Here’s How To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

Warm weather can often trick plants into sprouting early. That is a more of a problem in states where it gets very cold. Here in St. Petersburg, the spring plants know when they should make their first appearance. They’ll be helped along by all the prep work you do in the garden. Here’s how to get your garden ready for spring:


Pull Weed

It doesn’t matter if the weeds are leftover from winter or new “sprouts,” they all have to go. The goal with weeds is to pull them out by the root. That way they won’t grow back. If you’re not confident with your pulling abilities, it might be time to dig in and go deep.


Timing is crucial when it comes to pruning and spring is a good time especially for those shrubs and flowers that bloom in June. As long as you’ve got the pruning shears out, you might want to give your trees a cut. Anything taller than a six-foot ladder you should leave to the pros.

Fertilize the Beds

Before you plant any need seedlings you want to get your soil ready. That means fertilizer. This can be brought in from your favorite nursery. If you have a compost pile, then you’ve got all the fertilizer you need. It might be a good idea to pre-test the soil for ph levels and then test again after the fertilizer has been there for a few days. Hopefully, you’ll see a big difference.

Stake Out Your Garden

A new garden requires the same kind of planning as furnishing a room. You want to spend time imaging how things will look before you put them in place. With a garden, you can use your seed packets to get a sense of how your new flowers should be grouped together. When planting veggies, it might help to get the stakes in early for tomato plants. Much easier to plant around stakes already in the ground than trampling on plants to put up stakes.

Clear Out Debris

It is not just your garden that needs to have debris cleared but your entire backyard. We’re not just talking about raking leaves (do that!) but getting rid of all the rubbish. Your backyard is for relaxing not storing construction materials or auto parts. And if you have furniture you know you’re not going to use, then turn it all over to Junk King St. Petersburg. These junk hauling experts can quickly swoop in and provide you with amazing help to get rid of all that eyesore rubbish. The first step for getting your garden ready for spring is a junk clearing session with Junk King St. Petersburg.

Getting Your Toddler Ready For A Big Bed

Somewhere between potty training and staring kindergarten is a good time to make the switch from crib to a toddler bed. Even though your little one might be in preschool, they could still be sleeping in a crib. Nothing wrong with that. But by the time they are ready for kindergarten they will definitely be too big for the crib. You also want to wait until after the potty training because you don’t want to give them too much to process. Here are some other things you can do to get your toddler ready for a big bed:


Set New Rules

As with any milestone, there are new rules. When a baby learns to stand, they also have to learn not to pull things off of tables. A toddler bed allows for “in and out” privileges that weren’t around during the crib years. Just because they have that freedom doesn’t mean they can explore. You should let your child know that they can only leave the bed by asking permission.

There might also be an issue of crawling into bed with you. That is fine during the occasional thunderstorm but you don’t want to get into the habit. Even if they come to sleep in your bed, you should carry them back to their own bed. That is where they should wake up.

Increase Safety

Of course, just because you tell a child a rule, doesn’t mean they’re going to follow it. They’re going to get out of that bed at night if for no other reason than to test their boundaries. A bedroom on the second floor would benefit from a security gate at the top of the stairs. Elsewhere throughout the house, you want to make sure kitchen, bathroom and medicine cabinets are secure and out of reach.

It will help to place the new bed in the same position as the crib. Keep it away from windows and blind cords. To make room, you might need to tap the services of Junk King St. Petersburg. These are professional junk haulers who can make quick work of clearing out your toddler’s bedroom of all the stuff they’ve outgrown. Those items can then be donated to a charity so nothing goes to waste. The best approach to getting your toddler’s room ready for the big bed is hiring Junk King St. Petersburg.

Making The Most Out Of Home Junk Removal

Every week the city garbage collectors will make their appointed rounds picking up your trash, recyclables and yard waste. It is a very efficient system provided you follow the rules. Those rules include proper placement of the trashcan itself and making sure there is no overflowing trash. Anything that is outside of the trashcan is considered a bulk item. That puts pickup into a whole other category. You might be able to schedule a single item bulk pickup from the city garbage collectors but what if you’re cleaning out a garage or organizing your closet? You’ll be tossing out a lot more than one item. That’s when you need to hire Junk King St. Petersburg to make the most out of your junk removal.


