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Monthly Archives: November 2021

When It Comes To Mattress Disposal, DC Residents Can Sleep Peacefully

Mattress Removal


Mattresses only last for so long.


Unfortunately, because of the cost of new mattresses – and the hassle of old mattress disposal – too many of us keep our mattresses far past the time they are still able to provide us with a good night’s sleep.


But when should we really replace our old mattresses? 


The folks at Sleep Foundation point out that,


“Most mattresses should last between 7 and 10 years. However, there are many variables that can influence mattress lifespan. The original build quality of the mattress, the materials used, and even the weight and sleeping styles of the sleepers can all influence a bed’s longevity.”


And even if you find a great deal on a new mattress and are ready to bring one home, if your retailer won’t take your old one, you’ll have to figure out what to do with it. 


Which is why Junk King Washington DC specializes in helping you get rid of old mattresses.


full service junk removal


Green Mattress Disposal with Junk King Washington DC


Junk King is on a mission and has been since the company was founded in 2005. 


That corporate mission is to be an environmentally responsible and genuinely green junk removal firm. And the thrust of that mission is to make sure as much junk as possible is either recycled or donated. Today, Junk King is the only national junk removal company that operates with the goal of recycling 60 percent or more of every job by using local sorting facilities.


With a priority on recycling as much junk items and materials as possible, this corporate mission has been embraced by Junk King Washington DC, as well. And Junk King Washington DC is proud to be a part of the greenest junk removal operation in North America.


We work hard here in the Capital region to sort every load we bring in to separate out various types of materials in our recycling warehouses such as metals, plastics, wood, glass, textiles, and reusable items.


And, of course, old mattresses so that we can keep them out of the landfills.


Given the fact that Washington DC has no landfills of its own and very few waste transfer stations, these efforts add up. However, the sad fact is that most of the old and used mattresses that end up being hauled away from homes and other facilities can’t be reused. 


Most of the materials in a typical mattress can be recycled, but not everything. According to the website at Green Matters,


“The different component pieces of used mattresses can be used in different ways. The wood frames of box springs can be processed into wood chops and repurposed into particleboard, mulch, or animal bedding. The metal springs within mattresses can be melted down and reused in anything from appliances to buildings to vehicles.”


However, Junk King Washington DC has found a way to meet a burning need for old mattresses.




Mattress Disposal, DC Junk Hauling, and Waste-to-Energy Plants


furniture removal


Through a strategic partnership with a national waste processing company, we are able to dispose of large quantities of old mattresses with an innovative mattress removal process. 


After collecting old mattresses at our Junk King warehouse, we transport loads of them to the I-95 Energy/Resource Recovery Facility in Lorton, Virginia.


After being delivered to the advanced incineration waste-to-energy plant, they are strategically placed on the facility floor leading to the entry to the furnace. Workers hold these mattresses in place with their bulldozer blades and guide them across the floor towards the furnace opening. 


By using these old mattresses like “giant squeegees” they regularly clean the floor with them before finally pushing them into the furnace. The massive, hi-tech combustion furnaces reach temperatures close to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and are used to superheat water, which is then turned into steam and pumped into turbine generators. 


Back at Junk King Washington DC’s sorting facility, after we have collected another load of old mattresses, we take them to the Furnace Road waste-to-energy facility, drop them off, and the cycle is repeated.


The incineration process vaporizes almost all the solid waste, leaving just a small residue of ash remaining. While this relatively harmless incineration by-product was disposed of in landfills, an innovative processing system now takes the ash from Waste-to-Energy facilities and further separates it into its component parts.


Composed primarily of small metal particles, these are recycled into an aggregate that can be reused in construction material, such as hot-mix asphalt for roads and parking lots, as well as commercial concrete uses. The best part is that the process can reduce the amount of ash being sent to landfills by as much as 65 percent.


The end result is that, when it comes to mattress disposal, DC area residents can partner with the team at Junk King Washington DC by sending hundreds of mattresses that would usually end up in landfills, to be turned into electricity to power local homes.


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Green Mattress Disposal, Great Service, and Transparent Pricing


For the best pricing in junk removal, including for mattress disposal, DC residents need look no further than Junk King Washington DC. Not only do we have the best pricing in our industry, but we also always provide our customers with fair and transparent pricing.


