Make Your Home More ‘Green’ With These Helpful Tips

The EPA estimates that a family for can use up to 400 gallons of water every day. That is a lot of usage and it’s just water. You also are expending a lot of energy running your appliances and keeping the lights on. You may be doing your part to help the environment by recycling plastics, soda cans and water bottles but there’s a lot more you can do to make your home green. Put some of these tips into action today:


Get Off Junk Mail Lists

Most of your cable companies, banks, credit card companies and utilities offer you the chance to get online statements instead of printed copies. You can log onto the website and pay your bill online and set up your new mail preferences. With a little research you can find a way to cut back on the rest of your junk mail by removing your name off of mailing lists. If all your reduction in pay-per-use can save at least one tree a year, then you’ll be having a huge impact on the environment.

Leave Your Shoes At The Door

your shoes have picked up all the gunk from parking lots, sidewalks and lawns. Those germs are now part of your treads. This is why you should always leave your shoes at the door to your home. Not only will it cut back on stains in your carpet but it might also reduce the chance of spreading germs throughout your house.

Switch to LED or CFL Bulbs

There have been major improvements made with the lightbulb since Thomas Edison flipped his first switch. Today a LED or CFL bulb can produce the same amount of light as a regular incandescent bulb but use 70% less energy. They also last up to 25 times longer than regular bulbs. All of this means you’ll be spending less on light bulbs over time and there will be less dumped in the landfills. That’s always a good thing.

Recycle Your Junk

There are probably a lot of things you want to get rid of around the house that can’t fit into the recycling bin. That doesn’t automatically disqualify them from being repurposed. This is where you need to bring in Junk King Atlanta. This is a professional junk hauling service that has been dedicated to an eco-friendly way of doing things ever since they began collecting junk back in 2005. Junk King Atlanta set up partnerships with local recycling facilities and charities. This is where your junk will end up. Even if it takes the Junk King crew a few extra trips to make all the drop-offs, they consider it time well spent. Go green and recycle junk the right way by hiring Junk King Atlanta today.

How To Find the Right Homebuilder

Building a new home is a huge investment. This could actually be your dream home because you’ll be able to design it from the ground up. Before you can move in the furniture, you need to make sure you pick the right homebuilder for your situation. Here’s what you should think about before you begin your search for the right homebuilder:


Your Budget

Obviously, when you are considering building a home versus buying one you’ve already crunched some numbers. But that doesn’t mean you are completely out of the woods. It would help to get a construction mortgage preapproval before you begin the process. This will let you know exactly the amount of funds you can work with. It’s also vital that whatever number you are preapproved of you don’t want to go over. Even a couple thousand dollars will put a strain on you and the project. It’s better to find ways to cut costs every step along the way.

Be Clear About What You Want

It can be very exciting to build a home from the ground up. However, you have to be very clear about what you want when talking to your prospective homebuilder. Once they begin rolling up plans you don’t want to come back and suddenly say, “Oh by the way can we have a swimming pool?” It might be a good idea to sit down with your partner and write out your “wish list.” That way you can see exactly what you might keep and what you might lose.

Embrace Experience

Although it is nice to give people a first chance at a business, you don’t want that to be building your home. Your homebuilder should have a long history of construction that can easily be verified with references and accreditation.

Check References

Every prospective homebuilder that you will meet will provide you with a list of references. Obviously, these are people who are going to be satisfied customers. It shouldn’t be too hard to find customers outside of that list. You want to find out if those clients had a good experience with the builder and if they were responsive to needs.

You will probably want to survey the lot you’re building on with your prospective builder. In to get an accurate picture you may need to clear that lot. This is where Junk King Atlanta can be big asset. These are the junk removal professionals who have a lot of experience clearing out vacant lots that have been turned into illegal dumping grounds. Don’t be turned off by trash in a vacant lot. Instead, turn it over to Junk King Atlanta.

Great Ideas For Marketing Your Restaurant

Here in Atlanta, competition among restaurants is fierce. Even though people are dining out more often than eating in there is no guarantee they’re going to show up at your place. Even with great food and a terrific staff, you still need to get the word out. Here are some great ideas for marketing your restaurant.


Lots of Foodie Photos

By now, you should have set up your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and twitter accounts for your restaurant. The primary focus for your social media outreach should be amazing foodie photos. These would be fresh pictures of all the food that is coming out of your kitchen. Don’t just rely on stock photos you took the first week your opened. As you’re expediting orders, snap some pictures! Nothing will bring in the crowd more than a visual sample of what they can expect.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs have been around for a long time. In this new age of apps, those programs have become sophisticated and easy to use. You can partner up with a loyalty program that has guests checking in when they’re at the restaurant. Or you can go “old school” with a punch card. It’s a great way to keep guests coming back on a regular basis. That’s business you can depend on and it’s worth the occasional free meal.

