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Cement Haulers and Clean Up In Stockton

cement disposalA popular new trend in reality television programming are the many home improvement shows. Most of these shows follow a particular formula. A contractor type shows up at a home with his crew and offers to redo a kitchen, a bathroom or backyard. Who would say “no” to the offer of a work crew? Often just as they start one of these major remodels they find some hidden problem like leaky pipes or faulty wiring. This means the project is now in jeopardy. Of course, it’s all just “drama” for the show. In the end, everyone is happy with remodel. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could benefit from that kind of attention for your home? Actually, you might not be able to find a crew of contractors to help with your next remodeling job but you can certainly get help with the cleanup when you hire Junk King Stockton

Junk King are the professional junk haulers whose primary business is helping homeowners and business owners clear out the clutter from their properties. This will mean loading up all kinds of old furniture, kitchen appliances, mattresses, rugs, drapes and other bulky items that are taking up space. However, Junk King isn’t limited to household junk removal. They can also be a huge help with all kinds of construction waste disposal. Consider cement.

Did you know there is a weight restriction in your weekly garbage pickup? There is. You’re limited to just a couple of hundred pounds for each pickup. You probably don’t hit that goal every week but image if you tried to load up your trashcan with a few chunks of cement? It won’t get far off the ground. Here is where Junk King can be a huge asset. The hard working Junk King crew assigned to your removal job won’t have any issues with loading up those blocks of cement onto the back of the Junk King truck. It might look like back breaking work but when the JK Stockton crew handles the gig, it’s over in a snap.

This is why you should think about hiring Junk King when you’re planning a DIY remodel job. You’ll probably start with a little demolition whether that means pulling down kitchen cabinets or tearing up a cracked driveway. You can schedule Junk King to do a late afternoon pick up on the same day as the tear down. That way when you start work the next day, you’ll be doing it in a clean environment. If you hire a contractor for your remodeling project, you might discover they are hiring Junk King for the cleanup. Cut out the middle man and contact Junk King directly for any junk removal project. You’ll be glad you did!

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