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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Washington DC – Junk Removal Including Appliances

Washington DC – Junk Removal Including Appliances

This blog was updated in July of 2022

We mean it when we tell our valued customers that we take just about everything.

That’s why our Washington DC junk removal services include those old appliances that have been gathering dust and taking up space for years. Our clients tell us old broken-down appliances are an eyesore, and we couldn’t agree more.

When you need large junk removed, such as household appliances that no longer work, having a reliable and local junk removal service is a huge benefit. 

This is why we specialize in appliance removal and appliance recycling.

junk removal service recycling

Used Appliances: Not Just an Eyesore, But a Potential Hazard

Old appliances that you still have around and still work are bad enough. They’re likely to be energy hogs, are noisy, and are generally scuffed up, dented, and missing knobs. 

But old appliances that no longer work take up much-needed space and present a real safety hazard.

Safety and environmental concerns work hand-in-hand for us here at Junk King. We want our clients to have all the information they need to make the right decisions about those old fridges and stoves. That’s why we’ve put together a list of just some of the hazards they can create:


  • Cords get frayed over time, and these can create an electrical hazard. That old beer fridge in the garage might actually be a safety problem. Keep in mind that we are environmentally friendly, so we can get rid of it for you in a safe and affordable manner.


  • Older appliances like stoves and especially refrigerators should always be maintained to prevent dust and debris buildup that could present a hazard. Our Washington DC – Junk Removal team is always ready to move these out of your home or office without damaging anything in the surrounding area. We are professionals that have been in business since 2005. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to get rid of your junk.


  • We often find situations where older appliances are unplugged and otherwise safe but located close to a water source. If someone comes along and plugs one of these older humidifiers or dryers in, injury or death could result.


If you take a minute to look at our website, you’ll see that we remove all different types of appliances in a safe and affordable manner.

full service junk removal

More Than Simply Junk Removal

The Junk King Washington DC junk removal staff are all insured and properly vetted. They are professionals who know how to remove old appliances out without damaging your walls, floors, and ceiling. And they are experts who are committed to our overriding goal of providing exceptional customer service.

Ready to get started? All you need to do is give us a call and a description of the appliance or appliances that you want taken away. And if you want a free estimate before you commit, that’s never a problem!

The junk removal services we provide in the Washington DC area are geared to your budget and tailored to your convenience.

Not only do we offer expert appliance removal services, but we also take care of furniture removal, e-waste removal, and all types of residential and commercial junk removal.

If you need junk removed – any kind of junk – having a local and reputable junk removal service will make your life far easier.

In addition, having your junk removed by a junk removal company that practices junk recycling is even better.

And that’s exactly one of the distinctions that makes Junk King stand out. We have always made the goal of recycling as much of the junk and waste materials that we pick up as possible.

Have you ever wondered how to reduce your carbon footprint? When you call on Junk King Washington DC, you can take advantage of a few different ways to accomplish that.

By recycling e-waste with our e-waste disposal or with appliance recycling by using our appliance removal service, you can “go green” with Junk King and our environmentally friendly junk removal service!

e-waste recycling

When Junk and Old Appliance Removal Needs to Be a DIY Job

At Junk King, we also understand that there are situations where it makes more sense for a homeowner, tenant, or business owner to carry out their junk removal task over a period of time.

This could be due to a major house or property cleanout. Maybe you’re in the throes of a renovation or remodeling project. Or perhaps you just want to take your time clearing out the junk, debris, rubbish, and clutter.

We get it!

This is why we know that a great solution for those scenarios is to be able to rent a dumpster.

But wait – no need to grab your phone and start searching for “Dumpster rental near me.” If you want to take care of your own junk pickup and cleaning tasks but need a handy container to “stage” all the junk in while you work, one of our user-friendly and driveway-safe MINI Dumpster is just the thing.

With just one call to our knowledgeable and friendly Junk King customer service representatives, you can book a clean, “Junk King red” roll-off dumpster that holds up to 12 cubic yards of debris but only takes up the driveway space of a full-sized pickup truck.

Our highly trained delivery team will come to drop off the MINI Dumpster rental at your home or place of work, and after three days, they’ll return to load it up and take it away – along with all your piles of junk and rubbish.

The bottom line is that sometimes it’s far more efficient and cost-effective to load your own junk than to have a team of expert junk haulers come to pick up junk and haul junk away.

And one of the best parts is that we still sort through everything you put in your rental dumpster and recycle as much as possible before disposing of the rest!

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Get Your Junk Removed in the Washington DC Area – Including Old Appliances

There are so many better things to be doing with your weekends in the Capital region instead of loading junk and trash into a truck or flatbed trailer to be hauled off to the nearest waste transfer station. Almost no one enjoys the strain of trying to wrestle an old refrigerator into the back of a pickup truck.

And this is especially the case when it’s the height of summer, the temperatures are hovering in the 90s, and the humidity is, well… just hovering.

All of which is why you should seriously consider Junk King Washington DC for your seriously large junk removal needs.

No reason for you to twist your knee, throw your back out, or – even worse – drop something that heavy on your feet or hand. Junk King has the tools, the training, and the trucks for removing junk right. And we do it quickly and efficiently.

Not to mention affordably. With our fair and transparent pricing and free, no-obligation estimates, you know you’re in good hands with Junk King.

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Junk King Washington DC: Local, Reliable, and Affordable Junk Hauling Services for the Capital Region

One of the best things about calling on Junk King Washington DC for your old appliance and other junk removal needs is that you don’t have to do the work yourself!

But we give you many other good reasons to call us for your next junk removal project, as well.

For example, our professional junk hauling services make the whole process easy and worry-free for you. And our highly-trained and experienced teams can remove and dispose of any types of junk you have except for hazardous waste.

In addition to Junk King Washington, DC is a locally owned business and a 100 percent veteran-owned business, we are also part of one of the nation’s largest and most respected junk removal firms. And when it comes to quality and reliable junk hauling services in the nation’s capital region, Junk King Washington DC is Number One!

And because we are wholly committed to our corporate mission, we’re committed to maintaining a green and eco-friendly operation. But we are committed to much more than simply being green – we also work hard to provide consistent, outstanding service to our friends and neighbors here in the DC area.

Our professional and insured trash and junk removal team will show up on time, as promised, and we’ll always call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once there, we’ll also give you a free estimate based on how much room your debris, trash, and other junk take up in our truck.

You simply point, and we’ll load your junk, excess trash, and debris, along with any bulk garbage. And, once it’s loaded and we sweep up, we’ll haul it away – and always without any extra charges or hidden fees!

And remember – if you prefer to load your own junk on your own schedule, you can book one of our convenient MINI Dumpster rentals and have us pick it up when you’re done.

So, ready to experience premium appliance removal and junk hauling service? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You can make an appointment by booking online above or call us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

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