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Category Archives: Stockton Furniture Disposal

Stockton Couch Disposal

get rid of old couchCity officials and law enforcement officers take the issue of illegal dumping very serious here in Stockton. This is why you are encouraged to call the Stockton Police Department Neighborhood Services Section if you see any instance of illegal dumping. This doesn’t just mean someone tossing an old tire into a vacant lot but also anyone who leaves something like a couch on the curb. It’s not supposed to go there. Even if you don’t know who dropped off something like that you can still report the problem. Many folks who dump their trash like this think there isn’t a problem because “everybody else is doing it.” That’s why it is vital for you to break the cycle and report illegal dumping when you see it happening.

There is a local company who is dedicated to stopping illegal dumping anyway they can. Junk King are the junk removal experts who make getting rid of bulky items like old couches and appliances extremely hassle free. This means there should be no excuse for dumping something in a back alley or by the side of the road, not when Junk King Stockton is just a phone call away.

Junk King defines “hassle free” as taking away all the work from you. They’ll be sending over a dedicated crew who will perform all the lifting duties. Even if it might only take one strong mover to load up what you’re getting rid of, you’ll still have two crewmembers at the ready. Most Junk King calls involved at least one big item like an old sofa, a stove or something equally bulky. Those same crew members not only know how to lift but they’ll also have the right equipment. That holds true if they need to take something apart or load something in a bin.

The hassle-free attitude also applies to the payment structure. Here you’ll be presented with an estimate that approximates the volume of space your junk will fill up on the Junk King truck. This is a flat fee that covers everything from the labor to dumping charges to truck rental and it’s very competitive. If for any reason all your junk ends up taking up more space you’re not going to be charged any extra. Once you agree on that fee it’s locked in!

When you’re ready to toss out that old couch or any other eyesore around your home then give Junk King a call. They’ll set up an appointment right away and you can experience the simple joy of having all your junk taken away in a single trip!

Back To School Junk Removal In Stockton CA

Back to SchoolAs your kids head back to school, the battle of doing homework begins all over again. Are you prepared this time around? There are some helpful tips you can use to ensure homework success. A lot depends on how old your students are but the number one rule is to eliminate distractions. This means no TV in the background, no music playlists and by all means no Smartphones. You might even want to collect the phones until the homework is done.

You’ll also want to have supplies ready. This means extra paper, pens and pencils. If your student is doing their work on the computer then make sure you’ve got ink and paper for the printer and a thumb drive for backing up. Yes, every piece of computer-generated homework should have a backup so they can’t use the excuse, “The computer ate my homework.”

It’s helpful to pick a standard homework time. This might be right after the kids get home from school or right after dinner. Having a consistent schedule can help kids stay on track. You’ll also want to create a homework zone where the actual work will be done. This is more important for younger students. Your teens can probably be on their own but the young ones might need a helping hand. The dining room table is a good place but if they constantly have to be moved to make way to setting the table then it could be a distraction. You might be better off with a decent desk in the family room where you can watch over the study.

To make way for that desk it might be time to say good-bye to some clutter. Nothing wrong with that and the more junk you can throw out the more space you’ll get back. Here is where a company like Junk King Stockton can be a huge help. These are the junk removal experts who could have your home decluttered in no time.

When you’ve got Junk King working for you there is no end to what you can throw out. That’s because you’ll be getting a pair of very capable movers and their large truck. Another way to look at this process is if it took two movers to bring something in it’s going to take two movers to take it out. That means all your old furniture, appliances and mattresses can finally be removed from the home. You can also count on Junk King Stockton to take away your unwanted e-waste like outdated computers and TVs. Making your home free of junk will go a long way towards having your students score big on their next report card!

Stockton Cabinet Removal and Disposal

What shape is your kitchen in these days? If your kitchen is like the average home kitchen then it is the most visited spot in the house. Have you grown weary of looking at the same counters, cabinets and appliances? Do you yearn for a total makeover? Why not dive in and let this be the year you get a new kitchen. How “new” depends on how radical you want to go. One unique approach to a kitchen remodel is to give yourself more sunlight. Depending on the circumstances, this could be accomplished with a sunroof opening or a broader window over your sink.

