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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Junk Hauling For Office Relocation In The Washington DC Region

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This Blog Was Updated In April of 2022

Office relocation is a common event in the Washington DC area.

Government agencies, NGOs, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and hundreds of businesses are constantly on the move to better locations, larger facilities, or – in some cases – smaller offices.

With the fairly recent phenomenon of massive numbers of “remote employees” and the move towards WFH – or ”working from home” – many offices have found themselves occupying office spaces that have become far too large. For those organizations who have chosen to stay with the new working arrangements, relocating to a smaller office space is often preferable.

And, while many office moves are somewhat sudden and urgent, relocating to a new office or building should ideally be planned well in advance. Although an office relocation is sometimes unavoidable, it can also be an exciting new chapter in the growth of a business.

However, the not-so-exciting reality of moving your office space with all its supplies, equipment, files, and office furniture is that it can be an almost overwhelming task.

In fact, it should come as no surprise that many businesses hire moving firms for that.

Except for getting rid of all the junk, that is. That’s a job that moving companies don’t do.


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Getting Ready for an Office Relocation? Then You Gotta Get Rid of the Junk!

Office relocation can be – and often is – a major undertaking.

There are so many different facets to the project and so many different steps that need to be taken even before you actually remove equipment, supplies, and furniture. Just coordinating the logistics of the move can often encompass stages for different types of assets.

In addition, there are the arrangements for disconnecting and transferring phones, power, Internet, and other types of services. And then, once you’ve cleared all the physical property from the old building space and finalized the switching of assorted services, there’s the “post-move” cleanup.

In addition to the typical cleaning services, there is going to be office junk that will need to be gotten rid of.

And, unless your business is a junk removal business, you’re not likely to be well equipped for loading, hauling, and disposing of large junk items or large quantities of office junk.

So, what’s the most economical and efficient way to deal with all the junk?

The fact is that you have just a few options. You could potentially make the task a part of your office relocation plan, which means having employees take time to clean up, load, and transport all the junk and debris.

However, this can mean renting a suitable vehicle for the job and then knowing where you can properly dispose of it all in the Washington DC area.

And the biggest disadvantage of a “do it yourself” approach to office junk and old furniture removal is the cost of paying your own employees to do the work, the cost of the rental vehicle and other items like fuel and dumping fees, as well as the loss of productivity from taking your staff off the jobs you actually pay them to do.

Your other option is to simply outsource the work of office junk hauling.

Office Relocation and Junk Hauling: Doing It the Smart Way

While hiring a firm to plan and execute an office relocation may be considered a smart business move, there are vast numbers of smaller shops and businesses who have no choice but to manage it themselves.

Although this is a project that can certainly be done “in-house”, the smart way still requires some detailed planning.

If there are multiple offices involved and huge amounts of moving boxes, large furniture, and office equipment to be packed and moved, a planning checklist can be incredibly helpful.

And even though you have to manage the office relocation yourself, there are still certain tasks that should be outsourced, all of your commercial junk hauling needs, for example. This type of work is quite different from packing and moving office furniture and banker’s boxes and involves a different set of logistics, as well.

The “smart way” to manage the junk hauling – because there is always junk left behind that needs to be gotten rid of – is to choose the right firm for your office relocation junk removal.

> > Download your free copy of the office relocation checklist < < <

Of course, even though you may have to plan, manage, and oversee the office relocation yourself, there are still certain tasks that should be outsourced.

For example, all of your commercial junk hauling needs, including the junk removal, unwanted office furniture removal, and perhaps even enormous amounts of paper and cardboard waste that should be recycled instead of tossed into the office building’s trash dumpster.

These types of removal and disposal task are quite different from packing and moving office equipment, supplies, and stacks of banker’s boxes. And they are tasks that require a distinct set of logistics, as well.

Again, while you might choose to tackle this part of the job yourself, the really “smart way” to manage the junk hauling and removal – because there is always going to be junk left behind that needs to be gotten rid of – is to choose the right firm to outsource your office relocation junk removal to.

Choosing the Right Partner for Your Office Relocation Junk Removal

Any junk removal firm can pick up junk and dump it somewhere.

However, finding a professional and reliable firm to take care of your junk removal the right way and dispose of it properly can be a challenge. This is because not every company does it right.

Strictly speaking, almost anyone with a pickup truck and a basic knowledge of waste management practices in the Washington DC area can go into business offering junk hauling services. And that may be as a fully licensed business entity, or as just some guy with a truck.

While it is certainly true that there are conscientious and capable vendors in the Capital region who can be relied on to handle smaller junk removal jobs, something on the scale of a large office relocation may represent far more hauling than they can manage successfully.

And the larger vendors, while they may have the vehicles and the manpower to tackle the job, often do not have the best interests of their customers at heart.

Between not-so-transparent pricing practices, excessively broad time windows for showing up on the job, and a lack of professionalism among the staff that is tasked with hauling your junk, many junk hauling companies are lacking in the key qualities that are the hallmarks of a good junk hauling firm.

On the other hand, we believe that Junk King Washington DC is your best choice for junk removal during office relocations.

