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Monthly Archives:

Birmingham Storm Debris Removal

There’s no telling what the next storm will bring for Birmingham. It could be powerful wind gusts. It might be inches of rain. There is always the chance of a power outage. No matter what the weather brings, you need to be ready to any potential storm debris removal. This is a job that might require extra hands. For that, you can count on Junk King.


The Junk King crews step up their game after every storm. They know that homeowners will be calling to help remove fallen tree branches and other items that might have been dropped in their yards by Mother Nature’s fury. However, there are some storms that can cause problem for inside the home as well. If you have a flooded basement or leaky roof then you’ll certainly want to spring into action to make sure any soggy rug or piece of furniture is removed. It might be salvaged if it is dried off out in the yard. Otherwise, you’ll need get rid of that stuff ASAP before mold starts to grow. One call to Junk King can have that disappeared in no time.

Junk King Birmingham is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. During the week, there could be several Junk King crews making their way through your community. That means you’re never far away from having your storm debris removal appointment handled. Most calls are completed within 24 hours. There could also be a same-day response. When you know you’re going to need help removing junk, then calling Junk King as soon as possible will put you in the top response position.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for storm debris to call Junk King. They are also your perfect partner for junk removal any time of the year. Remember, the Junk King crew does all the work. You don’t need to strain your back lifting heavy objects. Leave that to the trained professionals. They’ll also have a truck big enough to hold whatever you’re throwing out. It just doesn’t get any simpler than this.

As for price, Junk King only charges a flat rate based on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of that truck. You’ll know exactly what you’re expected to pay before any work begins. That’s a fair approach to junk hauling. When you need fast storm debris removal, Junk King is the only way to go.

Get A Jump On Your Birmingham Spring Cleaning – Haul That Junk!

At long last we can all officially say, “Welcome to spring!” There still might be a few cold days ahead but for the most part, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and it’s time to start cleaning. Yes, spring is the traditional time of the year when folks throw open the windows and start a thorough cleaning of their homes. It’s not just a little light dusting and sweeping. Instead, spring cleaning is all about moving furniture to get at the dust bunnies, clearing cobwebs in the corners and taking things out of cabinets. Most importantly, spring cleaning can be the perfect time of year to finally get rid of all your junk. For that part of the task, you’ll want to bring in the pros from Junk King.


Although the Junk King crew can’t help with the dusting, they can certainly be a big part of the junk removal. First, you’ll need to decide exactly what you want to get rid of. As you stand in your basement or garage, keep in mind that you’ll have two strong workers and a huge truck at your disposal. That means pretty much anything can go. If you have a lot of items, you might want to jot down a list especially if they are scattered throughout your home. That way you’ll be sure to have the crew take everything away. They’ll go from room to room to pick up the stuff. You don’t have to lift anything.

When the crew is done inside your home, they can work on the same kind of junk removal around your front and back yard. This is a terrific way to get your place ready for entertaining or having kids playing. You can finally remove those piles of lumber or auto parts that are stacked by the garage. Even if you’ve got stuff stuck under the porch, let Junk King drag it all out. Doesn’t matter how heavy or dirty something is; Junk King will be happy to take it away.

As for the price, you’re in for a real treat there as well. Junk King will only charge you a flat rate based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. This is all based on volume and not weight. Fast, affordable and easy junk removal. That’s how Junk King can help with your spring cleaning.

How To Calculate Your Birmingham Junk Removal Cost – Use Junk King’s Pricing Estimator

Thanks to Smartphone technology, there really is an app for everything right in the palm of your hand. This is great for looking up random facts, finding the closest coffee shop and converting cups into quarts. Instant access to information is what we’ve all become accustomed. That should be no different when you’re deciding on hiring a junk removal company. For that task, you would greatly benefit from Junk King and they’re website pricing estimator.


Here’s how it works. First, decide what you want to throw out. You don’t have to gather this stuff up in a pile. The Junk King crew assigned to your junk removal task will do the lifting and loading. Once you’ve assessed what you’re getting rid of, try to visualize how many pickup truck loads it would take to haul it off. Plug that number into the Junk King’s Pricing Estimator and you’ll get a range of potential fees.

The other option is to prepare a list of specific items. Junk King’s Pricing Estimator makes that easy by breaking down your home into room zones. Within each of those zones are the potential items you’ll be tossing out. Again, plug in your list and you’ll get a range.

Take note that this won’t be your final, locked down price. That can only be presented by the Junk King crew who will perform their own sizing up once they get to your home. The crews are trained to pack up the trucks tight. That means you’ll be using as little space as possible and that will put your fee at the low end of the price range.

Included in that flat fee will be all the costs associated with the job from the crew to the final drop off. That drop off might actually be several different locations between all the recycling centers and charities. However, you won’t be charged any extra. In fact, if your junk ends up taking up more space on the truck, you’ll still only pay that original estimate. That is a square deal you won’t get anywhere else in Birmingham for this type of service. Getting rid of your clutter shouldn’t be complicated. Junk King has taken the hassle out of junk removal. Are you ready to put them to work for you?

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