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How to Deal with Yard Waste Removal in Tarrant County

Tarrant county yard waste


Did you know that the grass clippings and fallen tree leaves that you sweep or blow into the street may actually be contributing to serious environmental problems? Many landscaping companies, in order to save on labor costs, simply blow the leftover yard waste into the curb, where it eventually gets washed down the storm drain. Yard waste, such as leaves, brush, grass clippings and other organic materials from the landscape around your home can easily be chipped or cut up into a mulch, or made into a finished compost that can be used to enrich the fertility of your yard. 


Unfortunately, the vast majority of yard waste generated here in Tarrant County is either taken to the local landfill where it decomposes organically (and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions), or is left in streets, on sidewalks, or in driveways before eventually washing into nearby storm drains. In this short article, we will briefly explain some of the problems that arise with improper disposal of yard waste. We then look at how residents, homeowners, and business owners in Tarrant County can rely on Junk King for all of their yard waste removal needs. 


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The Problem with Improper Yard Waste Removal in Tarrant County 


The yard waste that gets swept into the storm drain system will eventually end up in our rivers, lakes, and other local bodies of water. Even though the grass clippings, fallen leaves, and other sources of yard waste are natural, they can cause major sources of pollution. According to one recent study, “each year, American homeowners use approximately 70 million pounds of pesticides to maintain their lawns, mostly for aesthetic purposes.” The residue from these pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals will obviously cause major damage to our local waterways. 


Furthermore, as yard waste slowly decomposes in our local rivers and lakes, it can lower the oxygen levels in the water. Over time, this can cause high mortality rates for aquatic life such as fish that need oxygen to survive. 


Another problem that comes with yard waste that gets swept into the street is that it can lead to clogged and blocked storm drains. In the event of severe weather events, this can cause flooding as the excess water will not have a way to be removed from your community streets. In fact, earlier this month of June flash flood warnings were issued for parts of Tarrant County, with rain in some areas totaling almost four inches. Keeping our storm drains free from yard waste and other sources of pollution is one simple way to avoid flooding and the resulting property damage. 


What Exactly Can You Do with Your Yard Waste? 


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If sweeping your yard waste into the street isn’t a great idea, what exactly can be done with the enormous amount of grass clippings, fallen leaves, tree limbs, and other sources of yard waste that accumulates on your property throughout the year? Here are a few alternatives for how to responsibly deal with your yard waste: 


  1. Leave it on the Lawn: Perhaps the simplest solution to lawn waste removal is to simply leave your grass clippings and fallen leaves on the lawn. This simple solution actually recycles the nutrients from your yard waste back into the soil of your lawn. In fact, leaving grass clippings and leaves on the lawn may even eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers. To avoid big clumps of grass, don’t mow when the grass is wet, and only remove about one-third of the grass surface at any one time. For larger yard waste items like fallen branches and tree limbs, you can use a wood chipper to create a high quality mulch that can subsequently be spread around the trees, bushes, and flowers in your yard. 
  2. Compost your Yard Waste: Another way to deal with your sources of yard waste is to create a simple backyard compost pile. This is a great option for avid vegetable gardeners and flower growers as it will give you a reliable source of high quality compost to apply to your soil. A simple backyard compost pile can be made by adding layers of “brown” and “green” materials. Brown materials include small branches and fallen leaves, and “green” materials include fresh grass clippings, weeds, etc. Repeat these layers, keep the pile moist, and stir or turn the pile weekly, and in a couple months you´ll have a great source of compost for the garden. 
  3. Hire Junk King for your Yard Waste Removal Needs: If you don’t have the time or energy to tend to a backyard compost pile, hiring Junk King of Tarrant County for your yard waste removal is the most efficient and sustainable way to deal with your sources of yard waste. Here at Junk King, we can help you get rid of virtually all different types of yard waste that may accumulate around your home or business. Our junk hauling crews will also do all of the heavy lifting and hauling so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty! Furthermore, we are the greenest junk removal company in the region, and ensure that at least 60 percent of all the junk items we pick up are either recycled, donated, or otherwise kept out of the landfill. In the specific case of yard waste, we work with several local composting centers so that your yard waste will be turned into rich compost, instead of being taken to the landfill.


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How to Hire Junk King of Tarrant County for your Yard Waste Removal Needs


If you need to get rid of a large amount of yard waste in the quickest possible way, Junk King of Tarrant County is here to help you! We are proud to be the #1 rated junk removal company in the Tarrant County area, and we provide our services to the entire County including Aledo, Azle, Burleson, Crowley, Fort Worth, Haslet, and the Naval Air Station/ Jrb area. 


Another great aspect of hiring us for your yard waste removal needs is that our teams can haul away virtually anything that is not considered to be hazardous waste. We have larger trucks by volume than most of the competitors, and this allows us to haul away larger items for a smaller cost. While you are cleaning up the yard waste, we can also help you clear up space on your property by hauling away old sheds, swing sets, playgrounds, old barbecues, broken hot tubs, broken down patio furniture, and other old and unusable items. 


Once a price is agreed upon for your yard waste removal, you simply choose a date and two-hour service window that works for your schedule. Our junk removal professionals will call you 15-30 minutes before we show up to promptly take your junk away! Our company is also fully insured so that you can rest assured that you will never have to deal with unforeseen liabilities. 


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No matter what type of junk items you need hauled away in Tarrant County, we are here to help you efficiently get rid of your junk and free up space in your yard and in your home. Give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK, text a photo to 1-737-888-5865, or book an appointment online to save $20 on orders totaling more than $118. 


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