Get Fast Estate Cleanup Help From Junk King

When you are assigned the responsibility as executor of the estate you will be dealing with a lot of appraisals. The home itself will need to be appraised to see what value it might have if you decide to put it on the market. Then there are all the possessions inside that also have to be considered. Obviously, you can’t put a price on some of the keepsakes and mementos that you want to hold onto. But there could be a lot of furnishings, appliances and other household goods that can be appraised. There might even be some antiques worthy of turning over to the consignment house for sale.

Once you’ve made the determination of the value of those possessions, you can decide on the best approach for getting rid of. That can either happen through an auction or an estate sale. Anything that’s left over is something that you should consider probably won’t ever sell. That’s the stuff that needs to be cleaned up and that is when you bring in Junk King Tri County.

Responsible Movers

A junk King team consist of two responsible movers. These are workers who have proven themselves worthy to be licensed and insured. They have also demonstrated to junk King that they have a positive attitude for this type of work. Junk King movers are going to do all the heavy lifting. What might seem impossible for you to remove won’t be an issue for junk King. That includes pianos, dining room tables, sofas and bedroom sets. A lot of those items might have to be carried down a flight of stairs. Again, that will be an issue for junk King. As they are removing these items, they’re going to take extra care to make sure that the floors and walls of the home are protected. This is the best way for Junk King to continue to build trust among their clients and generate those positive reviews.

Easy Booking

You can book with Junk King online or over the phone. Because this is an estate clean out you may want to discuss just how big a job it is. If it is just a few pieces of furniture, then that two-man crew will be all you need. However, if it really is an entire home worth of possessions, the junk in might recommend sending over additional movers and trucks. That can happen at no additional cost.

Junk King Tri County is standing by to offer fast estate cleanup help. Put them on the task today.