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Eco-Friendly Junk King Hot Tub Removal From Junk King Atlanta North


We are the eco friendly junk removal service in Atlanta that can get rid of your hot tub quickly and easily. It’s important to remember we recycle or reuse 60% of what we take away. It’s good to know that our services are helping our planet.

We pride ourselves on being prompt, efficient and easy to work with. Getting rid of that old hot tub that doesn’t serve any purpose anymore is second nature to us. Everything we do is about making sure we attain our number one priority which is 100% customer satisfaction.

Like a lot of great ideas, our company started out small. Two friends got together and came up with the idea that’s grown into the business you see today.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor hot tub, if you want it gone we can be your one-stop solution. It’s important to us to make sure that your old hot tub doesn’t just get tossed into the dump.

Reusable Materials

The reusable materials are taken to recycling centers because everyone wants to do their part for the planet. That’s just one of the reasons we’ve become number one in the junk business in North America. If you take a look at our customer testimonials, you’ll see how people have used our services and found they exceeded expectations in every case.

We’ll be using power tools to take your old hot tub away quickly and efficiently.  However, we are well trained in the latest safety precautions so there’s nothing for you to be concerned about.

Clear Away Clutter

For example, we will always make sure the work area is well lit as well as clean. That way there’s little chance that anyone in your household can be injured. We also make it a priority to clear away any and all clutter before we start work.

Of course making sure we wear all the proper safety equipment is another priority. Each and every one of our employees is well trained and covered under Workman’s Compensation so there’s no risk to the homeowner.

What’s more, Junk King Atlanta North makes sure all our employees have safety goggles, gloves and the kind of slip resistant shoes that make the job site safer for everyone.

It’s all part of our promise to supply you with service, effort and superior value. When it comes to hot tub removal in Atlanta, we want to be your one and only choice. Being eco friendly is another one of the commitments we make to our clients on every project we take on. Get an online estimate from Junk King Atlanta North today.



Junk King Atlanta – A Property Manager’s Best Friend

If you are moving from one apartment to another (or a house!) the goal is to turn over that apartment in the same condition as when you first moved in. That way you’ll be able to get your security deposit back. The only reason landlords take security money is to insure they can cleanup that apartment and get it ready to rent again. This is why you should always take pictures of the empty space before moving in. If there is any damage there, point it out to the landlord and put it in the lease.


Of course, there are just as many folks who don’t seem to care about their security deposit and will leave behind all kinds of rubbish. Maybe they’ve even lived out their last month’s rent with the security money. They can’t do that but by the time the landlord gets around to suing them, they’ll be long gone. That leaves the cleanup responsibility to the property manager. When the job is too big, they’ve got one call to make to get it done. That would be to Junk King Atlanta.

Junk King Atlanta is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have become a property manager’s best friend. Every junk removal appointment with Junk King is staffed by at least two very capable movers. These movers will also have a truck big enough to haul away an entire apartment worth of furnishings. Yes, sometimes that amount has been left behind! For those big jobs, Junk King will even send over more teams and additional trucks. That apartment needs to be cleared ASAP and Junk King is just the company who can do that.

Obviously, you can use Junk King for your personal junk removal chore no matter how much you want to toss out. You can also depend on the Junk King crew to help with your yard clean up. They won’t have a problem removing weed overgrowth, shrubbery, dirt, stones or concrete. If you’re replacing a deck or patio then you’ll definitely want to hire Junk King for the cleanup. Because the crews are always out and about, you might find that you’ll be able to score a same-day junk removal appointment. The sooner you call in, the quicker your junk can be removed by Junk King Atlanta.

Full House Cleanouts

Most Full house Cleanouts are part of the process of living in a house and one of the many great services we perform at Junk King Atlanta. Recently we have had some very cold weather and have performed many jobs where pipes have burst and destroyed carpet and furniture that required being removed and hauled away.
We recently worked with an Insurance company where pipes burst in a hoaders house to make the house inhabitable again. It was required for us to wear Bio Hazard suits and work to the adjusters schedule to remove about 80 cubic yards of papers, books, clothing, trash, damaged furniture , carpet, mattresses, old tube TVs, e-waste and many other items.
I personally know that being an adjuster is a very tough job and can be very stressful particularly when so many claims were being filed for water damage in a short period. In this case our job was to make the adjusters job easier and make him look good in front of his clients. He was extremely complementary about our speed and the quality of our work. We were able to have all the items removed in one (1) long day.
If you need to get a house ready to put on the market or just want to reclaim some space in your house, part of the process will be removing and disposing of some clutter. That’s real life. Junk King’s mission is to make the complicated task of sorting debris, loading trucks, and proper disposal painless for you. We like to say the heaviest thing you need to lift is your telephone we will do all the work. Please call 1-888-888-5865 to schedule an appointment or go to www.junk-king.com to book on line.

