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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Birmingham Garbage Removal

For the most part, the city of Birmingham does a good job with garbage removal. They stick to the schedule (except for holidays!) and makes sure your cans are empty on a weekly basis. Yes, they might make some noise now and then but that is to be expected. Unfortunately, the garbage collectors are limited to what they can actually take away in terms of volume and weight. If it fits into your trashcan, then it can be loaded onto the truck. However, if that can is loaded with something like bricks or chunks of concrete, it might be rejected because of those weight restrictions. So what happens to all the stuff you want to get rid of that the city can’t take? That’s easy: Turn it over to Junk King. They know how to handle overflow garbage removal. In fact, they’ve been doing that for over ten years!

Most homeowners know they aren’t supposed to put things like furniture, televisions or mattresses down on the curb. They won’t just “disappear.” Instead, those things end up getting shoved into the garage or down the basement or into a spare room. Before you know it, you’re living with a lot of clutter. Junk King will send over a fast two-man moving crew to take away anything you want to get rid of. They’re also going to roll up on a big truck capable of holding an entire home’s worth of furnishings. You can see how there won’t be a limit on your garbage removal.

Junk King also specializes in e-waste removal. If you need to get rid of old computers, printers, DVD players and other electronic gear you would probably be searching far and wide for a proper e-waste drop off. Instead, turn all of that over to Junk King. They’ll make sure those items get to a certified recycling center. In fact, Junk King is going to try as get as much of your collected stuff recycled or donated. If you have clothes, furniture or other household goods that can still be used, Junk King will get those items to a charitable organization with a thrift shop or direct donation policy. Nothing has to go to waste when Junk King is on the job. Are you ready to take care of your overflow garbage removal? Then Junk King will be ready for you!

Declutter to Start Your Retirement in Birmingham

If you’re ready to retire, then congratulations! This is truly a time to celebrate. It means you’ve put in decades of hard work and now get to take it easy. Of course, if you’re a homeowner, you won’t be resting for long. With all that time on your hands, you might find that your list of “to do” chores around the house has suddenly gotten longer. The good news is that you can still take your time with those things. What’s the rush, right? The even better news is that you’ve got help standing by. That would be the kind of help provided by Junk King, the junk removal specialists.

Clutter can come in many forms. It can be boxes of old clothes stacked in the garage. It can be pieces of unwanted furniture down in the basement. It can be outdated computers stored in the closet. Whatever you call clutter, it can be quickly removed by the two-man team that will be provided by Junk King. This is the crew who will climb the stairs and do the heavy lifting. That way your back won’t be put at risk! The most effort you’ll put forth is raising your finger to point to what you want taken away.

That same Junk King crew who is loading up your household clutter can also make short work of clearing up your yard clutter. Whether you need a wobbly tool shed taken down or bags of leaves hauled away, the Junk King team will be happy to oblige.

Most of what is collected by Junk King won’t make its way to a local dump. That is because Junk King is going to divert it to a charity donation or recycling center. It’s all part of Junk King’s eco-friendly disposal policy. They want to keep Birmingham as green as possible.

Because Junk King avoids landfills, they also avoid the huge fees associated with dumping at those places. Those savings are passed down to you. Junk King only charges a single rate based on volume. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King. When you’re ready to declutter, then give Junk King a call. You’ll be glad you did.

How the cheap junk removal Birmingham package is fixed up

You will be glad to note that the Junk King is now there in Birmingham Alabama and you can avail our junk removal services. Our specialized facility that has a focus on the bills and needs of eco-friendly cleaning offers junk clearance packages of various kinds. As long as you have non-hazardous and non-biological waste to clear, you are free to finalize the deal. You will obviously have the cost factors in the mind. There is a tendency to think that you will have an exorbitant amount to spend, but you may be far from the truth.

It is important that you go through our web portal. In that way, you will come to know of the junk removal prices. The prices are affordable and are directly proportional to the quantity of waste that has been removed. You can stay within your budget; rather we make sure that you stay within your budgetary limits.

In general, we follow the given modalities for lining up the cost perspective. We are ready to visit your home. If you want to remove junk from your official space; then we visit up there to provide you with an obligation free cost estimate. The very first step is to provide you with a cost-free estimate. Then, if you consent to the same; we get on with the junk clearance procedure.

