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Tips for Making Mattress and Furniture Removal Simple!

Getting Rid of a Mattress Can be Just as Enjoyable as Sleeping On it Was

Upgrading to new mattresses or couches every so often is a good idea. Since you are going to be using items like these for a few years, remember that wear and tear aren’t always cosmetic, and you could be sitting and sleeping on far less comfortable furniture than you were a few years ago. Faulty or worn-out mattresses or furniture can cause back discomfort as well as insomnia. How do you dispose of the old goods once you have the new ones? Many people’s households have old mattresses accumulating dust and taking up valuable room in the attic or basement.

Furniture removal can be a challenging task: not only do you have to dismantle and move heavy objects out the door, but you also have to figure out what to do with them afterward. Many jurisdictions do not allow specified furniture items to be placed on the curb, and you must rely on the city’s strict timetable for pick-up, not to mention the fact that you are doing all of the hard lifting. If this sounds like a headache you’d rather avoid, Junk King can help!

What Is Mattress and Furniture Removal? 

Junk King’s mattress and furniture removal service is quick, safe, and environmentally friendly, making the procedure simple for you. Our skilled mattress removal crew has enough manpower to remove any mattresses, bed frames, couches, and other furniture without causing any damage to your home. We take care of the intense lifting, so you don’t have to drag objects out to the curb and become a nuisance for your neighbors. Lastly, we ensure that the item is recycled, repurposed or disposed of properly so that it does not harm our beautiful Florida environment.

Furniture removal is a service that allows you to have any sort of furniture removed from your house or company on demand. Junk King can take almost anything and everything, no matter the size or condition.

We can help you with all your furniture needs, such as:

  • – Mattresses
  • – Couches
  • – Sofa beds
  • – Tables
  • – Chairs
  • – Desks
  • – Cubicles
  • – Boxes
  • – File cabinets
  • – Bookcases
  • – Tool units
  • – Armoires

Every time you book garbage removal with Junk King, we guarantee excellent customer service and a job well done. Our eco-friendly purpose also motivates us to recycle or donate as much of any furniture as feasibly possible. We are the only national company that runs its operations out of a local sorting plant, with the goal of recycling 60% or more of every load of junk removed!

You can expect a simple process, the lowest costs, and the highest quality of care when you use Junk King. Furthermore, across the US and Canada, we are ranked #1 in rubbish removal!


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Ways for Making Mattress and Furniture Removal Easy by Hiring Junk King Experts 

Junk King’s complete mattress and furniture removal and recycling services allow individuals and businesses to no longer have to worry about moving old items since we dispose of and recycle them for you. By phoning or reserving a spot online, you may schedule individual and bulk pick-ups as well as recycle any old items today.

Reliable mattress and box spring removal are provided by Junk King. It is tough to dispose of used mattresses, box springs, and furniture because in most cases, they can’t be dumped in the typical trash sites. This is the case as they include substances that are potentially hazardous to the outside world. Junk King is a high-quality junk removal company that strives to recycle your mattresses, bedsprings, and furniture in an effective and environmentally responsible manner, ensuring that the environment is safeguarded while your old mattress is removed.

Our premium mattress disposal method is straightforward, efficient, and most importantly, environmentally friendly! Junk King recycles as much as possible of all bulk pick-ups. We donate the old items to people in need if they can be salvaged. If your bed frame or bed springs are damaged, we take it to an experienced recycling service center where the bed frame parts and sections are broken down and reused.


Call Junk King for all of your mattress and furniture disposal needs if you’re looking for a quick and easy mattress and furniture removal service.

Contact Junk King Today! 

Are you ready to throw out your old mattress? You could do it with your eyes closed! Start scheduling an appointment online or by dialing 1.888.888.JUNK today. Our skilled and insured mattress and furniture disposal team arrives at your home or workplace 15 minutes before the designated time, and we provide you with a free quote depending on the amount of space your items take up in our truck. With no added charges, simply point, and we haul your used goods into our junk removal trucks and off we go!

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