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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Got Junk Items in Stockton?

Economic woes have hit Stockton in the past but the city is not down for the count. There are signs of a revival happening in downtown as developers are discussing turning some old buildings and warehouses into living loft spaces. That would be very welcome news for residents who have seen many businesses fold up and move on in the last several years. If there are decent places to live and folks start moving back then those businesses could return as well. It’s all about trying to make Stockton the best it can be. This will mean attracting outside investors and new residents. Are you doing your part to help Stockton? You could do something as simple as removing the junk from your front yard. That might not seem like a lot of effort but every bit helps to improve the vibe around town.

If you’ve got junk in your yard it could be because it has no other place to go. This holds true for old appliances that were pushed out on the porch to make room for replacements. It’s the same for broken lawnmowers, swing sets that are no longer being used and auto parts. In fact, it’s those auto parts that seem to cause the most headaches for neighborhoods. Everything from tires, to bumpers to entire shells of cars end up parked on lawns where they stay. If you’re never going to use those things then maybe it’s time to call Junk King Stockton and get rid of them once and for all.

When you’ve got junk, Junk King truly is the only call you should make. That’s because they’re going to handle your junk removal from start to finish without any stress. For your junk removal appointment, Junk King will be sending over at least two hard working movers. They’ll be showing up in a truck big enough to hold whatever you’re throwing out. When that crew arrives, you show them what junk you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. That means all the back straining lifting. Once they’ve gone through your yard to remove junk they can do the same thing for your home, garage, closets and attic. Basically, wherever you’ve stored your junk is where the crew will go to remove it. In some cases, this has even meant crawling under a house!

After loading up your junk, you’re free to go about your day while the Junk King crew will go on to drop that stuff off at a recycling center or certified landfill. Junk King Stockton is doing their part to clean up Stockton. Are you?

Stockton Stove Removal

old stove removalWho does most of the cooking in your house? If that duty falls on your shoulders then you know how important it is to have the right “tools.” All the fresh ingredients in the world won’t matter one bit if you’re stove is on the blink. You know it’s time for a new stove when food is ending up getting burnt or not cooking thoroughly. If it has been a while since you bought your last stove there are plenty of things you’ll want to consider before settling on your model.

First up, you’ll want to measure your current stove and the space where it lives. Most stovetops come in the range of 20, 24, 30 or 36 inches wide. If you’ve got some wiggle room on either side of your stove then you might benefit from an expanded cooking top. Otherwise you want to make sure you’re getting the right fit.

Next you’ll want to look for the features that are going to make your time in the kitchen more pleasurable. For instance, a self-cleaning oven is a terrific enhancement that will insure you stove is always “good to go” without ingesting those fumes from an oven cleaner. Many modern stove designs come with built in computer programming that allows for easy touch controls. You might not be able to fire up a stove in the store but you can certainly check on how the door opens and closes and whether or not the oven light is bright enough.

As soon as you settle on your new stove, you’re going to need to make arrangements to get rid of that old model. That can happen with a single call to Junk King Stockton. These are the Stockton based junk removal experts who won’t have a problem loading up your old stove onto the back of their truck. In fact, they’re not going to have a problem loading up anything you want to toss out. Take a tour of your garage, closets and attic. Is there anything in there you want to throw out? Chances are you could clear out a lot of space if you put your mind to it. Remember you’ll have a hard working two-man crew to do all the heavy lifting work. That means anything can go!

When it comes to pricing, Junk King will provide you with an estimate of how much space your junk will take up on their truck. Since they like to pack their trucks tight, you can bet this will be a very affordable fee. Give Junk King a call today and you’ll be junk free in no time!

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