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New Year’s Resolution 2013 Junk King Stockton

There’s one New Year’s resolution that you could keep which would make you feel great every day of the year. No, not losing weight (which is a good resolution too!). We’re talking about giving your home a makeover. Unlike the popular TV series, you don’t have to tear everything down and start building from scratch. Instead make a resolution for some much needed deep cleaning and decorating. If you set your mind to it you could accomplish the kind of floor to ceiling cleaning that will last for a long time in just a single weekend. Some simple follow up cleaning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and you’ve got a home that is sparkling for a long time.

What shape are your floors in? If you have carpets you can bring in a professional carpet cleaning company but to save money you could also rent a high-grade carpet cleaner from your local grocery store. It’s amazing how much dirt you can pick up with a few passes of that carpet cleaner. If you have hardwood floors that are scrapped up, it might be time for a refinishing coat. Once again you can rent the equipment such as a sander or polish buffer from your local Home Depot or other hardware store.

Once the floors have been given a makeover it might be time to give the walls in your room a refreshing with new paint job. Here is where you can explore the option of bringing in more of your personality through your choice of wall paint. Yes, basic white is very popular and practical but a warm red or yellow can really transform a room. This is another DIY project that doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or expense. You’ll also have a wonderful sense of accomplishment if you do it yourself.

Before any of those projects can be tackled, you’ll want to get rid of the unused clutter in your home. The best way to tackle that project is by hiring Junk King Stockton. This will put a two-man crew and big truck under your command. Yes, they’ll be doing all the lifting, loading and driving. All you have to do is tell the crew what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. And have no fear; the vast majority of what Junk King will be removing could end up at a local recycling center or charity organization for repurposing. That means you’ll be doing your bit for the environment and clean your home all in one trip.

As soon as Junk King can clear out the clutter, you’ll have a better sense of what you’ll want to accomplish when it comes to improving your home. This is one New Year’s resolution that will be easy to keep with Junk King on your side.

Recycling News in Stockton, CA

Where does your recycling money go? That’s the question being asked of some concerned citizens and members of the CA state legislature as they make a review of collected funds. The official agency charged with handling task is the Beverage Container Recycling Fund. If you buy milk, wine or liquor you won’t be charged a fee but everything else has a five or ten cent charge tacked on. Most of that money is “recycled” back to the consumer in the form of rebates. In fact, nearly 85% of all recyclable containers are turned into cash. That translates to 17 billion out of 20 billion of these types of containers sold every year.

However, that still left around $113 million in collected revenue. The question now becomes should that money goes back to fund state programs or sit in a bank to collect interest? It would make sense if that money can flow back to the community and help defer the increase of things like property tax. But whenever there is a surplus of any amount you can bet there will be a lot of fighting over how to spend that money.

Recycling shouldn’t be so complicated. For most consumers it isn’t. We simply sort out our recyclables, place them in the blue bin and call it a day. But we can kick that up a notch by recycling bigger pieces of junk. To do that you’ll need the help of a company like Junk King Stockton. Ever since they’ve set up shop here in Stockton, Junk King has worked diligently to incorporate eco-friendly policies for all its junk removal projects. This means their crews are trained to do on-site sorting of all the collected junk they gather from a home or business. From the site, Junk King transports that junk to one of the many certified recycling centers located around the Stockton area. There is no extra charge for this green service; it’s all part of the package!

Most people don’t realize that their big-ticket items like an old stove or washing machine could be recycled. The same can be said for most furniture and e-waste. It can all be broken down and repurposed. The idea for consumers is to make recycling as simple a process as possible. Think about this: if you had to drop off your own soda cans or newspapers each week would you still recycle? Probably not and that’s okay. With Junk King you’ll be able to recycle with the same amount of effort you take with your small items. In other words, it won’t cause you any extra time or hassle. Keep Stockton clean and let Junk King keep your home clear of clutter.