The trinity of kitchen appliances is the sink, stove and fridge. If you can get these one the same “line” then you’re creating a practical and functional space. Try to keep the fridge and stove separate as they work best when they have their own space to open and close without interference. Another feature that many homeowners gravitate towards is some sort of central island. The high end of these kitchen islands have built in sinks and plenty of storage space underneath. Other islands become the cook tops. If you’re going in that direction, make sure you have proper ventilation as you would over a normal stove.

New cabinets are where you can really have some decorating fun. You could open for glass or open cabinet doors or a more retro look with a distinct finish. With either choice you’re going to want to get rid of those old cabinets first. Even if you are bringing in a contractor you might want to hand the take down on your own. This will save you man-hours and money in the long run. Just make sure you also schedule a cabinet removal appointment with Junk King.

On the same day those cabinets and countertops come down you could have Junk King Stockton pull up in their big truck ready to fill it up with all your debris. While they’re at it, the Junk King crew can also haul away anything else you want to get rid of. If you’re replacing all of your appliances then piling on your stove, sink and fridge onto the JK truck won’t be a problem. You’ll be getting a two-man crew who is very capable at lifting heavy objects. Put them to work! That’s what they are there for. And you don’t have to stop in the kitchen. If you’ve got junk in the garage or yard you want to toss out let the crew heave it onto the truck with the rest of the debris. Fill up the Junk King Stockton truck and empty your home of clutter!

Furniture Donations Pickup in Stockton – Junk King Stockton

Sometimes even Santa can use a little help. This past Christmas eight Stockton Police officers, a bunch of community service workers and the staff from Arroyo’s Cafe sacrificed Christmas morning with their loved ones to spread a little cheer to over 40 families in need. What made this all the more important was the fact that the children on this list were either victims or witnesses to a violent crime in the past year.

“We come out here and we see the smiles when we bring the gifts and when the kids see Santa,” said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones to a local newspaper. He had his wife and children with him while making the deliveries. “It’s really priceless. It’s building those community bridges.”

A lot of folks lined up to make toy donations including Arroyo’s Cafe, Toys R Us, Morgan Stanley, Unilever Food Solutions, H & H Engineering, Hormel, the Police Officers Association, and many private donors. There were even extra toys on hand to give out to any neighborhood kid who happened to wander by when all the excitement was going on.

Junk King Stockton is another example of a Stockton area business which makes giving back to the community part of their mission. They accomplish this by designating those collected items which could be fixed up and used again to be dropped off at one of the many local charities. In many ways, this puts you front and center with the giving spirit as well. You don’t have to worry about whether or not something you want removed by Junk King is worthy of being a donated item. The JK crews are all well versed as identifying those useful pieces. They’ll be set aside and dropped off at the end of their pickup schedule to a recycling or refurbishing center.

So what are you ready to get rid of? Do you have a garage full of junk that would be better served if it were out of your home? Perhaps there is some old furniture that has seen better days. That can be given a fresh set of cushions or coat of paint by one of the skilled charity workers and then donated to a family in need. Of course, there is some junk that is truly just junk. For that Junk King will make sure it is dropped off at a certified landfill. You won’t have to worry about paying extra even if it means a dozen different drop offs for all of your junk. You’ll only be paying for the amount of space your stuff takes up on the back of the Junk King truck. Giving to charity was never easier!

Stockton Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

Is it time to head back to the gym? Most gyms experience a spike in membership at the beginning of the year. That’s when everybody’s New Year’s Resolutions kick into gear. That’s also the time when some folks decide to forgo the gym and instead opt for a home exercise routine. While noble, most treadmills or other exercise equipment end up gathering dust or being used for a clothes rack. If you’ve never been a gym member before then you should think about these proactive reasons.

