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Decluttering in Tallahassee- Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Smiling Senior male and female leaning against window while holding cleaning toolsOnce you enter your sunset years, spring cleaning takes a new shape because you no longer have the energy to move furniture around. Your senses are not as sharp as they used to be, so your food may have gone bad, but you can’t smell the bad odor it is emitting. The smoke detector may be beeping to warn you, but without your hearing aid, you cannot hear it. Still, it is tradition to perform spring cleaning, and you should not be left behind simply because age has caught up with you. If you live in Florida, Junk King makes decluttering in Tallahassee easier with our junk removal services so let’s also share a few tips to get you started on your spring cleaning exercise.


Aim to Declutter and Stay Organized


Refrigerator and Pantry


Among the many tips for decluttering in Tallahassee for seniors is reorganizing the pantry and refrigerator. As you grow older, your mental acuity will bear the brunt of diseases associated with memory loss, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. With time you can barely remember which food should be eaten first hence put yourself at risk of food poisoning.


Before your memory starts fading, it is crucial to take advantage of the mental sharpness you have to arrange your pantry and refrigerator. Get rid of food that has passed its expiration date and organize the remaining such that those will soon expire are consumed first. Since Junk King offers garbage removal, decluttering in Tallahassee should not be a challenge.


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Medicine cabinet


Old age comes with many health issues that require different drugs. Such drugs end up in the medicine cabinet under lock and key, which is commendable to keep them out of the reach of little children. Unfortunately, so many seniors don’t keep up with the stock of drugs they have. Some of the drugs could have been prescribed ages ago, but you still have them. The doctor could have prescribed others to replace current prescriptions, but you are yet to throw the old ones away. Eventually, your medicine cabinet overflows with old and new prescriptions, some of which could already be expired as you hold on to it for “just in case” that recurring pain returns.


Get rid of all old prescriptions that you no longer use, as well as expired medicines. If you are worried about their disposal, decluttering in Tallahassee is made easy by Junk King, which offers full-service junk removal. Remember that storing medicines in the bathroom cabinet, as most people do, is wrong. Medicines should be stored in a cool, dry place; the bathroom cabinet is moist and has heat from the showers and bath, which can cause the drugs to expire before their expiration date or become less potent. As a result, you might be tempted to increase the dosage for the medicine to be effective. You should take caution; the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that aging baby boomers overdose mainly on painkillers.




Once you hit 60, you have a wealth of experience to know what works for you. Therefore, as you continue spring cleaning, do not forget to clean out the closet.  Get rid of anything that makes you uncomfortable, does not fit you well, you haven’t worn in ages or clothes you don’t plan on wearing ever again. You don’t want to risk being depressed every time you look at your closet because nothing sparks joy.


There is no need to toss the rejects in the trash; you can give them away if they are still in good condition. Besides helping in decluttering in Tallahassee, Junk King can take the items to a donation center. If they are not to be donated, still call on Junk King to take away your trash. Those earrings and rings that are too heavy to wear or jewelry you feel is no longer stylish could contain precious metals that can be recycled. For us, decluttering in Tallahassee also involves hauling trash and recycling anything that can be recycled to promote a cleaner environment.


Check That Everything is in Working Order as You Clean




Decluttering in Tallahassee and spring cleaning should also involve cleaning the HVAC unit. Florida can get humid between August and December; therefore, decluttering in Tallahassee should involve cleaning the HVAC unit’s ducts. An AC that is not working promotes an ideal environment for mold growth. Mold causes allergic reactions, especially in those with a weak immune system, such as the elderly and children. Besides, even when there is no mold growth risk, your dirty AC unit can have pollutants trapped in you, causing poor indoor air quality. As you embark on decluttering in Tallahassee, ensure that cleaning is done often and replace the air filter every three months.


Smoke detectors


Checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detector should be on your checklist for spring cleaning and decluttering in Tallahassee. Dust and other pollutants build up in the detectors and threaten your family’s lives because the sensors will not accurately respond to any changes in the environment. Besides cleaning the detectors, ensure the batteries are not dead because 25% of smoke alarm failures are due to dead batteries. A smoke alarm that has been in use for over a decade demands a replacement. If you are worried about the cost of a new detector digging into your savings, some insurers offer discounts, so check with your insurer. Once you decide to throw out the dead batteries, do not place them in the dust bin. Junk King is an eco-friendly company facilitating decluttering in Tallahassee by hauling anything you do not want and that can pose a hazard to the environment.



Ask for Help


You have to accept that you are no longer in your youth, and hauling heavy items risks injuring you, so you might as well ask for help from friends and relatives. Your friends may be in the same age group as you, but they can help in rearranging your closet or pantry. Younger relatives could help you do some heavy lifting to do and even reach hard-to-clean areas such as the smoke detectors. Besides, when you enlist the help of family and friends, they are likely to come across something in your give away pile that they would like.  This will help keep some items in the family and serve as souvenirs of friendship for your friends.


Sometimes, even your friends and family may not be available to haul the heavy items. A company efficient in decluttering in Tallahassee will come in and save you the hassle. Junk King Tallahassee is a #1 rated junk removal service aimed at offering our clients the ultimate services and value for your money. Decluttering in Tallahassee does not have to be a challenge because our team is skilled in all types of junk removal. We make decluttering in Tallahassee easy through mattress disposal, e-waste disposal, furniture removal, hot tub disposal, yard waste removal and anything else you want to be hauled away.


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Junk King Tallahassee is the top choice for assisting seniors and caregivers of older adults in their spring cleaning projects. Call us today to quickly declutter your space! Your spring cleaning efforts should not end up in a mess.


Decluttering in Tallahassee and junk removal takes a few hours. Once you call us, give us a maximum of two hours, and we will contact you 15 minutes before we arrive. We then take your junk when you agree to our pricing terms.  You can still take advantage of the pricing estimate to plan for junk removal. Contact us today and get a $20 discount on services that amount to at least $100.


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