We care about saving our customers money and we make that happen by providing the best value for their money. Which is why we make it a point to stand by our “fair and transparent” pricing policies for all our services, including excess or bulk trash pickup and removal like old mattresses. 


And what exactly do we mean by “fair and transparent?”


Simply that our low minimums are clearly noted, there are no hidden fees, and there are never any “extra” charges added to our estimates. All of which means that you can trust Junk King Washington DC to always charge you a fair price for your junk removal. And it also means that you’ll never be unpleasantly surprised with a higher price after the job is done.


Want a free estimate? That’s another way we keep it fair and transparent. And here are four different ways to get one:


  1. Get one Online – Click the “Pricing” tab in the navigation above, scrolling to Pricing Estimator, then click the green “Launch Pricing Estimator” button
  2. Get one On-Site – The most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you a free, no-obligation estimate is immediately after we arrive on-site.
  3. Get One by Phone – Simply call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or live chat with our highly trained customer service representatives.
  4. Get One with a Text – Send a photo or two of your trash and junk items at 737-888-5865, and we’ll text you back with a free estimate.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


For Affordable and Green Mattress Disposal, DC can Rely on Junk King 


Junk King Junk Removal


In addition to giving a warm send-off to your used mattress, you can know that it will be serving a great purpose to help preserve the environment. And you can be assured that you’ll be getting world-class mattress removal service when you call Junk King Washington DC.


Even better than our renowned service is the benefit of not having to do it yourself.


Our professional and experienced mattress removal team can also remove and haul off any other types of junk you have, as well (except household hazardous waste.) Fortunately, old, used mattresses don’t often fall under that category!


Not only is Junk King Washington DC part of the nation’s largest and most respected junk removal firms, but we are also proud of the fact that our location is a locally owned and 100 percent veteran-owned business.


While our passion and mission is to run a green and eco-friendly operation, we are also wholly committed to providing outstanding service to our friends and neighbors who live here in and around Washington DC.


Old mattress removal and disposal couldn’t be any easier – or greener!


Our professional and insured mattress removal team will come to your home, and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once there, we’ll give you a free quote based on how much room your mattress and other junk will take up in our truck.


You simply point, and we’ll load your old junk mattress and other items into our clean junk removal trucks and haul them away – and all with no hidden fees!


So, ready to get rid of your old mattress? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


All you need to do is make an appointment with us by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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Affordable And Reliable Junk Removal: Washington DC Looks To The Pros

Junk King Junk Removal

Junk removal and waste disposal has a long and often undistinguished history in our nation. 


For example, up until the early 1900’s, dumping waste in any convenient location was still permitted. Trash and junk would be dumped in the ocean, wetlands, or any other available “wasteland” area that was convenient.


At the time, according to one source, many small towns and cities were using piggeries to dispose of organic waste. These were small farms with pigs that consumed food waste. It took 75 pigs to eat about one ton of food waste each day. Anything that wasn’t food waste was usually burned or buried.


One of the first municipal trash and street cleaning efforts in the United States came about in nearby Philadelphia back when the nation was still a group of colonies.


According to an article,


“In 1762, Franklin boldly proposed an act that would take seven years to finalize and pass in Philadelphia. The statute delineates the need to prioritize cleaning and paving streets, alleys, and sidewalks; suggests a program to expand the storm-water drainage system; plans a system of scavengers and requirements for removing sweepings, ash, shavings and manure from the city; and implements a tax and fee schedule to fund the attempt to bring order to the urban environment.


Upon implementation, Franklin’s vision of technology and systematic infrastructure as a solution to the city’s sanitation problem was a success,”


Fast forward to the 2020s in Washington DC. What do we do with our trash and waste?


Well, it seems that DC’s unrecycled municipal solid waste is sent to incinerators and landfills in Virginia. And the Capital’s estimated 25,000 tons of recycled metal, glass, paper and plastic are sent to a facility in Maryland, where they are processed for markets. 


But there are no landfills in DC, of course. So, what about residential junk?


That’s where we come in, because Junk King Washington DC specializes in junk removal.


full service junk removal


Junk and Debris Must Go: The Junk Removal Washington DC Needs


Dumpster Rental


A perfect example is a residential construction project that generates trash, debris, and all kinds of waste materials. All of this must be cleaned up repeatedly throughout the length of the job so the contractor and others can keep the site safe and easy to work in.