Stockton Bulk Pickup

There are many local Stockton area charities which have made it easy for you to get rid of an old clunker of a car. These are for those autos in your possession which you know you can’t sell or trade in. They might have more miles on them then you care to admit. In some extreme cases, these cars aren’t even running anymore and are just taking up space in the driveway. When you contact these charities, they make all the arrangements to pick up the car and have it towed away. You’ll be signing the title over to them and alerting the DMV this car is no longer in your possession. In return, you get to take a decent sized tax deduction and it’s all on the up and up. But what about the other bulky items you want taken away? Not many charities are going to want an eight year old mattress or a worn out sofa. When you’ve got bulk you want to get rid of Junk King Stockton is the best way to go.

Junk King is a specialist when it comes to the removal and proper disposal of oversized items. Think for a minute what it took to bring some of those big things into your home. Every sofa, dining room table, washing machine, refrigerator or bedroom set had to be brought in on the back of a huge moving truck. Often it took at least two able bodied movers to get that heavy object from the truck, up the stairs and into your home. It should be no different with the removal of those objects and that’s why you’ll be getting with a Junk King Stockton crew. Think of them as “movers in reverse.” But there is a big difference between Junk King and your average home mover and that’s with pricing.

As you probably already know, when you hire movers you’re paying per mover in labor costs. You’re also paying travel time and there are minimum charges for all of that. If those movers get stuck in traffic, you’re paying for that! With Junk King you’re only paying a price based on the amount of space that your junk has taken up in the back of their truck. That’s it. No labor, dumping fees or “surprise” charges. Isn’t that the fairest approach for this type of job? Of course it is and that’s what you’re getting with Junk King.

Finally, you can get your home free of all those things that have been taking up space in hallways, closets or garages and you won’t have to lift a finger. Call Junk King Stockton today to find out how they can help you get to a clutter-free home.

Junk Removal for Stockton Realtors

Over the last couple of months, the city of Stockton has taken a hit in terms of its economy. But there are some “green shoots” showing that the city might be on the mend. The restructuring of its finances is going to help shore up the area and folks will soon find that Stockton is a great place to live, work and raise a family. To do that, they are going to need a place to live. A depressed housing market can actually reveal a silver lining for potential new homeowners. This is because a lot of those homes that have been foreclosed upon are in need of a little TLC to bring them back to life. A savvy realtor understands this and that’s why they make an alliance with a company like Junk King.

Junk King is the Stockton junk removal specialist who helps folks living in all kinds of environments clear out the clutter. They also assist business owners with opening up storage space in warehouses and offices. Basically, if there are mounds of garbage to be tossed out then Junk King is the team to get the job done right. In the real estate market, Junk King can swarm down to an abandoned home and clean it of debris in one afternoon. Often this requires cleaning out the place from floor to ceiling. Gone will be all the drapes, furniture, carpet and appliances left behind by the previous tenant. All of those items are probably in pretty bad shape otherwise those previous tenants would have taken them with them. It’s not a worry for Junk King Stockton.

If it looks like the job will require more than the typical two-man Junk King crew then you can arrange to have even more help. The great thing is that you’re not going to be charged for labor costs. Junk King charges by volume; as in how much volume the junk will take up on their truck. This assessment is made by a Junk King Stockton supervisor who will come out to the property (free of charge) to look over the junk and make an estimate. Once you agree on the price, the removal appointment is scheduled. In some cases that could even happen in the same day! Junk King likes to move fast.

After the property is clear of trash you can bring in whatever painters or home staging experts you deem necessary to get the property market ready. Bottom line: don’t be put off by a first impression. If there is garbage on the property, let Junk King worry about that. You worry about how you’re going to spend your commission!

Stockon News: Debris Removal

STOCKTON, CA – Some old-fashioned complaining by Jewel Abraham kicked the city into gear and got trash cleaned up that had been littering her south Stockton neighborhood.

There’s more work to do, she said.

“I’m willing to do it myself,” Abraham said. “I need some serious help because its a big job.”