Experience perfect household trash hauling in Birmingham, Alabama

After spending grueling hours at work, it is your dream home offering you that much desired repose. Therefore, at Junk King, we understand how precious your residence is for you. And that is why we rank amongst the top household junk removal companies. Presently, we are serving the dwellers of Birmingham, ALABAMA and performing the most effective residential trash hauling for them.

At times, your regular garbage disposal services might refuse to take certain heavy household trash. And this is the exact situation, where you wish for the most efficient residential junk removal service. With our unique trash hauling services for homes, you can keep those pieces of paper, cardboard remains and broken plastic sheets at bay. Life is too short for performing such hefty trash hauling jobs. So, we urge you to have fun, while we take the pain of junk hauling for you. Even if there are bulky items; we will do the load lifting with ease.

As the most experienced home junk removal company of your area, we will remove even a single piece of junk from your house. And we also provide attractive discounts for those clients booking our trash hauling services online. So, it is not long before your home gets rid of all kinds of undesired junk.

Removing garbage with junk haulers in Birmingham

Removing garbage can really become a torment for you if you have much accumulation of things as well as heavy articles. While there are municipal services that clean garbage from your locality as well as house, they will not carry heavy garbage especially rubbish and metal accumulation like iron. These items will require assistance of junk hauling service providers that offer you an expert team to clean the garbage.

Junk King can be your ideal partner in cleaning up the stored garbage. We have the required infrastructure and expertise in cleaning all your garbage. Our team will be required to do an estimate while we visit your place post to which we will offer our payment options for the service. You can be rest assured while hiring us to get effective junk haulers service for your garbage.

We have the capability in handling all kind of garbage that can be wooden articles, tires, paper junk or any other heavy article. We will clean up the entire mess and will load it in the truck offering you an eco-friendly and comprehensive service. Cleaning up your garbage will just need a call from your side and we will guarantee a service that will be truly satisfying.

A friendly team to pick up junk from your home in Birmingham

Tired of all the dirt and debris left from the recent landscaping project? No worries because Junk King is here with an efficient team and eco-friendly junk removal services Birmingham. The team will break down and pick up junk and wastes that may be ruining the appearance of your house and your yard. Fast, professional, affordable and hassle-free are the right words to describe our services. Cleaning up junks can be a time consuming and lengthy process but with the help of our proficient team members and proper equipment we deliver the best quality junk removal at the lowest price.

Our team is well-trained and has enough knowledge about special hauling and packing principles. The specialized lifting techniques that are used by us ensure a fast and efficient removal and disposal of all the yard debris and wastes. No matter how heavy the branches are if you want them off your yard we will pick them up immediately on our truck.

Grass and thorn bush clippings, leaves, mulch, fencing, lumber; old timber and almost anything that you do not want in your back or front yard will be hauled away by our team. So if you are searching for junk removal companies then you need to call us right away!

How To Give Your Basement A Makeover In Birmingham, AL

A basement is a great selling feature for any home. It is a lot of extra space that can be put to many uses. Of course, a finished basement is even more of a perk. Before moving into your home, you might have had big plans for your basement. Obviously, it makes sense to put the washing machine and dryer down there. Beyond that, the basement can become a great playroom for the kids or a workspace for the parents. It can even be a wonderful home theater. Unfortunately, a basement also tends to become the perfect storage space. All you unwanted or broken items that you can throw out end up in the basement. Are you ready to get rid of all that junk and give your basement a makeover? Then it’s time to call in the team from Junk King.


One of the challenges with getting rid of stuff in a basement is hauling it up the stairs. At least that would be a challenge for you, especially if you didn’t have any help. With Junk King on the job, you’ll have a pair of exceptional workers who won’t have a problem with those stairs. They’ll make the climb as many times as needed to get all that junk cleared away.

After the team is finished bringing up all the unwanted stuff from the basement, you can turn them loose in the rest of your home. This is a great opportunity to remove all the clutter from your closets, spare room, garage and attic.

How much space will your junk take up on the back of the Junk King truck? The answer to that question will determine you final fee. Before they begin loading, Junk King will take a look at all you’re tossing out. They’ll then provide you with a written estimate based on how much space your junk will fill on the truck. That could be a third, half or the full truck bed. After you agree to the price, the crew will get busy and your junk will be gone in no time!

Included in that flat fee will also be some additional drop offs to recycling centers and charity. Even though you’re throwing stuff away, it doesn’t have to go to waste. With Junk King on the job your basement and home will be clear of junk in the blink of an eye!

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