Why do we believe this? Here are a few key reasons:


  • We are Licensed and Insured – This is important since when you have junk removal occurring on your property. If someone is hurt or something is damaged during that time, you don’t want to be liable.
  • Our Personnel are Professionally Trained – As professionally trained haulers, we make sure your office walls and door jambs are safe during our junk removal activities, and that your property remains undamaged.
  • We Offer Touchless Junk Removal – Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we continue to make this our number one priority by practicing social distancing and following guidelines from the CDC and WHO when providing junk removal services.
  • Our Location is Locally Owned – Junk King Washington DC is part of a nationally recognized company but we are locally owned and operated. We don’t just serve customers – we serve friends and neighbors.


In addition, we know our business better than most all of our competitors. We specialize in working with commercial clients and understand the needs of business owners and managers, particularly when it comes to jobs that involve office relocations.

The bottom line is that opting to go with Junk King is guaranteed to be your best business choice.


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Junk King Washington DC: Green Junk Hauling for Office Relocation

All junk doesn’t have to go in landfills.

Unfortunately, much of it does. This is true for the vast majority of residential, or household, waste, as well as for all the solid waste that is generated by businesses and industrial facilities. While a few items that make up the solid waste stream do get diverted in substantial amounts, such as aluminum and paper waste, far too much still ends up in landfills.

And our landfills are rapidly diminishing!

For example, according to a story from the Washington City Paper,

“The District of Columbia has no landfills. Every trash truck has to dump its load into one of four transfer stations. DPW operates two of the stations; the other two are privately owned…“

When you consider that the Washington metropolitan area, also known as the National Capital Region, has a population of almost 6.4 million people, that adds up to a large amount of solid waste. And, while office junk may only make up a small percentage of the total waste generated here, too much of it also ends up in the few landfills available.

Which is particularly distressing as much of it is recyclable.

In fact, up to 80 percent or more of the typical junk items removed from offices can be recycled. And some of these items can do irreparable environmental damage when they do end up buried in landfills instead. That’s why green junk disposal is a hallmark of the right junk removal company.

And green junk removal and disposal is how we’ve always operated at Junk King Washington DC.

What does that mean in practice?

That we are genuinely committed to keeping as much junk and debris out of our landfills as possible. In fact, when the Junk King company was started back in 2005, the founders were pioneers of recycling-based junk removal and have been going green ever since.

Junk King’s eco-friendly corporate mission is to make sure as much junk as possible is either recycled or donated. In fact, Junk King is the only national company to operate their business with the goal of recycling 60 percent or more of every job by using local sorting facilities.

And Junk King Washington DC is proud to be part of the greenest junk removal operation in North America. This means that every junk removal load we pick up, no matter how large or how small, is sorted for diverse types of materials in our recycling warehouses such as metals, plastics, wood, glass, textiles, and reusable items.


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Junk King Washington DC Means Fair and Transparent Pricing for Businesses

Another key facet to successful office relocation is keeping the expenses low and within the budget allocated for the task. And, if you haven’t developed a project budget for your relocation task, we would suggest you consider doing so as this type of work has a way of incurring unplanned and unanticipated costs.

And a major line item in your office relocation budget should be cost-effective junk hauling.

We know that you have choices when it comes to hiring a junk removal company here in the Washington DC area. This is why, at Junk King Washington DC, we work hard to be the most efficient, reliable, and best-priced junk removal company in the DC area.

Junk King is proud to be the Number One junk removal service in the industry and the most eco-friendly, but we are also proud to have the best pricing in our industry. And we do this through fair and transparent pricing.

“Fair and transparent” means, among other things, low minimums that are clearly noted, and there are no hidden fees or “extra” charges added to our estimates. You can trust Junk King Washington DC to charge you a fair price for your junk removal and not be surprised with a higher price once the job is done.

We also offer you four different ways to get a free estimate because we want you to know what your office relocation junk removal service will cost before you book with us:

  • On-Site Estimate: This is the best and most accurate way for us to offer you a free, no-obligation on-site estimate.
  • Estimate by Phone or Chat: Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or chat with our highly trained customer service representatives.
  • Text Estimate: Simply take a photo of your items and text it to us at 737-888-5865.
  • Online Estimate: Just click the “Pricing” tab in the navigation above, scroll to the Pricing Estimator, then click on the green “Launch Pricing Estimator” button.

And we guarantee to beat any other written estimate from a comparable junk removal company that is also licensed, insured, and runs a recycling-based operation.

Keep in mind that our estimates are not firm prices, and when our expert junk removal team shows up at your site, they will give you a firm, no-obligation price at that time.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


The Best Junk Hauling for Office Relocation in the Greater Washington DC Area

In the Washington DC region, office relocations almost always require junk hauling before or afterwards. And this is true for offices in Capitol Heights, Georgetown, Dupont Circle, or Arlington.

When you call Junk King Washington DC for your office relocation junk hauling needs, we will always provide you with efficient and eco-friendly junk hauling and removal services. That’s especially good news because that also means you don’t need to do it yourself.

Once you decide to outsource the junk hauling part of your office relocation project, you need to determine which firm is the right one for the job. And while you can certainly find plenty of individuals willing to do the job, choosing a non-professional may cost you more than you hoped to save.

This is why Junk King Washington DC really is the best junk hauling choice for your office relocation.

Junk King provides an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly commercial junk removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pick-up or disposal of the debris after your move is done. Whether you need our services several times during the move, or just once after it is complete, our junk hauling professionals will ensure that the debris is out of your way so that you can get on with your move.

Our team specializes in commercial junk removal and hauling. We can be at your facility in mere minutes, so call us today! Our crew is fully insured and well-trained, so you can trust them to get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion.

If you have questions about what we do, click the button below or give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).


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