Abraham, a senior citizen, earlier this month complained to The Record that a vacant lot up from her Clay Street home had turned into a makeshift dump. An empty rental home two doors down swirled with trash.

Within days, the debris had mysteriously been cleaned up, she said.

“I don’t know who did that clean-up,” she said. “I am so grateful.”

Councilwoman Susan Eggman, who represents District 5, said she saw the story and made some calls to city staff, saying that Abraham’s neighborhood needed attention, or Eggman’s group of volunteers was ready.

“Get it done, or I’ll get it done myself,” said Eggman, repeating her message. “If an elected official can’t make government work, an elected official shouldn’t be in office.”

Eggman said that the lesson learned from Abraham’s trash dilemma is that residents shouldn’t suffer in silence. If City Hall doesn’t respond, contact your council member, she said.

Eggman said she had a team of volunteers ready to take action, but city workers cleaned up the area. It is ultimately every person’s responsibility not to throw your trash where you stand, she said.

“It’s common decency,” Eggman said.

Abraham said that the block she lives on may have been addressed, but not far beyond that there are lots covered with trash and buildings tagged with unsightly graffiti, signs that nobody cares.

“It’s so inappropriate,” Abraham said. “I don’t like living like this.”

For those Stockton residents that need some help with their heavy duty debris disposal – simply call Junk King Stockton at 1-888-888-JUNK.

Stockton Landscaping Cleanup

Have you taken part in Stockton’s Clean Sweep Program? The Clean Sweep is a yearly event to give Stockton stock residents a chance to get rid of their bulk items. There are 9 geographic zones that are split up between February and October which make up the Clean Sweep areas. Here are the guidelines as set forth by the Department of Public Works:

“All materials other than the large bulky items listed above must be boxed or bagged. All containers must weigh less than 40 pounds when full and be strong enough to hold the items without breaking. Place items, at curbside, in the street in front of your residence and away from vehicles. Do not block traffic. Do not place your pile out until the night before collection. Placing material out before the approved time will result in Code Enforcement action for blocking the right-of-way and a possible fee for removal of the pile.”

Technically, you would be notified at least ten days in advance as to when the Clean Sweep crews will be coming through your neighborhood. Sadly, those notices might be tossed out as junk mail. If you miss the sweep then what happens? You have the option to call Junk King Stockton to provide you with a clean sweep that works on your schedule.

Junk King is a business operating right here in Stockton that is best describe as “junk removal specialists.” Although the word “junk”  is in their title, they also have made a solid reputation for all kinds of landscape debris removal. What do you have lying around your backyard that you want to get rid of? Maybe its tires, a rusty car fender, engine parts, broken pieces of concrete, old patio furniture, a swing set the kids have out grown or just piles of dirt. Any off those items would be fair game for the Junk King crew. They’re not afraid to get dirty or to break a sweat to get the job done.

Junk King Stockton isn’t picky. You might call them to clear out your yard but then realize  you’ve got a lot of trash in your garage or shed that can also be tossed out. Maybe even an above ground pool that has seen better days. As long as you drain it before Junk King shows up, they’ll be happy to tear it down and toss it onto their truck.

The dedicated workers who represent Junk King are all licensed, bonded and insured. That’s the level of professional service you can count on when you hire Junk King. Are you ready to get rid of your stuff? Let Junk King make the clean sweep for you!

Stockton Computer Recycling and Disposal

Yes, mom and dad, it’s time to celebrate. The start of a new school year is just around the corner! That means a time honored tradition of shopping for school supplies. Depending on what grade your youngster is heading into there might be a need for a new laptop or computer. Nowadays, many schools are allowing students to bring in their laptops and Smartphones to incorporate into a lesson. Instead of running away from technology they’re embracing it. What these educators are finding out is that the kids are becoming more engaged when they can work with familiar tools. And we all know how smart our kids are when it comes to computer usage.