Be Proactive With Yelp

Guests who visit your restaurant are going to post their reviews on Yelp whether you like it or not. That means you will have a page established for your business that you can actually enhance by adding photos, menu, prices and other items that a guest would be asking questions about. If you do get a negative review, then you should always answer it in a professional way. You might be able to turn that negative review around by offering a “do over.” Either way, you’ll be showing your guests that you care enough to pay attention to their criticisms.

Send Out Monthly Email Newsletter

A monthly email newsletter sent out to your customers is a great way of keeping them informed about specials, new menu items or upcoming events. You can also offer discounts and coupons with the email newsletter. Just make sure it is professionally done.

Keep the Place Clean

Cleanliness is vital to a successful restaurant. That holds true for the front and back of the house. You don’t want your guests to be stumbling around rubbish as they make their way to a restroom or see a lot of debris piled up in the parking lot. If you’ve reached a rubbish overflow situation, then you need to call in Junk King Atlanta. These junk removal professionals who will make quick work of removing all your unwanted rubbish from your property. A session with Junk King Atlanta will go a long way to keeping your restaurant clean and your customers happy.

How To Get Your Home Ready For A New Baby

Planning for a new baby can be a very exciting time. There are a lot of classes and books to read but nothing will prepare you for the real thing. Before your little one shows up there some great ideas that you might not think about right off the bat. Here’s how you can get your home ready for a new baby.


Put Up a Growth Chart

You will suddenly appreciate how quickly time flies with a new baby. They’re going to grow extremely fast and you definitely want to track all the milestones. The most important is their height. After all, how would you know they’ll be ready for the roller coaster? You can install a growth chart in their room that’s like a giant measuring stick. This can be something you can DIY or buy premade. Either way, get ready for those growth spurts.

Set Up a Diaper Station

You’re going to learn how to work with one hand very quickly. Usually one hand is holding down the baby who is squirming while the other is getting the diaper ready. It helps to have everything within arm’s reach. A changing table is just that: a place where you can change the diaper. But you’ll need wipes, ointment, diapers, tissues and a few other sundries during each of those changes. That’s why you want to set up a mobile diaper station that will fit right next to the changing table. If you can find a cart with wheels, then all the better. Nothing beats getting mobile!

Decorate the Baby’s Room

You will most likely want to paint the nursery before the arrival of the baby. Even if you don’t stick with a traditional blue or pink colors, you can find a neutral shade that is just as attractive. There are many ways that you can decorate the baby’s room. One thing to keep in mind is not to hang anything on the wall over a crib. That might prove to be too tempting a target to reach for. There are many wall decals that you can stick on an easily remove as they get older.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Starting with the baby shower presents you’re going to discover that a new baby comes with a lot of new stuff. You need to make room for these things not only in the nursery but also throughout the rest of the house. This is why you want to hire Junk King Atlanta. These are the junk removal professionals who can help you clear out all kinds of unwanted clutter from old appliances to random pieces of furniture. The less clutter you have the deal with, the better off you’ll be with your new baby. Junk King Atlanta can help with that in a big way.

Best Way To Pick A Contractor For Your Kitchen Remodel

Hiring a contractor for your kitchen remodel project is probably the most important decision you’re going to make. Is right up there with choosing the design. Your contractor is the person who is going to run the show from start to finish. That includes hiring the crew, purchasing the materials and inspecting the work. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when picking a contractor for your kitchen remodel.


Ask Friends and Family For Referrals

You could probably list at least five friends or family members that have already had a kitchen remodel. Those are the first people you want to go to when it comes to finding a contractor. They’ll be able to give you an unblemished review of that contractor’s work. Be sure to ask how that contractor handled problems. That could be key to the overall success of your project.

Check Their Credentials

The only contractor you should be working with is someone who has been licensed in the state. They should also be fully insured. A contractor can also have many professional associations. All of these credentials are verifiable. Don’t take a contractor’s word for it. Look it up online for yourself.

Interview Several Contractors

You would be well advised to interview at least three or four contractors for your kitchen remodel. They may all turnout to have the same level of credentials and work experience but personality is an important factor. You want a contractor that was responsive to your concerns and able to adapt to any change. You should never feel like a burden to a contractor.

Check References

A contractor will always provide you with references. It’s up to you to follow up with those past clients. It stands to reason that a contractor is only going to provide you with customers who are completely satisfied. But you can still find useful information from those clients and might even be able to pick up some helpful shortcuts.

Get a Written Estimate

Any contractor you interview for your project should be able to provide you with a written estimate. They may come and take measurements, listen to your design ideas and then be able to provide a ballpark price but unless that is written out you’ll never know what it truly will become. Bottom line: never hire a contractor who doesn’t provide a written estimate.