With a gym membership comes a gym fee. Shop around and you’re sure to find a gym that offers a very affordable monthly package. Most gyms, especially the bigger chains, not only have low membership fees but there is also a lot included. Find the right gym and you can enjoy indoor swimming or a relaxing sauna. There will also be all kinds of workout classes that are free with every membership. This is a perfect way to stay motivated and meet new friends who are on the same work-out journey as you are. Almost every gym will let you work out for free once or twice so you can get a feel for the place. It’s the perfect way to judge whether this will be your new workout home or not.

Gyms have also gone hi-tech. Most of the cardio equipment will have built in television screens or music channels. You can plug in your earphones and work out while catching up on your favorite soap or new show. Gyms also let you come and go as you please and you leave all the sweat behind. Most gyms do a pretty good job of keeping the unpleasant odors at bay. Can you make the same claim for your home gym? You really don’t want your place smelling like a high school locker room do you?

After adding up all the amenities you’ll get to the real reason you should be in a gym: to stay healthy. There isn’t a diet plan or doctor anywhere on the planet that won’t sing the praises of working out. Even if all you do is a variety of cardio routines three times a week you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Now what are you going to do with that old treadmill or set of dumbbells. Sure you can continue to hang onto that but don’t you have better ways to use that space? When you’re ready to ditch those bulky items then give Junk King Stockton a holler. These are the professional junk haulers who will have no problem loading up that heavy treadmill onto the back of their trunk. They’ll also be able to toss on any other junk you want to get rid of in the same trip. Let Junk King Stockton worry about your clutter removal and you focus on shedding those pounds!

Stockton Apartment Junk Removal

A home is what you make of it. That holds true for a sprawling mansion or a two bedroom apartment. Too often apartment dwellers think they are stuck with the boring white walls and cruddy carpet that they moved in with. The truth is that if you are a good renter and plan to stick around for a while there is no reason why your landlord would be against you making some minor improvements to your surroundings. Top of the list for many apartment dwellers is a new paint job.

Chances are when you first moved into your apartment it was given a fresh coat of paint. It’s also a safe bet that color of paint was white. A landlord can’t anticipate what their new tenant’s favorite color might be so they’ll stick with the neutral white shade. There are many folks who appreciate a clean white while. If you would prefer your walls to reflect your own personality then why not ask the landlord if you can repaint. The only two things they’ll really be concerned about is if it’s going to cost them anything and if it will be returned to the same condition when you move out. You could probably get away with painting an apartment for under $200 if you do all the work yourself. You might even get the landlord to kick in for the paint if he doesn’t have to pay for the labor.

It will then come down to a question of color. Here is where you can make some bold choices that reflect your own tastes and personality. Painting a bedroom in a soothing blue could actually help you fall asleep as this color has been shown to be more relaxing. If you have kids, you could empower them to pick their own color schemes. Of course, whatever they pick they’re going to have to live with!

There are some things you can do in your apartment that you don’t need your landlord’s permission for. Small touches like hanging curtains on the windows or putting up a collage of photos on a wall can add lots of flair and personality to a room. You might also want to consider getting rid of some of the junk you’ve been holding onto since the move in. Whether your storage locker is overflowing or your closets are crammed getting rid of the excess junk is a good way to take a fresh approach to your apartment.

If you hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Stockton to handle this chore you won’t have to worry about making all those trips up and down the stairs or elevator. The pros will manage all that. You could even get a neighbor to pitch in and share the cost by having the junk haulers take their stuff away in the same appointment. Make the most out of your apartment by getting rid of the junk and bringing in your own personality.

Stockton Patio Furniture Disposal

Now that spring has officially sprung and summer is just around the corner, the sound of lawn mowers fill the air. This can inspire you to gaze out into your own backyard to consider the possibilities. Is it time for some new patio furniture? If so, then you might benefit from the following shopping tips.

As you begin your search, you might be surprised to discover there are many stores which specialize in exclusively in patio furniture. They’ll be rolling out their very best selections at this time of year. However, don’t hesitate to shop around because any story that sells furniture will be offering sales and special savings on patio furniture. Even the local Home Depot will have some great bargains.