Unlike clothes, a computer is not something that can necessarily be handed down from sibling to sibling. If it is still in working order then its programs might be outdated or it lacks a built-in modem. Worst case scenario is that the hard drive has been fried and there’s nothing you can do. Buying a new computer leaves you with a decision to make about the old one: Throw it out or shove it away? Most folks know that a computer is considered hazardous waste in terms of disposal. In other words, it can’t be tossed out with the weekly garbage. Knowing that, it’s easy to stuff the desktop or laptop into a closet or under a bed and forget about it. But that’s not a good use of your limited home space. The best course of action is to have that computer properly recycled and disposed off.

There are a handful of certified computer recycling centers around the Stockton area that would be happy to take all of your electronic waste. The hook is that you’ve got to drive it there. That’s not always such a practical choice. Enter Junk King Stockton. This is the Stockton based business who specializes in junk removal of all kinds and that includes e-waste. It might seem like a huge deal to call up professional junk haulers to take away one computer. Actually, it is. So why not go beyond tossing out your computer? Is there anything else you want to get rid of that can’t fit into the garbage can?

If you’re embracing the start of the school year as a time to “start fresh” then maybe it’s time for the kids to clean out the junk from their room. You might just have the right motivation with a kid who is making that transition from pre-teen to full blown teen! While the kids are going through their room looking for junk, you’ll probably find plenty for the Junk King Stockton to take away. What’s in your garage or attic or closets that can get gone? Start with recycling the old computer and finish with cleaning out all the junk in your home.

Alternatives to Stockton Dumpster Rentals

According to the Stockton Municipal Code “it is unlawful for any person in the City to throw or deposit any recyclable material, green waste, rubbish or waste matter or to cause the same to be thrown or deposited upon any street.” What they are saying is you can’t dump garbage in the street. They go on to explain this because “the Public Works Municipal Service Center is responsible for maintaining the City’s public right-of-ways. This includes keeping the public streets, alleys and sidewalks free of debris and weeds.”

This same unlawful dumping applies to the storm drain system as well. Once again we can turn to the municipal code for guidance: “The storm drain system is for the sole purpose of collecting rainwater overflow. Dumping trash, pollutants and debris in the catch basins is illegal and is a federal violation of the Clean Water Act of 1972, as well as the City of Stockton’s Municipal Code. Pollutants may require an immediate clean up to prevent them from getting into our local waterways.” They have also set up a hot line where folks can call in and report any illegal dumping they see. In this age of persistent cell phone cameras it’s going to be very hard for someone to get away with this kind of nonsense.

Now that it has been firmly established in your mind that illegal dumping can get you into plenty hot water you can see where having a dumpster on your property might cause a problem. That’s because folks who are looking to get rid of their trash (illegal dumping!) could just decide to use your dumpster. Why not? It’s just sitting there waiting to be filled up. And don’t think just because your dumpster rental might be on your driveway that it would be off-limits to anyone who is looking to get rid of garbage. Sure, they may not dump their trash in the middle of the day but if they’ve got in their car there is nothing that can stop them from driving back late into the night to make their trash deposit.

This is one of the primary reasons why renting a dumpster is such a bad idea. You’re just going to be attracting all kinds of unwanted visitors. The alternative is to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Stockton to accomplish whatever task you might need a dumpster for. Whether you’re looking to get rid of construction waste from a remodeling project or cleaning out all the junk from your home professional junk haulers will be up to the challenge. They’ll have a team of experienced movers and a big truck eager to be filled. The added bonus is that the professional junk haulers can come and go wherever your junk is and take it out. Simply put, if you want to get rid of your junk then get rid of it; don’t have it sitting around in a dumpster!