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Is Your Fridge Running?

Is it time to throw out the old Fridge? Junk King Atlanta would be happy to come remove your old refrigerator or freezer! Expect a good price, excellent service, and we will recycle it for you. But first, let’s make sure the old fridge really is broken. Follow these five simple steps:

1. Check the plug and circuit box to make sure your fridge is getting power.

2. Check the thermostat to make sure you didn’t accidentally bump it into the off position.

3. Make sure the vents in the back of the fridge or freezer aren’t blocked.

4. Ensure your condenser coils—at the back of, or underneath your fridge—are clean. You can use a coil brush or a vacuum to clean the coils.

5. Ensure that the condenser fan spins freely. If your condenser coils are on the back of your fridge, you won’t have a fan.

If the fan doesn’t turn, unplug fridge try to clean the fan blades. Then plug in the fridge and watch to make sure that the fan spins when the compressor turns on. If the fan doesn’t spin, you need to replace it. The parts run from $7 to $30 for most models.

If the fridge is dead, you’ll need a new one. Some stores provide free delivery and haul away—score! If the store tells you the haul-away fee is greater than $89, then you owe it to yourself to call Junk King Atlanta for a free estimate. Call Junk King Atlanta at 1-888-JUNK(5865) or book online at www.junk-king.com

Smyrna Junk Removal

Do you have bulky junk items to get rid of before the holidays? You could try to get the Solid Waste Department of Smyrna to remove the items but you’re going to have a lot of hoops to jump through to get that job done. First, you’ll have to attempt to schedule the appointment online. There is no guarantee that your email will even be read by the right person. If you can’t set up the online appointment, you could try calling but good luck getting through. Then there is the cost to consider. If the city of Smyrna is going to pick up a bulky item from your home, they are going to charge you a hefty fee for each item. That could turn into a very big bill. There’s a much better way to get rid of this kind of junk and that would be calling Junk King Atlanta.

These are the junk removal experts who take all the stress out of junk removal. You’re not going to have any problem reaching a Junk King staff member on the phone. One conversation is all it will take to set up a removal appointment. You won’t have to fret about pulling your junk out of your garage or up from the basement. With Junk King on the job, you’ll be getting a very capable crew who does all the hard labor. Everything that the Junk King crew removes will end up on the back of their truck. This means there will be no limit to what you can throw away. If you need to fill up the entire truck then go for it. We’ve done plenty of estate cleanouts!

As for pricing, Junk King can’t be beat. You’ll only be charged a flat fee based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of that truck. The Junk King Atlanta rep will size up this estimate once they get a look at everything you want to throw out. There are no extra charges like dump fees or truck rental. When you agree to that amazing price, the work will begin. You can throw out twenty items or a hundred. You’re still going to be charged a single fee.

Junk King Atlanta won’t keep you waiting all day. They like to get in and get out as quickly as possible. When you’re ready to toss out unwanted stuff, go with the dependable service: Junk King.

Hoarding Cleanup Help in Atlanta

Hoarding is a very serious and complex emotional disorder that not only impacts the person who is doing the hoarding but the rest of their family. Often children are caught up in this dysfunction as innocent victims. This is why an organization like Children of Hoarders is such a valuable resource. Their website provides many links to organizations and support groups that you can turn to for help. Once the psychological component is dealt with you can bring in another partner for the actual cleanup. This would be Junk King of Atlanta and they’ve got plenty of hoarder cleanup experience.

The big issue for a hoarder is that they don’t ever want to throw anything away. For the rest of all, we might want to throw junk away but we just don’t have the right tools. This is where a company like Junk King Atlanta is going to be huge help. The first thing you have to appreciate about hiring Junk King is that they’ve seen all kinds of messes. They’ve been called into clean up factories, vacant lots, spilled dumpsters and foreclosed homes. Surely, your cluttered garage won’t be that big of a deal for them to handle!

Among the common items that most folks hoard are unused pieces of furniture, clothes, shoes, appliances and e-waste. At first it might be easy to store those kinds of things down in the cellar or out in the garage. It’s amazing how quickly that junk pile can grow. When you hire Junk King for the removal, you just have to point them to the pile and they’ll do the rest. Not only can Junk King Atlanta clean up your home they can also help get your yards in shape. As you prepare for winter you might want to get rid of some rusty patio furniture or swing sets that the kids have out grown. That same Junk King crew can also roll out any mounds of dirt or leftover construction waste. If you can think of something to throw out, Junk King Atlanta will take it off your hands for good!