If you’re buying a piece of furniture with a metal frame look for aluminum because it won’t rust. Stainless steel is also a good material for patio furniture that won’t rust. For cushion fabrics you want to see if they have been UV tested. Yes, just like you need sunscreen your patio furniture also has to be protected from the sun’s unrelenting rays. Take note of what those cushions are made from. If they seem “too light” they are probably made from all fiber which means they’re going to flatten after awhile.

For the heavy chairs, you want to check to see if there are foot glides installed or available to add. This will matter a lot when those chairs are pulled across your decks or patio and you want to avoid scratches. Even though you might not be using this new furniture as much as a sofa in your living room, you still want to make sure you’re getting a good quality product. In fact, because this furniture will be subjected to the elements it has to be extremely durable and well made.

Naturally, you’ll have to get rid of your old patio furniture first to make room for the new collection. Here is where you’re going to need some help. Just as you’ll be having delivery men drop off your new furniture, you should consider professional junk haulers like Junk King Stockton to help cart away the old furniture. These junk haulers can pop the old, rusty furniture into the back of their truck in a matter of minutes but they don’t have to stop there. While they are at it, these same movers can take away any other bulky junk items you want to get rid of. This includes anything in your home, garage or attic. If you are giving your backyard a complete makeover, the movers can take away any old planters, fallen palm branches or piles of construction waste. Because this will be a professional crew you won’t have to worry about how they’ll handle the job. They’ll respect your home and your time.

Stockton Scrap Metal Removal

Recently it was reported that seven cars were stolen from a Stockton auto repair lot. Fortunately, the owner of those stolen cars was able to locate his vehicles at a chop shop not far from his own lot. In case you never heard of the term “chop shop” before it refers to an illegal garage whose sole purpose is to take stolen vehicles and dismantled them down to the hubcaps. In this particular crime a batch of Volvos, Mercedes and BMWs were swiped from Automeister, a Stockton area dealer that specializes in engine repairs on those types of cars. One of the owners got a tip as to where these stolen cars might’ve been taken. It only took him a few hours to track them down within the same community. He called up the California Highway Patrol to handle the rest of the matter. One of the cars recovered was a 68 Volvo Alcoriza that the owner drove in high school.

All of this points out how bold and daring scrap metal thieves can be. Whether it’s a car or copper piping these criminals think there is money to be made and therefore they’ll stop at nothing snatch up any metal they can get their hands on. In order to make any real money scrap metal you need to have dump trucks full of the stuff. That’s the only way to get a decent return. Most of us who might have a little scrap metal around the home could discover that it’s not worth the time and effort required to haul that metal to a dealer in the hopes of getting some cash. You’ll probably spend more on gas then you might make on the metal!

Bottom line: you need to get rid of any metal around your home or business that might become a target to scrap metal thieves. Instead of doing the work yourself call upon some professional junk haulers like Junk King Stockton to handle the job for you. These junk haulers will be experienced with this type of removal. Scrap metal is not like ordinary garbage. In fact, it can be quite hazardous to move about. That’s why you want to let professionals handle this type of job.

Scrap metal can come in many forms. Even an old refrigerator or stove that you were hanging onto in your garage is considered scrap metal. In other words, this type of metal doesn’t have to be rusted or in a pile. The same holds true for things like car fenders or aluminum siding. Basically if you can stick a magnet onto it then it’s metal. As these same junk haulers are carting away your scrap metal they can also take on the task of removing any other type of junk you might want to get rid of. This can include old furniture, boxes of clothing or even a piano. The goal should always be to keep your home as free of clutter as possible.

Stockton Garage Junk Clean Out

We’ve all have said at least once in our life that “time flies.” Wasn’t it just Christmas? Now spring is officially just a few weeks away and you won’t be able to escape the idea of tackling a spring cleaning project. A lot of this has to do with the simple act of opening up a window. When you let that fresh air in a gives you a chance to take a look around your surroundings and think about what else needs freshening up. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to clean you’re certainly not alone. But a comprehensive spring cleaning of your home can leave you refreshed and invigorated. The key is not to become overwhelmed with the enormity of the project.