Unfortunately, this often means that the contractor must take the time away from the job to haul away and dispose of all the junk and debris. And this is a task that is both time-consuming and tedious.


And most of the time, construction junk and debris removal is a job no one wants to do, and that no one really has the time for.


Another good example are the many homeowners and renters who regularly find themselves holding on to old junk items that really need to be gotten rid of. And many times, this consists of household junk that is too large to be put into their residential recycling or trash bins.


While they might consider getting rid of those things themselves, these folks often don’t have a pickup truck, or they might not have anyone around that can help with the chore!


In fact, it is often better to avoid taking the do-it-yourself route when it comes to loading, hauling, and unloading large, bulky, and heavy junk times. Life is risky enough these days with COVID, civil unrest, and angry drivers!


Here are just a few of the potential downsides to hauling your own junk, debris, or trash:


  • Having to rent a truck or borrow one
  • Injuries, pulled muscles, and strained backs
  • Finding locations for proper disposal
  • Knowing what can be disposed of and what must be recycled


The good news is that there is an easy and reliable way to avoid the pain and cost of hauling your own junk and still have it removed quickly and affordably. Just a quick call to a professional and junk hauling firm like Junk King Washington DC can make your junk hauling burden an easy and enjoyable experience.


book junk removal now


Need Junk Removal? Washington DC Relies on Junk King


Even if you only need junk removal services a few times a year or so it can be risky, costly, and highly inconvenient to do it yourself, as we have pointed out here.


Not only that, depending on the materials, some of your junk and debris can contain what are known as household hazardous wastes, or HHW, and there are several local, state, and federal regulations that require these items to be handled and disposed of properly.


A side note on the HHW, by the way: District residents can drop off household hazardous waste and unwanted electronic waste at the DC Department of Public Works Benning Road Transfer Station at no cost.


But remember that HHW cannot be put in trash or recycling containers, nor should they be included with items for bulk trash collection. So, make use of the hazardous waste drop off location, if you can.


And, when it comes to the rest of your junk removal needs, the good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself.


With Junk King Washington DC, you can have all your large junk items and unwanted debris efficiently, safely, and quickly removed from your home or place of work. Not only are we reliable and affordable, but we also guarantee to beat any other written estimate.


In fact, we are confident that our prices are better than any comparable operator – and that means a licensed, insured, junk removal company that operates a recycling-based operation, just like Junk King.


And unlike most other junk removal companies, we don’t charge you by the weight of your load. While many companies do, this just means that customers pay more for heavy junk items than for lighter junk materials that take up the same amount of space in their trucks.


Not at Junk King Washington DC.


No matter what your bulk trash, large junk, or other unwanted debris is composed of, we only charge you for the room it takes up in our truck. That means money savings for you and a fair price. And at Junk King we never build in hidden fees or “extra” charges because fair and transparent pricing is simply our way of doing business.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Professional Junk Removal with Junk King Washington DC


Junk King Washington DC


In addition to quickly and easily getting rid of your unwanted junk, you can know that it will be disposed of in a way that will help preserve the environment. You can also rest assured that you’ll be getting world-class junk removal service when you call Junk King Washington DC.


And one of the best parts of our renowned service is that we do all the heavy lifting!


Our professional and experienced junk removal team can also remove and haul off any types of junk you have, as well (except for hazardous waste.) Fortunately, most household junk rarely falls under that category!


Not only is Junk King Washington DC part of one of the nation’s largest and most respected junk removal firms, but we are also proud of the fact that our location is a locally owned and 100 percent veteran-owned business.


In addition to our passion for maintaining a green and eco-friendly operation, we are also committed to providing outstanding service to our neighbors living in and around the Washington DC area.


Face it! Junk removal couldn’t be any easier – or greener!


Our professional and insured junk removal team will come to your home, and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once there, we’ll give you a free quote based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.


You simply point, and we’ll load your old junk and other items into our big, red, junk removal trucks and haul them away – and all with no hidden fees!


So, ready to get rid of your old, unwanted junk items? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


Just make an appointment with the pros at Junk King by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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