected funds. The official agency charged with handling task is the Beverage Container Recycling Fund. If you buy milk, wine or liquor you won’t be charged a fee but everything else has a five or ten cent charge tacked on. Most of that money is “recycled” back to the consumer in the form of rebates. In fact, nearly 85% of all recyclable containers are turned into cash. That translates to 17 billion out of 20 billion of these types of containers sold every year.

However, that still left around $113 million in collected revenue. The question now becomes should that money goes back to fund state programs or sit in a bank to collect interest? It would make sense if that money can flow back to the community and help defer the increase of things like property tax. But whenever there is a surplus of any amount you can bet there will be a lot of fighting over how to spend that money.

Recycling shouldn’t be so complicated. For most consumers it isn’t. We simply sort out our recyclables, place them in the blue bin and call it a day. But we can kick that up a notch by recycling bigger pieces of junk. To do that you’ll need the help of a company like Junk King Stockton. Ever since they’ve set up shop here in Stockton, Junk King has worked diligently to incorporate eco-friendly policies for all its junk removal projects. This means their crews are trained to do on-site sorting of all the collected junk they gather from a home or business. From the site, Junk King transports that junk to one of the many certified recycling centers located around the Stockton area. There is no extra charge for this green service; it’s all part of the package!

Most people don’t realize that their big-ticket items like an old stove or washing machine could be recycled. The same can be said for most furniture and e-waste. It can all be broken down and repurposed. The idea for consumers is to make recycling as simple a process as possible. Think about this: if you had to drop off your own soda cans or newspapers each week would you still recycle? Probably not and that’s okay. With Junk King you’ll be able to recycle with the same amount of effort you take with your small items. In other words, it won’t cause you any extra time or hassle. Keep Stockton clean and let Junk King keep your home clear of clutter.

Stockton Bulk Pickup

There are many local Stockton area charities which have made it easy for you to get rid of an old clunker of a car. These are for those autos in your possession which you know you can’t sell or trade in. They might have more miles on them then you care to admit. In some extreme cases, these cars aren’t even running anymore and are just taking up space in the driveway. When you contact these charities, they make all the arrangements to pick up the car and have it towed away. You’ll be signing the title over to them and alerting the DMV this car is no longer in your possession. In return, you get to take a decent sized tax deduction and it’s all on the up and up. But what about the other bulky items you want taken away? Not many charities are going to want an eight year old mattress or a worn out sofa. When you’ve got bulk you want to get rid of Junk King Stockton is the best way to go.

Junk King is a specialist when it comes to the removal and proper disposal of oversized items. Think for a minute what it took to bring some of those big things into your home. Every sofa, dining room table, washing machine, refrigerator or bedroom set had to be brought in on the back of a huge moving truck. Often it took at least two able bodied movers to get that heavy object from the truck, up the stairs and into your home. It should be no different with the removal of those objects and that’s why you’ll be getting with a Junk King Stockton crew. Think of them as “movers in reverse.” But there is a big difference between Junk King and your average home mover and that’s with pricing.

As you probably already know, when you hire movers you’re paying per mover in labor costs. You’re also paying travel time and there are minimum charges for all of that. If those movers get stuck in traffic, you’re paying for that! With Junk King you’re only paying a price based on the amount of space that your junk has taken up in the back of their truck. That’s it. No labor, dumping fees or “surprise” charges. Isn’t that the fairest approach for this type of job? Of course it is and that’s what you’re getting with Junk King.

Finally, you can get your home free of all those things that have been taking up space in hallways, closets or garages and you won’t have to lift a finger. Call Junk King Stockton today to find out how they can help you get to a clutter-free home.

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