Ask For Discounts

There’s nothing wrong with asking a contractor for discounts. This is something they expect on every job. There are also ways that you can save money on a remodel job by doing some of the work on your own. For instance, you may want to handle the bulk of the demolition. Taking down cabinets and pulling up linoleum isn’t that complicated. This is where hiring a company like Junk King Atlanta can be a big help. These are professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience getting rid of all kinds of demolition waste. Whatever mess you make, Junk King Atlanta will be able to clean up in no time at all for very affordable price. After you hire your kitchen remodel contractor, be sure to hire Junk King Atlanta for the cleanup.

Ideas For Backyard Fun Zones

Backyard + summer + kids = lots of fun. Just because your backyard doesn’t have a swimming pool doesn’t mean your kids can’t spent hours out there having fun. The way to make that happen is to create some fun zones where they can play all kinds of games. Consider incorporating one (or all!) of these fun zone ideas for your backyard.


Pitch a Tent

Don’t keep your camping tent tucked away in storage all summer. Set it up in the backyard. It can become a permanent fun house for your kids. It’s also a nice cover when it rains or is too sunny.

Make a Gravel Pit

A sandbox is always fun but also always messy. It’s hard to avoid tracking that sand back in the house. You could replace the sand with pea gravel. Your kids will have the same level of fun digging and scooping in the gravel. If you don’t want to fill up a sandbox, then you could arrange railroad ties into a square or triangle and fill the inside with the gravel.

Build a Dirt Mound

Dirt is very easy to come by. Instead of having your kids dig up your backyard why not dump a pile of topsoil in a corner and let them have at it. You can also put in PVC piping for tunnels. Lots of fun can be had in this kind of dirt!

Set Up a Stage

If your kids are all about creating a show, then give them a state space. This can be something as simple as hanging curtains on a clothesline or as elaborate as using old pallets to create a stage. Of course, with a stage will come a show so be prepared to be entertained.

Plant a Garden

Your kids might appreciate growing their own salad for dinner. They won’t need a large garden patch to accomplish that goal. If you don’t want them digging up the lawn, then they can plant their vegetables in containers and tend to them throughout the summer.

Before you set up any of these fun zones, you may want to get rid of some of the old playground equipment that has seen better days. That’s where a call to Junk King Atlanta can be a big help. They’ll send over a team that will be happy to remove things like a worn out trampoline or rusty swing set. Junk King does all the labor and loading for this type of work. They can also clear way any other yard debris like lumber or construction waste to make way for your fun zones.

Is your backyard ready for fun this summer? It can be with a little help from Junk King Atlanta.

How To Help A Hoarder Clean Their House

Everyone has the tendency to hoard things. There probably isn’t a kitchen in America that doesn’t have a junk drawer. The same can be said for many closets that are crammed full of years of collected clutter. Chronic hoarding is a situation when rooms in a home have become totally unusable. This is when help is definitely needed. That helped can be provided by you to a loved one who is dealing with hoarding issues. You can apply these tips to yourself. The goal is to toss out the clutter and get back to a clean home. Here is how to get started:


Ask For Help

You might feel ashamed at how your hoarding has gotten out of control. It might help to bring in some outside professional assistance such as a therapist that is dedicated to this type of counseling. Even asking a friend for help is a positive first step towards getting rid of your rubbish.

Start Small

It might have taken you years to collect all the things you have in your home but that doesn’t mean you have to clear it all out in a day. You can start small by identifying a cabinet or closet that you want to clear of clutter. Devote yourself to 15 to 30 minutes a day on that project. Acknowledge the positive steps that you’re taking to get rid of that unwanted stuff. By the end of the first week, that area will be junk free and you’ll be able to move on to the next spot.

Make Fast Decisions

As you sort through all the stuff you have collected, you don’t want to dwell on those items. You need to make a fast decision of whether or not you want to keep or toss something. Twenty seconds is all should take. The longer you hold onto a thing the more you’ll be attached to it. A hoarder cleanup is all about letting go.

Hire Professional Junk Haulers

Once you sort through all the stuff and have created piles to get rid of, you want to be able to have it removed safely and efficiently. That is where company like Junk King Atlanta can make a huge difference. These professional junk haulers will provide you with a team of movers and a big truck that will be able to hold everything you want to get rid of. Junk King Atlanta makes disposal of your junk a smooth process.

If you’re ready to tackle your hoarder cleanup, then you have plenty of help standing by.


Junk King Atlanta Customers Share Their Positive Reviews

Every business depends on satisfying their customers. It doesn’t matter if that company is bottling sodas or cleaning shirts. What does matter is that the company will deliver on the promises you make as that company. The best way for company to know they have accomplished accomplishing that goal is to check in with their customers through their online reviews. Junk King Atlanta is always happy to hear from its customers and those customers have some great experiences to share.


