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5 Real Estate Clean Out Scenarios [Tips]

5 Real Estate Clean Out Scenarios [Tips]


[This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been updated and revised.]

Homeowners sell every six-to-seven years an average. Other homes are left behind as part of an estate, while others are vacated rentals. And they all need clean outs.

Oftentimes, this task falls to a real estate professional. but clean outs and junk removal are not typically part of their skill set. 

Foreclosures have continued to decline across the country, but the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis may lead to a surge in foreclosures should current protections and moratoriums lapse. As of June 2020, distressed sales – foreclosures and short sales – represented just 3 percent of sales, which was about even with May but up from the 2 percent of distressed sales in June 2019.

According to a post on the website of Norada Real Estate Investments, 

"Given the current fundamentals, real estate should remain strong in most U.S. housing markets for the foreseeable future. The housing market 2020 has begun to show signs of heating up as more buyers and sellers returned to the market in June.

Housing units are still in short supply with the problem getting worse. And low-interest rates and population growth will further increase demand for available housing."

While things can change and even drastically given the uncertainty of the economic future in the face of the coronavirus and the political response to it, it appears that homes will still sell, houses will still be abandoned through foreclosure, and estate clean outs will still be needed.




Estate Clean Outs, Property Management, and More

As a real estate professional, you are likely dealing with all of these tasks yourself. And, if you are working with estate sales, empty rental homes in need of major clean outs, and homes that have just gone on the market, your plate is full.

Juggling the various tasks that need to be accomplished, vendors to find and hire, repairs that must be done, and everything in between means precious little time for anything else. 

Yet, all of these homes likely need to be cleaned. And some need a major clean out.

In a "Seller's market" it may possible to show a home that is not in "pristine" condition nor even cleaned well. However, most conscientious and reputable real estate professional will ensure that a property is cleaned properly and all the junk and abandoned belongings are cleaned out.

According to a number of studies, the average homeowner sells their home after only living in it about six to seven years on average in the United States. And. In that time, most homeowners manage to acquire quite a bit of belongings such as furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, clothing, and endless boxes full of miscellaneous items. 

And that means there can often be large quantities of accumulated items that end up being left in the garage, on the side of the house, or in the basement or attic.

The problem for real estate professionals then, is that once the previous homeowners have moved out, all items they didn't bother to take with then needs to be cleaned up and hauled away. And, while it may seem a bit insensitive to refer to these items as “junk,” the fact is that it has to be hauled out and disposed of in order to show the home or prepare it for the new owners.

In short, a property clean out is needed to remove all those items. 



Different Junk Hauling Scenarios and Real Estate Professionals

The good news for real estate professionals is that cleaning out a vacant home or rental property doesn't have to be a DIY project.

In addition to having a good cleaning service to clean the interior of a property, you simply need a  a good junk hauling service, as well.

Many house clean outs and foreclosure clean outs require removing and hauling the junk, trash, and furniture that is often left behind. And this is not a job just anyone can do properly.

Nor should they have to!

For example, foreclosed homes are sometimes sold in an “as-is” condition, which means the title holder doesn’t make any major repairs. But a good real estate professional knows that it is still necessary to clean out the property prior to an open house and subsequent sale.

And because of the amount of work that's often needed, those same professionals know that it's more cost-effective in most cases to outsource that work to a professional estate clean out service like Junk King.

In addition, a quality junk hauling firm will work hard to protect and preserve your collateral throughout the foreclosure process and up to the sale of property. They understand the needs of real estate professionals and are knowledgeable of investor/insurer guidelines so that all the work is completed in accordance with the applicable specifications.

In this infographic we've illustrated five major real estate clean out scenarios where real estate professionals can benefit by hiring a quality junk hauling service:



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The Right Junk Hauling Firm for Quality Estate Clean Outs

When you decide to outsource the junk hauling part of your real estate clean out, the challenge is to determine which firm is the right one for your job. You can certainly find plenty of guys with trucks willing to do the job, but that can end up costing you more than you hoped to save.

This is another reason why Junk King really is the firm of choice.

Junk King is the leading business to business junk removal service in North America and our real estate junk removal services take care of the clean out process for you. We can take that big task off your to-do list and closer toward getting your property ready to sell or rent.



Junk King Means Speed, Reliability and Quality Service

We understand that as a real estate professional you need your properties to be pristine, and you want to be able to list them as quickly as possible . We also understand that you appreciate fast and hassle-free services and don't have time for problems with a property.

And, since your clients have enough to deal with when buying or selling a home, having the junk removal handled by someone else is a huge bonus for both of you.

One of the best things about hiring Junk King is that we recycle as much of the material we pick-up. This is proof of our commitment to being an eco-friendly removal service. Junk King offers fast and friendly junk hauling with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices.

We recycle or donate 60 percent or more of the junk we collect — including renovation debris, furniture and appliances, and even clothing and personal items. Real estate ventures can proudly call Junk King their green partner for real estate junk removal.

Junk King handles junk removal services for real estate professionals across the U.S. and we are the highest rated service brand in the nation. We are insured and offer post-escrow payment. You can depend on Junk King for speed, reliability and for the peace of mind that comes with getting your property ready fast.

Our team specializes in large waste removal and trash hauling. We can be on location in mere minutes, so call us today! You can trust us to get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion.

If you have questions about what we do or what we believe, give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).


5 Real Estate Clean Out Scenarios [Tips]


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