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Monthly Archives:

Are You Ready For The Toddler Bed?

How often do you look at baby pictures of your toddler? It’s amazing how quickly three years fly by. Now that they’re in preschool and displaying their independence, it might be time to make the transition from crib to toddler bed. This is certainly a big move. Are you ready for the toddler bed? Here’s what to think about:



You don’t want to overload your child with too many new things. The first day of school, probably isn’t a good time to start potty training. It’s also not when you should switch to a toddler bed. Instead, wait until they’re settled into their school and potty routines. Try to keep the switch away from moving into a new home or the arrival of a new sibling. Look for that good in between time to make the switch.

The Right Bed

There a plenty of wild toddler beds out there. They come in all shapes and sizes like racecars, pirate ships and rockets. They’re all very cool but will probably only be practical for a year or so. Just think about how quickly your toddler out grows clothes. Instead, think basic for your toddler bed. It should be low to the ground and have safety rails until the child is used to the new boundaries. All of this means, you probably don’t want to involve your child in the shopping process unless you present when with just the basic options. But they can get involved in picking out the bedding. Whatever super hero or princess they’re into probably has a set of sheets and blankets. Those are what they can choose and feel like they’re part of the decision.

The Routine

Although you want to get your child excited about the switch to a toddler bed, you don’t need to oversell it. After all, it is just a bed. It is important that your stick to the same nighttime routines with regard to getting them ready for bed. Yes, they’ll be excited the first couple of nights but you’ll want to get them to settle in as quickly as possible and that happens with consistency.

To make room for that toddler bed, you’ll probably need to get rid of the old furniture. Don’t let a sentimental attachment get in the way of storage space. To make room, you should bring in the crew from Junk King Birmingham. They’ll be able to remove the old baby furniture and the rest of the items that your child has outgrown. When removing furniture, it’s always good to have a helping hand or two. Let Junk King Birmingham make that happen for you.

Smart and Affordable Decorating Ideas

Could your home stand with a little “sprucing up?” Decorating the rooms in your house allows a lot of your personality to come out. It’s also a chance to make over a space without having to re-furnish that room. Here are some smart and affordable decorating ideas you could put into action today.


Use Trays

There many decorative trays that can be used on your coffee table to corral items like TV remotes and magazines. The same trays can be used to put liquor bottles, glasses and other bar items. They don’t have to be practical as much as they just need to look good. The type of tray can reflect the color scheme in your living room but consider dark wood tones or wicker.

Hang your kid’s artwork

It seems as though every day your kid is bringing home a new “masterpiece.” Most of that artwork is affixed to the refrigerator with a magnet until it is cycled out. Why not treat those pieces like actual art by putting them in the frames with colorful mats? You can hang them into an empty space on the wall. They’re always so bright and meaningful.

Remove Upper Cabinet Doors

In the kitchen, you could try removing upper cabinet doors where you keep your plates and glasses. You can then arrange them with unique racks. Any miscellaneous items that you have can be put into wicker baskets. As an added benefit, no one would ever have to ask where to find a glass again!

Paint the Lampshades

Try swapping out your lampshades with a paper shade that you painted in a bold color like red, green or blue. You could even swap out the lampshades depending upon your mood. Painted lampshades mute light for a softer feeling.

Refresh the Bathroom and Bedroom

You can refresh your bathroom and bedroom in very subtle ways. For instance, swap out the shower curtain and add fragrant candles in the bathroom. Keep the counters clear of everything except your essentials. In the bedroom, look for new sheets that are hotel style with a colored border. It’s a very classic look.

Before you add any of the decorating touches, You will want to make sure your home is clear of clutter. That’s a job that is perfect for Junk King Birmingham. One call to these junk haulers will have all your unwanted items removed in a single session. That will certainly make the home look a lot better. Decorating starts by saying goodbye to your unwanted furniture, appliances and rubbish with a little help from Junk King Birmingham.

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