Do you think you could fill up an entire moving truck with all the stuff you want to get rid of in your home? You’ll have that opportunity with Junk King on the job. They’ll not only provide you with the truck but also the manpower. Unlike renting a dumpster where you have to do that loading, the Junk King team is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. That includes climbing any stairs.

You can imagine what a difference having movers to handle this type of work can make. You won’t have to hesitate getting rid of any have object like a couch or loveseat. The Junk King crew is also the perfect team to turn over things like broken appliances like an old stove or washer. They can even bring up a water heater from the basement!

You’ll also make the most of your junk removal with Junk King with how they will dispose of your items. Not everything they collect ends up in a landfill. The only way to achieve the goal of zero-waste is to avoid the landfills all together. Junk King helps with that by making drop offs to charities and recycling centers. All of this work is included on the package. You don’t even have to decide what items could be recycled. You might be surprised at what the crew picks out! Don’t just toss out one piece. Get rid of all of your junk with help from Junk King St. Petersburg.

Cool Ideas For A Home Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own home business? There are plenty of folks who have ditched the traditional 9-5 workforce and set up shop in their own homes. There is a lot of freedom and flexibility with a home business. Plus, very low overhead. What could your home business be? There are many possibilities to consider.


Pet Grooming

If you take care of your own pet’s grooming like giving baths and trimming nails, then you already have the basic skills for this home business. It might mean setting up a salon in your garage or basement but that minor investment could start earning your money right away. Just think of all the neighborhood dogs that would become clients.

Party Planning

How many parties did you go to last year? Did the hostess always seem frazzled? You could step in and use your planning skills to help pull together all kinds of parties. The big ticket would be helping with wedding receptions but there are also anniversaries, kid birthdays and corporate events that can also be part of your business. A couple of parties each month can translate into success.

Child Proofing

If you’re handy with a screwdriver and drill, then you might be able to set up a child proofing business. This is where you go to homes and help secure the environment for a curious toddler. Switching out electric outlet plates, installing safety gates and providing locks for cabinets are just some of the things your business can help parents with. This is a much needed service.


If you have a background in education, then becoming a private tutor makes a lot of sense. Throughout the year, you’ll find many of potential students who need that extra help with their studies. During SAT prep time, you could obtain even more clients. Very rewarding.

To set up any type of home business, you’ll want to first set up a home office. This is an area that you can dedicated to marketing your business and acquiring new clients. Most of that work can be done online but you need an office without distractions to get it done. First step: Call in Junk King St. Petersburg to clear out the clutter. Whether you’re setting up your office in the spare room or garage, you don’t want to be surrounded by rubbish. Let Junk King St. Petersburg help get your home business started off right by clearing out the clutter today.

St. Petersburg Recycling Facts

We all know that recycling involves separating our paper, plastic and soda cans. That’s easy. It is even easier when the city provides recycling bins for curbside pickup. Beyond that home recycling program, what other benefits are there from recycling? Consider these facts:


Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, and 2 barrels of oil. Every ton of paper recycled can save the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline. Those 17 trees can absorb a total of 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year. Burning that same ton of paper would create 15,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. The process of recycling paper instead of making it from new materials generates 74% less air pollution and uses 50% less water. Manufacturing recycled paper uses only 60% of the energy needed to make paper from new materials. The construction costs of a paper mill designed to use recycled paper is 50% to 80% less than the cost of a mill using new pulp.

What about all those cans? Recycling steel and tin cans saves 74% of the energy used to make them from virgin materials. A used aluminum can is recycled and back in use as a new can in as little as 60 days. Used aluminum cans are the most recycled item in the U.S. Other types of aluminum, such as siding, gutters, car components, storm window frames and lawn furniture can also be recycled. There is no limit to the amount of times aluminum can be recycled. A steel mill using recycled scrap reduces water pollution, air pollution, and mining waste by about 70%. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours or saves the equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline.

Then there is all the plastic that gets recycled. What happens with that material? 86% of plastic bottles in the U.S. end up in a landfill or incinerator. That averages to around 60 million plastic bottles ending up in landfills and incinerators every day.

