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Five Reasons Why You Should Recycle Your Yard Waste in Worcester, MA with Junk King Worcester


Yard Waste


When people talk of yard waste, they don’t think about leaves and lawn clippings in terms of cost savings and other benefits. While it is tedious to handle yard waste in Worcester, there are several ways you make it a refreshing endeavor. Recycling yard waste is a helpful and noble course that everyone should consider. You benefit a lot from recycling things. 


As much as people are trying to recycle, not many consider recycling yard waste. Most of them haul it to landfills without offering anyone any worthy benefit. Unknown to them is that it is possible to recycle yard waste, and it is pretty much advantageous too. There are several reasons why recycling yard waste in Worcester MA is a great idea. At Junk King Worcester, we encourage homeowners to recycle their yard waste as much as possible. Here are five reasons why you should consider recycling your yard waste in Worcester. 


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Reason 1: Keep the Environment Clean


Recycling junk helps maintain a clean environment. When you recycle yard waste, you help reduce carbon emissions that might be harmful to the environment. Also known as greenhouse gasses, these emissions can be very toxic to the environment. In recent years, there have been campaigns to reduce global warming. It is everyone’s responsibility to participate in this essential cause that will help save the planet. By recycling your yard waste, you are right in the mix of safeguarding mother nature. 


This move will help reduce landfills and lessen the impact of carbon emissions and pollution. Besides, Worcester residents won’t have to struggle to breathe in contaminated air due to pollution. Companies that use recycled aluminum save about 96% of energy in the production of new aluminum. This is much better than companies that use raw materials for the same course. Therefore, by recycling yard waste, you can repurpose various items that you could have bought again. For every item that you recycle, you help save on unwanted costs. At the same time, you combat gas emissions by reducing the need for mining.


You can imagine a scenario where everyone in your neighborhood is taking their yard waste to a landfill. Within a short time, the landfill will be filled to the brim. Consequently, the effects of toxic chemicals will start being felt shortly after. Water might get contaminated and residents might develop severe illnesses. Besides, chemicals might damage the soil, making it unhealthy for agricultural purposes. Therefore, recycling yard waste is vital in helping keep the environment clean. 


Reason 2: Save Money on Disposal Fees


How much do you spend hauling yard waste? Most Worcester residents spend a significant amount of money annually on yard waste removal. What if you were to spend nothing at all? This is possible when you choose to recycle your yard waste. When you recycle most of your yard waste, you save on trash disposal fees. You won’t have to incur costs weekly or monthly trying to get rid of the massive yard waste. The cost of yard waste removal is generally high after a major landscaping project. Revamping your yard and landscape tends to produce a lot of debris. The cost of hauling it away might be even higher if the debris is heavy. Unlike Junk King, some trash removal services base their prices on weight which can be very costly. 


If you don’t want to incur these charges, you can consider recycling your yard waste. By doing so, you save money you could have spent on disposal fees. This cost-effective move goes a long way in keeping your yard clean. Remember that when it comes to yard waste removal, you could incur several charges. For instance, you will have to pay the municipality to haul the waste away and then pay for landfills or disposal sites. This is a tedious process that also costs a lot of money. If you decide to get rid of yard waste on your own, you will have to use your truck to do so. Either way, you will still incur charges that make the whole process very costly. Therefore, it is ideal to recycle your yard waste and save on money.


Reason 3: Reduce Waste in Landfills


Recycling yard waste makes so much sense. Logically, the more stuff that can be re-purposed or reused, the less stuff is sent to landfills. This reduces landfill disposal and helps keep the environment clean. It is also not logical to fill the ground with useful and valuable materials. This could be the case if you often dispose of yard waste. As much as most of it is junk, yard waste could be valuable in many ways. You can use it for gardening and other projects that help enhance your home’s curb appeal. As high as 80% of the materials sent to landfills can be recycled or repurposed. This is a high percentage that you should help reduce. 


According to statistics, one ton of paper needs three cubic yards of landfill space. This is a massive space that could affect the environment. Besides, too many landfills in one area are a recipe for disaster. Many materials can be recycled and help reduce the burden on landfills. For example, only 45-50% of aluminum sold to consumers is recycled. The rest of these products end up in landfills. From this example, you can imagine the size of valuable materials currently sitting in landfills all over the county. There are high chances of landfills being reopened and mined for their valuable materials. The disposal of usable materials in landfills is not only costly but significantly affects the environment. 