“There was nothing to dislike about the service. I called early afternoon and got an appointment early the next morning. The rep was very pleasant and efficient. I received a call later that afternoon and a gentleman explained the process and pricing. About 20 minutes prior to arrival the next morning, I received another call with the anticipated time of arrival. They gave me a price quickly which was very reasonable and the crew of three very nice gentlemen had everything loaded in 10 minutes, at most — no mess, no bother. They explained what happens to the items, with many things being donated, so I was very pleased to know it wasn’t just all going to the dump. Very pleasant, stress-free experience.” – P.P.

That is a typical Junk King Atlanta experience. That terrific customer service put you at ease right away and takes all the stress out of getting rid of your junk. It might have taken years to “collect” all the stuff you want to get rid of but it will only take a few moments with Junk King Atlanta to move it all out.

“Crew was friendly and very attentive to my needs and just did a fantastic job. Great company, would recommend them to anyone.” – Ray K.

the teams working for Junk King Atlanta have a lot of experience when it comes to lifting heavy objects. You might not be able to move something but they’ll certainly make short work of getting rid of things like a futon, couch or recliner. Your only role is to point to the things you want taken away. The Junk King Atlanta crew will handle the rest.

“Fast, efficient, timely, prompt, professional.” That pretty much sums up all you need to know about Junk King Atlanta. Are you ready to put them to work today?

Call On Junk King Atlanta For Eviction Clean Out

One of the most challenging things a property manager landlord has to deal with is a tenant eviction. Typically, this will occur when that tenet falls behind on the rent. In order to make sure things are handled the right way, an eviction is processed through the courts. That means both sides know exactly what is expected and when it is supposed to occur. Once the order has been handed down, the occupant has no recourse but to vacate the premises. Often this will result in a very messy house or apartment. This is where Junk King Atlanta can be a huge help.


Tenants who are forced to move out might just be leaving with a few suitcases of clothing. What are left behind could be furniture, appliances and other household goods. Either these things are still inside or they been placed outside on the curb. In either scenario, you want a very fast cleanup. One call to Junk King Atlanta can make sure all that rubbish is removed in a timely fashion. Depending on the schedule, it could happen as a same day pickup. As far as junk King Atlanta is concerned these types of cleanups are not that challenging. Yes, it may look like a big mess but it is easy to clean up because the crews can literally just back the truck up to the property and load everything very quickly.

Every junk removal session set up by Junk King Atlanta is staffed by two strong movers who use a big truck for all the stuff. If the eviction house clean out has reached hoarder level proportions, then Junk King Atlanta will be happy to send over additional crewmembers and trucks to get the job done. They know how important it is to turn over a property. That’s why they want to get everything cleared away so that you can bring in your painters and other workers to make that place habitable once again.

The cost for this service will be based strictly on how much space that junk will fill on the back of the truck. You won’t be charge by the pound with Junk King Atlanta and that can make a huge difference to your bottom line. To get an eviction clean out taken care of the fast and affordable way you can always count on Junk King Atlanta.

Preserve Your Antiques And Toss Out Your Junk With Help From Junk King Atlanta

The South is definitely a region the country that is full of history. It’s hard to imagine a home in Atlanta without at least one antique handed down through the family. Many of those pieces have places of honor in a house where they are well tended to. It would be a shame to diminish the value of an antique by surrounding it with clutter. You’re certainly not going to pile a bunch of junk mail on a chair that’s 100 years old! Getting rid of little clutter is easy it’s when you have the big stuff that becomes more of a challenge. That’s when you want to call in the pros from Junk King Atlanta.


When it comes to removing clutter, Junk King Atlanta has a simple philosophy: they do all the work. The two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your junk removal task will have a lot of experience lifting and loading all kinds of objects. They know what it takes to maneuver a sofa down a flight of stairs or carry an old washing machine up from the basement. This is the exact kind of help you need to clear out all kinds of junk that you are no longer using. What would be on your list?

You could also consider the trees growing in your backyard to be antiques. It’s a safe bet they been around for decades. As for that rusty lawnmower or broken piece of patio furniture that probably wouldn’t classify and can be turned over to Junk King Atlanta. There happy to pick up clutter from inside and outside regardless of how bulky or dirty it might be. This is the kind of help that can make a world of difference around your home.

The cost for Junk King Atlanta’s services are based in a fair pricing policy that has to do with volume. Your fee will be determined by how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. The crew will figure that out just by sizing up all your stuff. They want to make sure you’re happy with the price before the work begins. Preserve your antiques the right way by clearing out the clutter in your home with help from Junk King Atlanta.

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