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Dumpsters Rental Worcester

Fast, eco-friendly dumpster rental in Worcester

Renting a Dumpster in Worcester: Why You Should Choose Junk King

No matter how much we may attempt to avoid accumulating items that eventually take up too much space in our homes and businesses, it almost seems inevitable that piles of junk end up filling those empty corners of our garage, basement, and closets. With the spring months just around the corner, now is a great time to begin to think about how you can free up space in your home and business by getting rid of that excess junk. While you could simply take all your unwanted junk items out to the curb on a rainy afternoon, your local waste management company may not pick up all of those items. Your neighbors will most likely not enjoy your trash art lining the street corner, and for business owners, a pile of junk is not exactly the best way to attract new customers.

Whether you are going through an annual spring cleaning routine, or have decided that now is the time to do a major decluttering of your home, renting a dumpster is often the most efficient and practical way to deal with excess piles of junk. Below, we offer a complete review of why you should consider renting a dumpster from Junk King of Worcester for all your major junk removal needs.

Why Rent A Dumpster from Junk King of Worcester?

Unless you have a huge pickup truck and a strong back, hauling away your bulky junk will most likely be impossible for most people. If you don’t have the time, the strength, or the resources to haul your own junk to the local landfill, you could consider hiring a full-service junk removal company. However, junk removal companies will generally want to remove all of your junk in one visit. If you feel that you need more time to go through the junk laying around your home or business to decide what stays and what goes, renting a dumpster is a great option.

With Junk King of Worcester, we´ll come and install the dumpster anywhere on your property that you wish. This will make it easy for you to take your time throughout the decluttering process. Whenever the dumpster is full and ready to be moved, simply give us a call and we´ll promptly come and pick up your junk.

Renting a dumpster also is a great way for “contact-less” junk removal service. If you are worried about the COVID pandemic and do not like the idea of having people come into your home to remove your old couch, beds, and other pieces of bulky furniture and appliances, a dumpster rental is a great option for you.

Furthermore, for individuals or business owners who are in the process of doing major home renovations or changes to the landscaping around their buildings, a dumpster rental can give you a convenient space to store all of the building and construction debris during the building process. Dumpsters are a perfect way to deal with the excess debris from landscaping, roof repairs, renovations, and other large-scale clean-ups and renovation projects. Renting a dumpster from Junk King of Worcester provides a less expensive option for waste management and can be obtained at any time of the year.

Full Service Junk Removal

In general, a dumpster rental might be the best option for your junk removal needs if:

  • You expect to generate debris over time like a renovation project
  • You expect to have 12 cubic yards of waste or less
  • You need the extra time to determine which items need to be removed and which items stay
  • You prefer not to have people enter your home due to COVID concerns.

Things to Consider before Renting a Dumpster

The actual process of renting a dumpster from Junk King is fairly straightforward. Simply call or text Junk King of Worcester to ask about our pricing for dumpster rental. Our customer service representatives can help you determine what size of dumpster is best for your needs and the best possible placement for dropping off the dumpster. After you have agreed to our price, simply arrange a date for the drop-off of the dumpster, fill the dumpster with your junk items, and call us when it’s ready to be picked up. It’s that simple!

Junk King truck dropping off a dumspter

Other than that simple process, here are a few other questions you might want to consider before finalizing your dumpster rental:

What if my dumpster fills up and I still have more junk to get rid of?

If you fill up your dumpster, we´ll come and drop you off another one at no extra charge. We’ll even bring the new dumpster to your location on the same day. That’s our Guaranteed No Extra Charge policy.

What size of dumpster do I need?

Most dumpsters come in a few standard sizes, but the one that most people are familiar with is the 40 cubic yard receptacle. Unless you’re undertaking a commercial job, it’s unlikely that you’ll need this large of a receptacle. Fortunately, even a 12-yard dumpster from Junk King can easily hold the junk from most cleaning and de-cluttering projects.

Where should I place my dumpster?

In most cases, the best place to place a rental dumpster is a place on your property where you can access it fairly easily without having to haul your junk down a long driveway. Placing a dumpster on the curb is usually not recommended as you will most likely need a permit for use of a dumpster in public spaces. It’s always a good idea to check with your local government about their specific regulations.

Is there anything I can´t put in my rented dumpster?

Almost every type of junk can be placed in a dumpster as long as it is not classified as toxic waste. Dumpsters rented in Worcester are subject to state-wide regulations that prohibit specific materials. For example, the following items are considered banned waste items in Massachusetts municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills:

  • Ammunition, Fireworks, Explosives
  • Household batteries
  • Prescription Medicines
  • Pesticides Containing 2-4-5T, Silvex
  • Penta Brand Wood Preservatives
  • Radioactive Wastes
  • Tires
  • Asbestos
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders (Propane Tanks)
  • Infectious & Biological Wastes
  • Shock Sensitive Materials
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Our customer service representatives can clear up any lingering doubts you might have regarding what type of material can and cannot be placed in a dumpster.

Dumpster Rental Cost

dumpster rental Worcester

For dumpster rental with Junk King of Worcester, the prices will depend on your location, the size of the dumpster you need, how long you need it for, and any possible permits that may be required. Junk King strives to make sure that our customers are well aware of all the details in our terms and conditions. For example, we make sure to include a clear policy on pricing, which includes delivery charges, pick-up fees, and standard disposal and recycling services for your convenience.

The Junk King dumpster holds up to 12 cubic yards of junk loaded by hand and you are only charged for your actual load size. Our standard pricing includes up to 3 days of rental, after which a daily rate of $30 a day will be added.

Regardless of the type of waste that you are looking to have removed, the cost for a dumpster rental with Junk King is always the same. There are a few exceptions, however. Certain waste items incur mandatory fees at recycling centers or landfills, and these fees must be factored into the dumping price. We ensure that our customers pay ONLY for the space you use, and our pricing starts at:

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Dumpsters are rolling out at Junk King locations nationwide. Call 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or book online to schedule an appointment or ask us about our full-service junk hauling! Junk King’s dumpsters are easy, affordable and convenient. Rent a dumpster today for your DIY project, cleanout, and disposal needs. Book a dumpster online today and save $30.

When you choose to rent a dumpster from Junk King, you can expect friendly service, convenient drop-off, on-time and fair, flexible pricing. With Junk King’s dumpster rental services you pay ONLY for the space you use.

Junk King’s dumpsters are easy, affordable and convenient. Rent a dumpster today for your DIY project, cleanout, and disposal needs. Book a dumpster online today and save $30.

Pricing Features

Pay ONLY for the space you use:

  • Minimum - As low as $300
  • 1/2 MINI - $325 - $425
  • Full - As low as $395

Great pricing, no hidden fees

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Driveway friendly

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