Another factor that stops people from clearing out their clutter is the cost. That would make sense if you had to hire your own workers, rent your own moving truck and pay for dump fees not to mention sacrificing all your free time. With Junk Kin Atlantag you’ll be charged a single flat fee based on the amount of space your junk will take up on the back of their truck. This is an estimate given to you before a single piece is loaded so you know exactly what you’ll be charged. Call Junk King today to stop your hoarding cold!

Concrete Disposal Atlanta

Atlanta Concrete RemovalThere appears to be good news in the residential and commercial construction arena. Here in Atlanta contracts for those jobs jumped a whopping 39% in July. This is according to McGraw Hill Construction who also found that overall the year-to-date contracts are up an impressive 69% which represents around five billion dollars in potential business and jobs. This is the kind of economic news that is sure to send off a ripple effect of positive growth. Every construction job means material suppliers will be hiring and buying. Same for lunch wagons, tool manufacturers, security firms and waste removal.

As for that last category, Junk King Atlanta is already doing great business helping Atlanta residents remove all the junk from their homes. This includes any type of remodeling debris like concrete or building materials. Yes, if you’ve got a construction project on your calendar then you’d be well advised to put Junk King on speed dial!

The well-trained Junk King Atlanta crew might not be able to help with the actual building but when it comes to the cleanup they are going to be your best partner. That’s because when you hire Junk King you’re actually hiring a two-man crew capable of doing a lot of heavy lifting. In some cases, you might even have more crewmembers dispatched to your property. That’s because Junk King wants to insure that your removal job will be done right the first time. Keep in mind that is there are extra workers you won’t be paying additional labor fees. You’ll only be charged for the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. If it takes two or four workers to load that truck you’re still only going to be charged for the space.

Removing chunks of concrete can be a challenge for you if you don’t have that manpower or truck space. You can’t throughout out cement! Along with the concrete that same Junk King crew can also pick up anything else you want to finally toss out.

Take a moment to visualize what you’d like to get rid of. Is your garage overflowing with boxes and trash? Is there too much unused furniture in your basement? Is it hard to find anything in your closets?  Anyone of those reasons would be a good excuse to call Junk King. Not only will Junk King help you get rid of the clutter, they’ll also be recycling the majority of everything they collect from you and that includes the concrete! When you’ve got junk, Junk King Atlanta is the only call to make!

Atlanta Yard Waste Removal

Travel about 60 miles north of Atlanta and you’ll come upon the Barnsley Gardens Resort. For many wedding couples who want a memorable ceremony with a distinct southern flair, this venue is the only choice. Here’s how they describe themselves: “Surrounded by hundreds of acres of flowering gardens and lush green forests, the resort offers luxurious wedding services for bridal parties of all sizes. Special discounted pricing is also available to brides hosting weddings in winter or late summer months. The combination of stunning scenery, numerous venue choices, and Southern charm guarantee that couples will have the fairy tale wedding they’ve always dreamed about.”

While a four star venue like the Barnsley Gardens might be a first pick for some, other couples opt for a more low key affair which can be every bit as memorable; just easier on the budget. For these folks a good old fashioned backyard wedding will do the trick. It doesn’t really take a lot to turn a backyard into a delightful wedding environment. Most of what you will need including tables, chairs and a dance floor can all be rented. A gorgeous white tent can be put up to cover the guests throughout the day and night. Add in some strategically placed floral arrangements and your backyard will be every bit as cozy and inviting as the most prestigious of Atlanta’s botanical gardens. Naturally, if you’re going to pull something like this off, you’re going to need some help. First things first: You need to clear out your yard of waste and that can be accomplished with the help of professional junk haulers like Junk King Atlanta.

For the best junk haulers, dirt counts as junk! The same holds true for fallen branches, chunks of sod, rusty patio furniture or anything else that is piled around your backyard taking up valuable lawn space. It can all be hauled off. Even if you’re not planning a big wedding celebration, chances are if you’ve got a yard you’ll want to be out in on a cool summer night grilling up a storm. Maybe one of the reasons you don’t use your backyard as often as you should is because of all the unsightly waste you have out there. That doesn’t have to be a problem when you can get professional help.

