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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Things To Clear Out For Roommate

Are you thinking about bringing a roommate into your home or apartment? Whether this will be a new experience or simply a new roommate, there are things you should do to get ready for them. A lot of that involves clearing out clutter. It’s a good time to take stock of all your stuff and decide what you can get rid of. Here’s what you need to clear out for your roommate:


Their Room

Your last roommate might have left a few things behind in their bedroom. Although you can offer them to your new roommate, chances are they would much rather have an empty space. That means you need to get rid of all the leftover furniture and other rubbish. If you’ve used this room as your own storage area, then it’s time to get rid of all the stuff you’re holding onto. Probably a safe bet that most of what you have in storage you could probably live without.

Their Closet

In addition to clearing out the bedroom, you also have to clear out the closet. Everyone wants a clean closet when they move in. There could be a communal closet in the hallway that you might want to offer your new roommate. That would mean clearing out at least half of the stuff you have in there now. That would seem fair since they’ll be paying half the rent.

Kitchen cabinet

Having a roommate means sharing common spaces like living room, bathroom and kitchen. Depending on their situation, your new roommate could either come with enough stuff to fully stock the kitchen or just a few mugs. You can make them feel welcome by clearing out a specific cabinet for their stuff. It may be smarter to have separate cabinets just to keep things apart.

Storage Unit

If you’re living space has an exterior storage unit or garage, then you might need to do some clearing out there as well. Your roommate will certainly have stuff they’ll want to put in storage.

This sounds like a lot of junk removal but thankfully, you don’t have to do this on your own. Help is just a phone call away to Junk King St. Petersburg. These professional junk haulers will send over a team of dedicated workers who can quickly remove all the things you want tossed out. The cost for their services is always based on how much space your stuff will take up on the truck. Make your roommate feel welcome with a junk clearing session from Junk King St. Petersburg.

Keep The Bugs Away With These Natural Homemade Repellents

The last thing you would want at your next summer party would be uninvited guests. That would be all the past and bugs who are out in full force during the summer. Back in the day, we thought nothing of spraying on the aerosol bug spray. Although there are a variety of safe chemical bug sprays, they are still chemicals. If you want to avoid a list of ingredients that reads like a chemistry exam, then consider making your own safe bug repellents. You might be surprised at the ingredients you can pull from your own kitchen cabinets to keep the bugs away.


Spice Powders

How often do you cook with garlic, cinnamon or cayenne pepper powder? If the answer is, “Quite a lot,” then you’ve probably got a good supply of these powders in your spice rack. It turns out that the little creepy crawlers don’t much care for the spices. You can sprinkle a heavy line of these powders around the foundation of your home to create a kind of anti-bug force field for the crawling variety like ants.

Vinegar and Herbs

Apple cider vinegar makes a terrific base for safe bug repellents. You might not appreciate having the smell of vinegar on your body. That is why you want to blend in herbs like mint, lavender, sage or thyme. Add a little water to a spray bottle that is half-full of the vinegar and top it off with your herb of choice. Let it all steep over night and you’ve got a wonderful repellent with zero chemicals.

Essentials Oils

You can also make another bug repellent mixture with vinegar and essential oils. Try 10-15 drops of mint, tea tree, spearmint, lemon, clove or eucalyptus in a spray bottle that is half vinegar and half water. Voila. Bug repellent that smells nice.

Witch Hazel

If you’re not crazy about using vinegar in your bug repellent, you can swap out Witch Hazel in the same recipes as mentioned above. This bug repellent might have a bit more of a “kick” when applied to the skin. Just beware of it stinging any cuts or scrapes.

Once you made your safe bug repellents, you can keep them around throughout the summer. They’re also great for camping and beach days. Before your backyard fun kicks into high gear, you want to make sure that your yard is clear of potential health hazards. That includes those things the kids have been having fun on for the last several years. An old trampoline could be very dangerous if it has become rusty or torn. Thankfully, Junk King St. Petersburg is standing by to lend a hand with that trampoline removal. They can also get rid of the rest of your yard debris in the same pick up appointment. The best way to have fun this summer in your backyard is to get rid of all the junk and the bugs.

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