The first proactive step you can take for your spring cleaning project is to set down a plan. This could mean dedicating specific hours for the cleaning. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything all at once in a single day. You could tackle different rooms in your home over the course of several weekends. It all comes down to a matter of focus and avoiding distractions. If you set down specific times for cleaning then you should turn off the phone and let the rest the family know this is the project that is happening.

Speaking of the family, if you’ve got kids then spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to put them to work. This might mean leaving them to their own rooms but it still comes back to that issue of focus. If you spend two hours cleaning your kitchen then the kids should be spending those two hours cleaning their rooms.

To truly embrace the concept of spring cleaning you really want to approach your room with a top to bottom attitude. Don’t forget the corners of the ceiling or the baseboards of the floor. Everything could use a good dusting or mopping.

There are certain rooms in your home which will have you confronting piles of junk. This is not something to be intimidated by especially when you’ve got that positive spring cleaning attitude on your side. If you know you’re going to be throwing away a lot of stuff then you might want to have a team of professional junk haulers in Stockton like Junk King on standby alert to become your spring cleaning partners. This is especially true if you’re tackling something like a garage or attic that has become your family’s de facto storage bin.

Junk King Stockton’s professional junk hauling crew can arrive at the appointed hour with their muscle and their truck ready to be filled. Instead of you moving around heavy items these junk haulers will be up to the task. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. It’s amazing how easy spring cleaning can become when you’ve got the extra manpower on your side; not to mention an empty truck for hauling!

How To Get Rid of Junk – Junk King Removal Stockton

The awareness surrounding the issue of hoarding has grown since the reality series “Hoarders” and “Hoarders: Buried Alive” have gained in popularity. As a result, more folks are confronting their own hoarding tendencies and wondering whether or not it will ever get as bad as it shown on reality TV.
Here are some facts about hoarding: compulsive hoarding affects anywhere between 700,000 to 1.4 million people in the US. Additionally, compulsive hoarding is often diagnosed as a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. That’s because upwards of 42% of the people with OCD have been found to also have a compulsion to hoard. A person who becomes an obsessive hoarder actually begins their collecting in childhood but is not until they become an adult that the issue grows in severity.
In many cases, hoarding is more about the fear surrounding the idea of throwing something away as opposed to collecting or saving an item. When a compulsive hoarder thinks about throwing something away it triggers anxiety which in turn causes them to want to hang onto that item. Quite often hoarding runs in families. It’s also frequently associated with other mental health disorders like depression, social anxiety or bipolar disorder. One thing that many hoarders have in common is that they hardly ever recognize their problem. It’s only when other family members or friends stage an intervention does the issue become real for them.
For hoarders who have reached that severe level, therapists are often brought into the home to help these folks develop more effective behavior patterns. This could mean working for hours on end to clean out even a single drawer in the kitchen.
Hopefully, your own “collecting” hasn’t gone this far that requires professional treatment. The reason many of us hold onto junk is simply because we don’t have the means to throw it away. That no longer has to be the case in Stockton when you can call up Junk King Stockton and schedule a major removal session.
The crew from Junk King Stockton are decluttering specialists. They can instantly size up any amount of discarded junk and know what it will take to cart it away. The real issue becomes whether or not you want to throw that stuff away. Ask yourself why are you holding onto that old sofa? Do you really need all those car parts in the garage? Is anyone ever going to use that old sporting equipment again? Could you ever make anything out of the scraps of lumber left over from that remodel job? When you realize that you’re holding onto junk for no good reason that’s the time to bring in Junk King. The Junk King crew are fully licensed and insured. These are exactly the kind of workers you want to bring into your home. What Junk King Stockton will leave behind is wide open spaces in your garage, attic and closets. What you do with that space is all up to you!
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