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Monthly Archives: April 2021

How the Friendliest Junk Hauling Team Is Changing the Trash Game


When you are renovating your home or office, cleaning out your premises, handling construction, or managing the aftermath of a disaster, there is one thing you will deal with in all instances – a lot of junk.

To guarantee the junk does not get in your way, or affect your results, you need a waste management company to handle it. We are a junk removal company with more than 100 franchises spread across North America. At Junk King, we are committed to getting your junk out of sight to leave you with the cleanest possible space. We pride ourselves as the friendliest company you will work with. 

Below are the reasons that make Junk King Tallahassee stand out: 


#1 You Pay Only for The Space You Use

Irrespective of your budget for trash removal, you are sure to find something in our company that will suit you. At Junk King, we pioneered the first pay-per-use policy in waste management. With this, you only pay for space you will use in our trucks or our dumpster. For instance, when you occupy the maximum allowed volume for a dumpster, we charge you the full amount for its use. If you only fill the dumpster halfway, you get a set percentage off your dumpster expense. The pay-per-use policy is a lifesaver because some clients overestimate the volume they need for their junk.


#2 We Have a Transparent Pricing Model

In some cases, the waste management company you choose might not be willing to share their cost estimates for your trash upfront. This means you risk ending up with junk removal costs that you cannot pay. 

At Junk King, we understand how hard you work for your cash and would not want to fleece you of it. Therefore, we will give you an estimate of how much it will cost to haul your trash when you share a picture of the trash with us. 

We will then set an appointment, in which we give you a free no-obligation accurate quote when we visit your premises to see the junk. Our straightforward competitive pricing model ensures no one is stuck with a bill for trash removal they cannot pay. You can check our online pricing estimator on our website to determine how much your junk removal will cost. 


Total Shed Teardown

This was a shed cleanout & tear down that we did in Tallahassee. Learn more about our full service junk removal.


#3 We Are The Greenest Junk Removal in Town

If you are eco-conscious, we are your best partners for waste management. We believe in taking all the steps to protect the environment, and this is why we recycle about 60% of the loads we pick. 

As a full-service junk removal company, we also have sorting facilities that figure out the items that should be recycled, donated and destroyed. This means you do not have to spare time out of your busy schedule to sort through your trash. 

If any of your trash is recyclable, we will drop it off for you at a recycling plant. However, if you want to sort through your trash, we also offer dumpster services in which we drop a dumpster into which you will place your trash after categorizing it.


#4 We Offer Speedy Service 

Thanks to our multiple locations, we can pick your trash quickly after you call us to do so. We aim to complete the removal of junk from your premises within 24 hours of your initial contact with us. Our crews are exceptionally trained to handle any task quickly, making us the best choice if you have tight project deadlines that will be disrupted by a drawn-out trash removal process.


#5 Tallahassee Loves Our Crew

We appreciate the high levels of stress that most people are battling worldwide today. To avoid stressing you further with sub-par services, we have courteous and professional employees who are ready to handle your junk removal process with minimum interruption. Your interaction with our company right from your first point of contact will be nothing but friendly. In fact, we are among the top-rated companies in customer service. If you want exceptional customer service, look no further than our company.


#6 We Emphasize Safety

Most junk removal companies are only interested in getting the job done, but this is not where we fall. We understand that accidents can sometimes plague even the best-planned junk removal process. As such, we have full insurance coverage to ensure any accidents that result in injuries or losses during the junk removal process are covered and will be efficiently handled. 

Other than insurance, we train our employees on how to handle different loads and have equipment that helps them haul waste to minimize the risk of accidents during the process.

How To Work With The Friendliest Junk Professionals in Town

With the above reasons, you would be hard placed to find a junk removal company that beats our friendly rating. We handle just about all types of trash and will prove to be a valuable long-term partner for keeping your premises clean. We work with both residential and commercial clients, including construction companies handling long-term projects that generate considerable waste.

For our full service junk hauling, we offer 4 different ways to work with us and get a firm price.

ON SITE PRICING. The best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price is free, no obligation on site estimate. When we are on-site, we can see most exactly what the job will require. This helps us give you an immediate, accurate, and fair price for your junk removal job. When you’re happy with the price, in most cases we will complete the job right then and there.


ONLINE PRICING ESTIMATE. For an online pricing estimate, simply click “Pricing” in the navigation above, scroll to pricing estimator, enter a zip code, and choose estimate by items or volume. The online price estimator is based on the average size of a typical item and the price in your local market. The size of a couch or a TV or any item may vary, which will affect your price. The online estimator provides an estimate only. Our goal with the estimator is to give you a solid idea of what the job is likely to cost.


TEXT US A PHOTO. If you can take a photo of your items, text us at 737-888-5865 , and we will text you back an estimate. If your items are in different locations on your property, you can send us multiple photos and we will be able to provide you with an estimate. Please note an estimate is not a firm price. Our Big Red truck teams will give you a firm, no obligation price on-site.


CALL & TALK TO TRAINED STAFF. Finally, you can call and/or live chat our customer service representatives. We are open from 4:45a – 8p PST, 7:45a – 11p EST, 6 days a week, and for 8 hours on Sunday. If you have 4 items or less, in many cases we will be able to offer you a firm price. If you have 4 items or more, we can offer you an estimate range at the call center. The final price, with no obligation, will be completed by our trained technicians.

If you have any junk you need to be removed from your site, look no further than Junk King Tallahassee. After all, we would not be called the kings of junk if we are not the best at managing it.


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