What makes hiring professionals like Junk King for this type of job a good call is that they will do all the heavy lifting. Doesn’t matter if that will be wheelbarrows full of dirt or concrete from your patio; they’ll handle the job. They’ll also have the big truck which can be loaded to the rafters. Most importantly, these professional junk haulers will also know where to dump all your yard waste where it will be safe and secure (not the side of the road!). When you add it all up, hire pros is really the only way to go for getting your yard in shape.

Atlanta Appliance Disposal

Just outside of Atlanta is the wonderful little community of Johns Creek. In an effort to provide ongoing services for its residents, Johns Creek is sponsoring a bulky recycling day. On this single day at the Medlock Bridge shopping center from 9 AM to 2 PM residents are encouraged to “get rid of clutter and help a good cause at the same time by bringing their used furniture, appliances and other large household items.” They will also provide a commercial document shredder to help get rid of any kind of sensitive files.

While this sounds like a good idea on paper there are many caveats to this recycling day. Top of the list is that the items you can drop off have to be in good shape only. That’s because they intend to donate everything to the Atlanta Furniture Bank. While that certainly is nice it really doesn’t address the issue of getting rid of your junk. After all, if you have something in good shape why would you want to get rid of it?

Then there is the practical matter of how you can load up something like an old refrigerator, washer or dryer into the back of your car for the drop off. Even removing the smallest of those items is going to be a two-man operation. That operation will also require renting a cargo van or moving truck. Then there is the limiting timeframe to concern yourself with. When was the last Saturday morning when you had free time on your hands? To sum up: you need to be getting rid of something that still in good shape, have a moving crew plus a big enough truck and live in Johns Creek. For the rest of Atlanta’s residents a smarter alternative for disposing of appliances would be to hire Junk King Atlanta’s professional junk haulers to accomplish the task.

These pro junk haulers will show up at your home on your schedule. Maybe that means after work on Tuesday. Maybe that means late Saturday afternoon. Maybe that means first thing Monday morning. The bottom line is that it’s on your schedule. The same professional junk haulers will also be arriving with a big enough truck to take away anything you want to get rid of. There’ll be no question about whether or not it will fit. And of course they’ll have the right amount of manpower to accomplish the task. While you might know to “lift with the legs and not your back” you really won’t have to worry about that because they’ll be doing all the lifting.

Just because you’re getting rid of some old appliances doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this appointment to get rid of any of your other junk. In fact this is a perfect time to clear out the clutter from your garage, attic or basement. And this idea works for everyone in Atlanta!

For the best in Atlanta Appliance Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book an appointment online today.

Atlanta Foreclosure Clean Out

A survey conducted by the top economic consultants Standard & Poor has found that home prices in 20 major US cities dropped far lower than what was forecast back in December. In fact, some of these numbers are at their lowest level since the housing crisis began back in 2006. These low prices are having an impact on how fast our economy will rebound. Atlanta has the dubious distinction of being at the top of this survey with it 12.8% drop of prices. This distressing trend is cause for concern for many homeowners as they suddenly find themselves owing more money on a property than what it is worth. This is one of the major factors that contribute to a rise in foreclosures. On the other hand this could be good news for buyers who are looking to get into the real estate market by scooping up some of those foreclosed homes.

A foreclosed home isn’t necessarily a damaged home. It could be the previous occupants were no longer able to meet the demands of their financial obligations. That’s not the home’s fault! Unfortunately when a Atlanta homeowner has abandoned all hope they tend to get discouraged with regard to keeping their home in good shape. This might mean that in the last weeks or months of living in that home they have “let it go.” When it is time for them to finally vacate the premises they might just want to leave with a few prized possessions and leave the rest behind for someone else to deal with. While there might be some anger in that type of behavior on some level it’s understandable. However, a prospective new homeowner doesn’t need to concern themselves with the garbage that is left behind especially when they hire a company like Junk King Atlanta to handle the clean out.

Junk King Atlanta is part of a national franchise of local based businesses that specialize in junk removal. Their primary customers are homeowners and business owners who are clearing out the clutter of their lives. Typically this involves tossing out the junk that has accumulated in garages, basements and attics over the years. Getting rid of that junk could end up increasing property value because it makes the home more appealing. In the case of a foreclosure clean out the Junk King Atlanta crew can apply their same methods of removal.

On some level, a foreclosure clean out is a lot easier than cleaning out your garage. You don’t have a vested interest in the garbage that was left behind from a previous Atlanta homeowner. That’s why you can tell Junk King to take out anything that isn’t nailed down! Once all that junk is removed you’ll get a much better picture of what shape this property is in. Whether you choose to flip the home or turn it into a rental property you first need to get it cleaned. Let Junk King Atlanta handle the clean out for you.

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