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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Lodi Appliance Disposal

When it comes to recycling, Lodi is a very green kind of town. There are many recycling centers around the area that cater to all kind of needs whether that’s someone bringing in a bag of soda cans or a business dropping off a pallet of trash. As noble as these efforts are, they are still a bit labor intensive on your part. You have to load up your own vehicle and drive to where the recycling centers are. That might not always be practical. Especially if you have something that won’t fit into your truck. The better option would be to hire Junk King Stockton for all the take away tasks.

Junk King of Lodi is part of a national franchise of junk removal experts. This was a company founded back in 2006 by a man who was frustrated with the kind of service he had available to help his mother move. He couldn’t “buy a company” because there was no company to buy. Instead, he started Junk King based on the simple premise of providing efficient customer service and eco-friendly junk disposal. Now Junk King has branches in over 24 major cities across the country including Lodi.

Because they are part of a national franchise, the Stockton / Lodi branch has to follow those same guidelines when it comes to customer service. For Junk King that means showing up at the scheduled appointment time. Typically, you’ll get a call to let you know the JK crew is on the way and they rarely keep you waiting. Once they show up, the Junk King team will take away whatever you’re tossing out. Part of the reason why they are so popular is that you don’t have to lift anything. Wherever your junk is will be where the Junk King crew will go. That holds true for the piano in the back room and the patio furniture in the yard.

After Junk King has all your stuff loaded up on their truck they will be heading out to the nearest recycling center. You don’t have to worry about which facility is best or what their hours of operation are. Junk King takes care of all of that. If something can’t be recycled, Junk King will try donating it to a charity in need. These policies insure that the least amount of trash collected by Junk King will land in a dump.

When it comes to pricing, Junk King Stockton has the competition beat hands down. They charge by the amount of stuff you’ll be putting onto the back of their truck. That price is guaranteed. Find out why Junk King is number one in junk removal in Lodi.

Lodi Furniture Disposal

Ready for a new sofa? This is a major investment not unlike buying a car or refrigerator. That’s because you’ll be holding onto that sofa for many years to come. If the sofa is going in the family room than it’s certainly going to get a “work-out.” Before heading out, take an assessment of the room. Are you thinking about the same style of sofa or a sectional? You’ll want to get some good measurements not only of your old sofa but also things like the distance between the sofa and the TV. You also want to take some door measurements. Getting your old sofa into your home might not have been a problem but if you go for a bigger size it could be tough.

Snap a picture of the room where your sofa will be going. This will help you visualize a new sofa while standing in the showroom. You could also put yourself at the mercy of a showroom’s interior designer. Some places hire decorators to help their customers plan out the refurnishing. Or you could bring in your own friend to help you shop. Just like you would test out your mattress for comfort, you want to give your new sofa the Goldilocks test. Is it too big? Too small? Too firm? Or just right? If stretching out on your sofa is important than by all means kick off your shoes in the showroom and take the couch for a spin!

Shopping for a new sofa could inspire you to replace the coffee table, loveseat and lamps. Why not? Of course that is going to leave you with a room of furniture that has no place to go. You could try tucking it all away in your garage but if that furniture has really seen better days then why would you hold onto it? It’s better to simply call Junk King and let them cart it all away.

When you consider that it took a moving crew and huge truck to bring your furniture in then you know it will take the same effort to move it out. That’s what you’ll be getting with Junk King Stockton: the muscle and the truck.

Candy V. from Stockton had a great experience with Junk King and it all started with a trip to their website. “I found them online and signed up on their website to have a same day free estimate. They were very prompt as well as fair and negotiable. After we agreed upon a price they were very quick at cleaning everything out and even swept up leaving everything extremely clean. I was very pleased with their services. Thank you Junk King!”

Whether you call or click, Junk King Stockton will be standing by to lend a hand with all you junk removal needs.

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