Recycling at least 30% of waste can reduce greenhouse emissions significantly. It is compared to removing around 30 million cars from the road. In simple terms, recycling yard waste saves more energy. Besides, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions which help keep the environment clean. Air pollution is also reduced as there is less energy consumed during various manufacturing and distribution processes. Therefore, it is ideal to consider recycling yard waste in Worcester. The environment will be kept clean and the use of landfills will deplete. Remember that the purpose is to keep the environment clean at all times.


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Reason 4. Your Community Needs You!


Yard waste recycling is a huge favor to the community. When the environment is contaminated with various toxic chemicals, it is the community that suffers. People end up inhaling toxic gasses that might affect their breathing system. In fact, those with underlying conditions suffer significantly from these emissions. Besides, when the environment is polluted, the water system could be infiltrated by toxic chemicals. People in the community end up consuming it and suffer severe illnesses. These cases have happened on several occasions, underlying the danger of toxic waste to the community. 


Fortunately, you can avoid all this by recycling your yard waste. There are many campaigns designed to encourage recycling in communities. You can check with your local community environment services department and see some of the available programs. You can team up with other members of your community to actualize these programs. At Junk King, we encourage Worcester residents to embrace recycling at all levels. Whether it is at your home or business, make an effort to recycle junk waste.


If you find it challenging to recycle yard waste on your own, we can help you do so. We are an established junk removal company that offers a wide range of services including recycling. When you get in touch with us, we will send over our team that will handle the junk removal process. After that, we will take the yard waste to our recycling facilities and have it repurposed. This goes a long way in keeping the environment clean. Besides, we don’t throw trash in landfills as unprofessional services do. Instead, we value and take care of the environment in the best way possible. 


Reason 5. Create Jobs for Local Residents


Another reason why you should consider recycling yard waste is that it creates jobs for residents. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Recycling brings this quote to life in every way. Generally, the market value for recyclable and recycled materials offers great potential for communities that recycle their waste. Nowadays, locals have increased potential to generate income by selling their recyclables. They can also sell their already recycled material. Manufacturers and processors often purchase recycled materials to make new products for less money. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for all parties involved. With companies saving money and communities earning money, yard waste recycling is a game changer! This idea also benefits residents who are not yet equipped to handle recycling locally. Junk King is here to help everyone enjoy the fruits of yard waste recycling and keeping the environment clean. 


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As much as yard waste might look invaluable, you can recycle it. As highlighted here, there are several reasons why you should consider recycling yard waste. At Junk King, we are committed to helping you recycle. Get in touch with us for trash removal and recycling services in Worcester!


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Can You Go ‘Greener’ With Your Recycling?

Like most residents, you’re probably involved in home recycling. This is made easier when the city provides a recycling bin. Once you get into the habit of sorting papers, plastics, glass and soda cans it becomes second nature to you. However, you don’t have to stop there. Maybe you need to think about what kind of businesses you do business with. Is your favorite restaurant sustainable? What happens when you step outside your home? Are you still staying green? Here are some ways you get your green on!


Walk More

Every time you get behind the wheel of your car, your carbon footprint is inching up. Unless you’re driving an electric car. In that case, you get a free pass! Carbon emissions from cars are a big offender when it comes to climate change. That’s why you should consider walking more. That might not always be practical so think about car pooling. If you’re going to meet a friend for lunch or dinner, just have one of you drive. If you can take public transportation to work, then go for it. Even riding the bus one day a week can be a big plus in your “green column.”

Buy Smart

Any new appliance or product you bring into your house should go through a green test. For the machines, they should all be Energy Star rated. This tells you that the model is designed for energy efficiency. If your fridge, washer, dryer or dishwasher aren’t Energy Star rated, it might be time for an upgrade.

As for everything else, check the packaging to see if it is made from recycled materials. If that packaging isn’t made from recycled materials, then fire off an email or Tweet to the company and ask them, “Why not?” That can make a huge difference, too.

Save Water

It’s not a stretch to say that most of the water you use in your home goes right down the drain. That is a lot of waste. You can be proactive with your water use. For instance, you don’t need to run the tap while you’re brushing your teeth. Your showers can be a lot shorter, too. Big savings on the water bill.

Don’t Waste Food

Food waste is a big issue that is getting more attention these days. Grocery stores are obligated to throw out food when it has expired even if it is still good. Before your toss your expired food, check out it’s real shelf life.

Recycle Your Junk

as mentioned above, recycling trash is always a good thing. But what about the stuff that won’t fit into the recycling bin? Suppose you want to get rid of old computers or futon? Those can be recycled to if you hire Junk King Worcester for the task. These junk hauling pros have set up partnerships with many local recycling centers and charities. That’s where the bulk of what you turn over to them wind up. It’s the perfect way to repurpose without exerting any effort on your part. Let Junk King Worcester handle all your junk recycling. Win/win.

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