Stockton Junk Recycling Tips

So what’s your favorite soda? By the size of the soda industry and the amount of variety to choose from it clear carbonated beverages are very popular. Because so much soda is consumed every day there’s a lot of aluminum cans and plastic bottles that have to be taken care of. Many states like California have turned to comprehensive recycling programs to not only help clean up the clutter of tossed out cans but also provide a viable source of income for many folks. Not to mention the fact that for every recycled can we lessen our impact natural resource usage and can cut back on greenhouse gases.
In Stockton, as with everywhere else in the state, consumers are allowed recycle cans for money under the California Refund Value (CRV) program. Each can under 24 ounces can bring you five cents while a container 24 ounces or more is worth ten cents. That can add up pretty quickly. Where is all this money coming from to pay for these bottles and cans? Actually you pay for it every time you buy a soda. Look at your receipt and you’ll see a CRV charge added to purchase so it is basically a net neutral program.
Throughout the state there are over 2,000 certified recycling centers where you can drop off at can or two or 100 and receive a receipt that you can cash in for money. There are some community organizations that use recycling programs to supplement the funding for their activities. Most Stockton residents simply toss out their aluminum cans in the weekly curbside recycling bin. Anyone of these options is great as long as recycling is going on.
Although aluminum soda cans make up the bulk of California’s recycling program there’s a lot more that can be recycled if you think about. This is in the area of large pieces of junk that can’t be thrown out in that weekly recycle pickup. To get rid of this junk the best option is to hire some professional haulers, like Junk King Stockton, who are experienced in hauling away trash. The difference with hiring these type of movers is that you can designate your junk to get recycled. Suppose you have an old washing machine or fender from a car? There is a lot of metal in those two items that can be melted down and reused again. The key question is would you even know where to take that item? This would be followed up with do you have the means to take a large items to recycling center? The last thing you want to do is scuff up your car with some rusty junk. That won’t be a problem when you hire a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King. They love nothing more than to get all dirty the junk that tossing in the back of the truck!
The experienced junk hauling crew will also know which specific recycling center would be best for your item. Not all recyclables know the same place but that’s not something you have to worry about you bring in the pros!  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Stockton Junk Removal

Stockton is the 13th largest city in California and the fourth largest city in the Central Valley and is constantly expanding. Although that expansion can take many forms before any major construction project starts anywhere in Stockton the first group of people who get a crack at that site are archaeologists. They are allowed to examine the excavation site to see if there might not be any relevant historical finds buried in the ground. When you consider that most of Stockton has been around for well over 100 years then you can realize the amount of history that might just be under a few layers of dirt. One of the most valuable finds for any archaeologist is to actually uncover a prehistoric dump. That’s where you’ll find out how a civilization really did live

Left behind in a dump are all the remnants of food, clothing, toys and other articles of life that really do indicate a sense of society and culture. This is why whenever digging for a new building we need to let those archaeologists take a stab at seeing what they can uncover. Which brings up an interesting issue: suppose we were to flash ahead a hundred years from now and revisit your home. What might a future archaeologist discover about how you once lived? They should find an assortment of furniture, books and magazines along with articles of clothing perhaps your car and some other personal mementos. But what about all the stuff you meant to throw out these many years? Suppose they were to think that junk was what was really special to you? How embarrassing would that be?
Of course, most of us won’t have to worry about having it archaeologist dig around our homes but we should be concerned about the amount of junk we are actually hanging onto. This could be the stuff that is crammed under beds, into closets or even in spare rooms that is causing our homes overflow with debris. Even if you haven’t rates the official “hoarding” stage you probably still could fill up a decent size truck with plenty of items you no longer want in your home. When you’re ready to do an operation like that the Junk King Stockton will be standing by to help.
Junk King Stockton is a local junk hauling franchise that specializes in the removal of all kinds of junk. We’re talking any shape or size. There will be nothing too big or bulky that a Junk King crew won’t be able to haul away. Because this is a professional operation you know that they are dependable and insured. This matters a lot especially for any workers you’re bringing in your home.
The first step with working with Junk King Stockton is to call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online. Once that happens you’ll agree on the time and then the junk King crew will show up on the appointed hour and get rid of that trash. It really is the only civilized way of handling your garbage.
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