All of that recycling generates a positive impact but you don’t have to stop with paper, plastic and metal. Junk King St. Petersburg can help you recycle all kinds of bigger objects like furniture, clothing and appliances. If they can drop those things off at a charity, then it still counts as recycling. If you want to expand your home recycling program, then count on Junk King St. Petersburg to get it done.

Best Approach To Heavy Yard Debris Removal

If you have ever met someone who lives heavy objects for living, then they will no doubt tell you that you do have to lift with your legs and not your back. That’s actually a good approach to take lifting anything regardless of its weight. Bending over automatically puts strain on your back. You could throw out your back by picking up a napkin. This is why you don’t want to get involved with any heavy yard debris removal project. Yes, you want to get rid of that stuff but that doesn’t mean you have to do the lifting and loading. That is a job best left for Junk King St. Petersburg.


The movers who work for Junk King St. Petersburg have been licensed and insured. There also among that select group of professionals who know proper technique for lifting heavy objects. They might use specialized equipment for the task but they still have to lift a thing off the ground to get it onto that equipment. What is heavy in your yard that you want to get rid of? Patio furniture? A grill? A power lawnmower? All of those things can easily be placed on the back of the Junk King truck for proper disposal.

Knowing that you have a pair of movers and a truck at your disposal might inspire you to get rid of some other heavy objects around your house. The junking crew can take away the old crib, futon or recliner. They can also fill up the truck with a bunch of little things like outdated electronics and appliances. It is clear that one session with Junk King St. Petersburg can truly transform your home and free up a lot of storage space.

When you know what items you want to get rid of, you’ll be ready to set up your appointment. That’s easily taken care with a single phone call. You can also book it online. Most sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. If you’d rather wait to the weekend, then Junk King can accommodate you. It’s all about working around your schedule. Don’t put your back at risk with heavy yard debris removal and junk hauling. Give that job to Junk King St. Petersburg.

Keep Your Old Junk Out Of Your New Home

The best time to clean and paint your new home is before you move in. The wide-open spaces are much easier to deal with. This is also a good time to put up shelves in the garage, line your cabinets and hang curtains. Once your possessions are all move in, you have a chance to start fresh and organized. That is why it is vital that you don’t move your old junk into your new home. One call to Junk King St. Petersburg can stop that from happening.


Everything you take out of your house has to be packed. That means you get to decide to “keep” or “toss” every book, article of clothing, pot and piece of furniture. You might decide as you pack that you can actually do away with a lot of this stuff. Maybe you’ve outgrown some things. Maybe something is broken and you don’t want to get it fix. For every other unwanted item, it could simply be that you’re replacing it at the new place. All of that unwanted stuff can be turned over to Junk King.

By hiring Junk King to take away your old junk before the move, you’re actually freeing up space on your moving truck. You’re also maximizing your movers’ time. They will be charging by the hour. You don’t want to pay them to move things that you can do without.

All those things you want to get rid of won’t go to waste with Junk King St. Petersburg on the job. This is a company that is dedicated to diverting as much junk away from landfills as possible. The company has managed to maintain a respectable 60% diversion rate, which is helping the state achieve zero waste. That is a goal everyone can get behind.

You can set up your junk removal session with Junk King before the big move day. That way there won’t be any confusion with what to take. You’ll feel a lot better getting rid of all that clutter. It’s always a smart move to let Junk King St. Petersburg move out your old junk.

How To Handle Big Appliance Recycling With Zero Effort

Many people have become so accustomed to recycling that they actually feel guilty when they don’t have a chance to put something in the recycling bin. Does that sound like you? Nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, that’s the kind of attitude that everyone needs to adopt in order to achieve zero waste goal. Anytime you get rid of something regardless of size, you should question whether or not it can be recycled. Think about your big appliance that you need to replace. Can that be recycled? It actually can if you turn it over to Junk King St. Petersburg.


Junk King St. Petersburg is part of a national chain a professional junk haulers who have been dedicated to a green way of doing things ever since they began collecting junk over 12 years ago. Their policy is to divert things away from landfill and instead drop them off at recycling centers or charities. So far, Junk King has maintained a 60% diversion rate. That translates into literally tons of rubbish not being left to rot in a dump.

As for your big appliance, this is the type of removal that requires at least two capable movers. That’s exactly what you’ll be given when Junk King is on the job. The crew that shows up at your home will be licensed and insured. They’ll treat your space as if it were their own. Even though they work fast they don’t were careless.

Along with your big appliance removal, Junk King can also remove any other item from your home. This is a terrific way to get ready for the holidays especially if you’re playing on having out-of-town guests. Take the time to sort through your closets and other boxes out of the garage. You’re sure to find plenty of things you could turn over the Junk King. All those items can also be donated to a charity. You should never feel guilty about getting rid of something at least with Junk King St. Petersburg on the job.

If you’re ready to get rid of your stuff, then Junk King St. Petersburg could provide a same day pickup. Call in the morning and your stuff can be gone by lunch. The best approach to big appliance recycling and junk hauling is just a single call to Junk King St. Petersburg.

Great Reviews Just Added For Junk King St. Petersburg

“Very prompt. I like the calling before arrival. It ensured I was there with very little wait time for junk king. Fast and efficient service.” – S.S., Largo

“We were very impressed with the 2 gentleman that came out this morning, they were very polite and professional and worked in a timely Manner. We will definitely use you guys again thank you.” – Y.R., St. Petersburg


“They two nice men were very professional, and knew what they were doing. The pieces were big and heavy, and they were very strong, and very good. Thank you.” – C.P., St. Petersburg

“You were available when I needed you and you were on time. Your movers were courteous and considerate of our time of grieving. Thank you for your help.” – B.O., Largo

Those are just some of the reviews that have been posted by Junk King St. Petersburg customers within the last couple of days. There also very typical of all the reviews submitted by customers who have had exceptional experience with junk hauling when they hire Junk King St. Petersburg. What makes this company so great to work with?

Clearly, it is the friendly attitude of the workers. That matters a lot especially when you are inviting someone into your home to provide a service. Not only of the crews for Junk King St. Petersburg friendly but there also licensed and insured. That makes them totally trustworthy. They also have a lot of experience with moving all kinds of objects at of all kinds of situations. They can handle taking a piano down a flight of stairs or removing a hot tub from a backyard. They are great problem solvers.

What is it mentioned in the reviews is what happens once the crews leave a particular property. That is when they are disposing of the things they collect. Instead of going directly to a landfill, Junk King St. Petersburg will probably be making drop-offs at nearby charities or recycling centers. One truck full of junk could end up being dropped off at several different places. This is how they maintain their status as a green company. Judging by the reviews, it’s clear that for quality junk hauling Junk King Sarasota is the only company to consider.

Don’t Wait For Your Hurricane Cleanup

Municipal workers are clocking in a lot of overtime with all the hurricane cleanup around St. Petersburg. Any power outages have been restored but there are still a lot of down trees that have to be cut up and removed. That’s the main focus for the municipal crews. It means that homeowners have been pretty much left on their own to take care of their own hurricane cleanup. A lot of that means dragging water damage items out to the front lawn. That is certainly a proactive step to avoid the spread of mold but you still have to deal with that mound of debris. One call to Junk King St. Petersburg will have all that hurricane damage removed in a single session.


Junk King St. Petersburg is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have a lot of hurricane cleanup experience. In fact, you could name one major storm in the last 12 years that a Junk King crew didn’t have a hand at cleaning up. You’ll be assigned two very friendly workers to help you with your hurricane cleanup. This is a team that will come with the right attitude and the right tools to pick up just about anything from your lawn and loaded onto the truck. If you still have water damaged items inside your home, then the Junk King crew will happily bring that stuff outside. These crews have also been known to pull up their fair share of damaged carpeting.

Cost is always a consideration but with Junk King St. Petersburg on the job you’ll find that you be paying a very affordable fee. Unlike many so-called professional junk haulers, Junk King St. Petersburg doesn’t charge by the pound. There’s just no fair way of assessing that type of removal fee. Instead, junk King bases their pricing on how much space your stuff will fill up on the back of the truck. The experience crews know exactly how to pack their trucks in will be able to size up whatever it is you want to throw out and present you with a price. You don’t have to wait to take care of your hurricane cleanup as long as Junk King St. Petersburg is on the job.

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